Popular Ukrainian Girl Names and Meanings

Published April 28, 2020
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Ukrainian girl names almost always end in an "a" that makes the "uh" sound. If you like that particular sound, check out these beautiful Ukrainian names that are popular or common in Ukraine and around the world. If you're not Ukrainian, take care to choose a name you can pronounce and spell easily.

Most Popular Girl Names in Ukraine

Take a look at some popular girl names in Ukraine to see what modern Ukrainian parents are naming their little girls. Many of these names use modern Ukrainian spellings rather than traditional spellings.

  • Anastasia (uh-nuh-stuh-see-yuh) - resurrection
  • Angelina (un-gih-leen-uh) - messenger
  • Anna (an-nuh) - grace
  • Darina (duh-ree-nuh) - gift
  • Diana (dee-a-na) - heavenly
  • Kateryna (kuh-teh-rin-uh) - pure
  • Maria (muh-ree-yuh) - uncertain meaning
  • Marta (mar-tuh) - the lady
  • Polina (puh-lee-nuh) - humble
  • Sofia (soh-fee-uh) - wisdom
  • Solomia (saw-law-mee-uh) - peace
  • Veronika (vih-run-ee-kuh) - bringing victory
  • Viktoria (vik-toh-rih-uh) - victory
  • Yana (ya-nuh) - God is gracious
  • Yeva (yeh-vuh) - to breathe
  • Yulia (yoo-lih-yuh) - downy-bearded
  • Xristina (hrihss-tih-nuh) - follower of Christ
  • Zlata (zla-tuh) - golden
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Common Ukrainian Girl Names

While these might not be the top baby names for modern parents, each of these sweet names is a classic name for girls in Ukraine. You could make these your own by combining them with other names like Ninavira or Virolga.

  • Bohdana (boh-da-na) - given by God
  • Galyna (ga-lihn-uh) - calm
  • Larysa (luh-ree-suh) - citadel
  • Nina (nee-nuh) - fish
  • Oksana (uhk-sa-nuh) - hospitality
  • Olena (aw-len-uh) - torch
  • Olga (awl-guh) - blessed
  • Ruslana (roos-lan-uh) - lion
  • Vira (vih-ruh) - faith
  • Zoryana (zoh-ree-ya-nuh) - dawn; star

Cute Ukrainian Girl Names Popular in Other Countries

Some Ukrainian versions of girl names aren't popular in Ukraine right now, but they are popular in other countries around the world. Spellings and pronunciations may vary based on where the name is popular.

  • Aleksandra (uh-lik-san-druh) - defending men
  • Alina (a-lee-nuh) - noble
  • Dasha (da-shuh) - God's gift
  • Irina (ih-ree-nuh) - peace
  • Ivanna (ee-wahn-uh) - God is gracious
  • Lera (leh-ruh) - to be strong
  • Lilya (leel-ih-yuh) - lily flower
  • Mila (mihl-a) - gracious
  • Nastya (na-stuh) - resurrection
  • Natali (nah-tah-lee) - Christmas day
  • Sasha (sa-shuh) - defending men
  • Taisiya (tuh-ee-sih-yuh) - bandage
  • Ulyana ( - downy-bearded
  • Valentyna (vuh-lin-teen-uh) - strong
  • Valeriya (vuh-leh-rih-yuh) - to be strong
  • Zoya (zoh-yuh) - life
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Names of Famous Ukrainian Women

From actresses to athletes, there are plenty of popular Ukrainian women with first names you could steal.

  • Alyona (uhl-yoo-nuh) - tennis player Bondarenko; light
  • Galina (guh-lee-nuh) - figure skater Efremenko; calm
  • Golda (gohlduh) - Prime Minister Meir; gold
  • Inessa (ee-nehs-suh) - track athlete Kravets; chase
  • Karina (kuh-ree-nuh)- dancer Smirnoff; uncertain meaning
  • Ludmila (lood-mee-luh) - actress Gurchenko; favor of the people
  • Mila (mee-luh) - actress Kunis; dear
  • Milla (meel-luh) - actress Jovovich; uncertain meaning
  • Ulyana (oo-lee-a-nuh) - dancer Lopatkina; downy-bearded

Ukrainian Naming Inspiration

If you love Ukrainian names for girls, you might also like gorgeous Russian baby names, beautiful Turkish baby names, cute Polish baby names, or pretty Hungarian names that all have similar sounds or spellings. If you're looking to keep up with modern naming trends, you can use these Ukrainian names as inspiration for creating your own name.

Popular Ukrainian Girl Names and Meanings