105 Winning Boy Names That Start With W

Published December 4, 2020
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Boy names that start with W are winners. When it comes to selecting the best name for your little guy, you can choose a unique name or one that is sure to be cool.

What Are Some Boy Names That Start With W?

Some of the boy names that start with W have powerful meanings. A few W boy names describe a place or specific characteristic.

  1. Wade, Wayde: To go (Anglo-Saxon)
  2. Walden, Waldon: From the Welshman's dwellings, From the wooded valley, valley of the Welsh (English)
  3. Wallace: Peaceful ruler (German)
  4. Waller: Peaceful ruler (German)
  5. Wally: Ruler of the army (Welsh)
  6. Walter: Powerful army (German)
  7. Warley: Defending warrior (German)
  8. Wayne: Wagon maker (English)
  9. Wendale: Place of the well, town near the well (English)
  10. Wendall, Wendell: Wanderer, seeker (German)
  11. Weslee, Wesley: Protecting army (German Teuton tribe)
  12. Westley: Weston meadow (English)
  13. Whittaker: From the white field, from the wheat field (English)
  14. Wilbert: Bright will (German)
  15. Wilhelm: Will, desire, helmet, protection (German)
  16. Will: Lives by a spring or stream (English)
  17. Willem: Helmet, guardian, William (Dutch)
  18. William: Helmet, protection (German)
  19. Willie, Willy: Nickname for William, will, desire, helmet, protection (German)
  20. Willis: Resolute protector (German)
  21. Wilmer: Will, famous (German, English)
  22. Wilson: Desire, helmet, protection (English)
  23. Wilton: Willow enclosure, settlement (English)
  24. Wolf, Wolfe: Wolf-like (English)
  25. Wolfgang: Traveling wolf (German)
  26. Woodrow: Row of houses made of wood (English)
  27. Woods: Lives near wood (English)
  28. Woodson: Someone who lives in Woodsome (English)
  29. Wrangler: Ranch hand/cowboy who cares for saddle horses (English)
  30. Wright: Woodworker (English)
  31. Wrigley: Wood clearing, to bend or turn wood (English)
  32. Wyatt, Wyett: Brave, strong (Norman)
  33. Wylder: Wild one (English)
  34. Wylee, Wylie: Calm, strong (English)
Winning Boy Names That Start With W

Unique Boy Names That Start With W

You may decide that a unique boy's name that starts with W is the best choice for your little man. You can double-check the meaning just to make sure it's the name that best suits your baby boy.

  1. Wael: Seeking shelter, protector (Arabic)
  2. Waerheall: From the true man's manor (English)
  3. Wakeley: Woodland clearing (English)
  4. Waldifrid: Peaceful ruler (German)
  5. Waldmunt: Mighty protector (German)
  6. Walmond: Welshman, aka Sir William Wallace (English)
  7. Walton: Farm worker (Anglo-Saxon)
  8. Wamblee: Powerful warrior, ruler of an army (German)
  9. Wamukota: From the Welshman's town or settlement (English)
  10. Wapi: Pale, fair-faced (English)
  11. Warford: From the watchman's or guardian's meadow (English)
  12. Warrick: Town by the river (Latin)
  13. Watts: Son of Walter (English)
  14. Weatherby: Farmstead (English)
  15. Webb: Weaver of cloth (English)
  16. Webber: Weaver (English)
  17. Weldon: From the spring brook (English)
  18. Wellington: Lives in hamlet in cleared area (Anglo-Saxon)
  19. Welton: From the spring hill (English)
  20. Wenceslas: From the wealthy estate, greater glory (English)
  21. Wesam: Badge of honor (Arabic)
  22. Wesson: From the west tow (English)
  23. Westby: From the western meadow (English)
  24. Westen, Westin: The west town (English)
  25. Weston: West enclosure or settlement (English, Scottish)
  26. Westyn: From the western town (English)
  27. Weyland: From the western town or settlement (English)
  28. Wheeler: Maker of wheels (English)
  29. Whitman: White man (English)
  30. Whitt: White (English)
  31. Whitten: Farm or enclosure (English)
  32. Wiegand: Fighter (German)
  33. Wisdom: Wise, learned person (English)

Cool Boy Names That Start With W

It's good to give your baby boy a cool name that he can be proud of. Say the names out loud to see how it might suit your little boy.

  1. Wagner: Wagon maker, wagon driver (German)
  2. Wake: Watchful (Norse)
  3. Walker: Fuller of cloth (German)
  4. Ward: Watchman, guard (English)
  5. Warner: From the field by the weir (English)
  6. Warren: Water river, to protect (English/Irish) (German)
  7. Washington: Settlements of Wassa's people, hunt, victory (English)
  8. Waterford: Ford over the water (English)
  9. Watkins: From the intelligent one's town or settlement (English)
  10. Watson: Son of Wat (English)
  11. Waylan: Land beside the road (English)
  12. Wayland: Land beside the road (English)
  13. Waylen, Waylin, Waylon: Land beside the road (English)
  14. Welles, Wells: One who lives by the spring (English)
  15. Wes: Western meadow (English)
  16. West: Lives west of the settlement (English)
  17. Westbrook: From the western meadow (English)
  18. Whistler: Pipe or flute player (English)
  19. Whitaker: White acre (English, Scottish)
  20. Whitley: White wood clearing (English)
  21. Wilder: Wild animal (English)
  22. Wiley: Resolute, brilliant (English), (German)
  23. Wingate: Friend's field (English)
  24. Winner: Victory (English)
  25. Winter, Wynter: Season that brings spring renewal, white or light-skinned (English), (Celtic)
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Boy Names That Start With Win

You may have your heart set on a boy's name that starts with Win. There are several great choices that also have unique meanings.

  1. Wincent: Conquer (Latin)
  2. Winchell: From the farm by the spring (English)
  3. Windsor: From the bend in the road (English)
  4. Winetorp: Riverbank with a winch (English)
  5. Winfred: Friend (English)
  6. Wingate: Friend's field (English)
  7. Winner: Victory (English)
  8. Winslow: Hill, barrow (English)
  9. Winsor: White or fair (Celtic)
  10. Winston, Wynston: Wine's town, joy stone (English)
  11. Winter: Season that brings spring renewal (English)
  12. Winthorp: From friend's settlement, from Windsor, from the bend of the river (Norse), (English), (German Teuton tribe)
  13. Winwodem, Winwood: Born in winter (English)

Choosing From Boy Names That Start With W

When it comes to choosing your little boy's name, you want to take your time. You can consider boy names that start with W and imagine how your little man will grow into the name as he matures into adulthood.

105 Winning Boy Names That Start With W