Magical & Mystical Baby Boy Names

Published June 3, 2020
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Names inspired by magic can be great options for expectant parents who want to set their little boy up for a lifetime of wonder. With a bit of effort and creativity, you're sure to find the perfect mystical moniker for your new baby!

Boy Names That Mean Magic in Different Languages

Translating meaningful words related to magic into other languages is a great way to come up with creative name ideas. For example:

  • Bruxo - Portuguese for wizard
  • Burvis - Latvian for wizard
  • Cyfrin - Welsh for mystic
  • Dewin - Welsh for sorcerer
  • Galdur - Icelandic for magic
  • Guiden - Danish for wizard
  • Mago - Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian for magician
  • Sahir - Arabic for sorcerer or wizard
  • Sihir - Indonesian for witchcraft
  • Sorgin - Basque for sorcerer
  • Taikuri - Finnish for magician
  • Tovenaar - Dutch for magician, wizard, or sorcerer
  • Velho - Finnish for wizard

Magical and Mystical Boy Names From Mythology

Mythology is also a great place to find inspiration for magical names for male children. Consider:

  • Anulap - Polynesian god of magic
  • Amatheon - Welsh magician; brother of Gwydion
  • Gwydion - Welsh god of enchantment
  • Hermes - magical deity in Greek mythology
  • Odin - Norse god of magic, wisdom, and war
  • Taliesin - Welsh god of magic
  • Vanir (call him Van for short) - Norse magicians and sorcerers
  • Woden - Anglo Saxon god of magic and healing
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Famous Magician Namesakes for Boys

If you would prefer a more common name for your son, but still want a nod to your love of magic, consider naming him after a well-known magician.

  • Blaine - for master illusionist David Blaine
  • Burton - for magician Lance Burton
  • Copper - for magician David Copperfield
  • Dante - in memory of Dante the Magician
  • David - for David Blaine or David Copperfield
  • Harry - in memory of Harry Houdini or Harry Jansen (aka Dante the Magician)
  • Lance - for master magician Lance Burton
  • Penn - for Penn Jillette, of the duo Penn and Teller
  • Roy - in memory of Roy Horn, of the duo Siegfried and Roy
  • Siegfried - for Siegfried Fischbacher, of Siegfried and Roy
  • Teller - for Raymond Teller, of the duo Penn and Teller

Magic Names for Boys Based on Fictional Characters

If you don't want to name your son for a real-life magician, consider a fictional one. Movies, television shows, and books provide inspiration for mystical and magical names for boys. Options include:

  • Buck - For the namesake character of The Great Buck Howard
  • Burt - for the lead character in The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
  • Eragon - for the fantasy book series and movie of the same name
  • Gandalf - for Gandalf the Grey from The Lord of the Rings
  • Harry - for Harry Potter
  • Jareth - for the goblin king from Labyrinth
  • Jojen - for Jojen Reed from Game of Thrones
  • Merlin - for the wizard from The Sorceror's Apprentice
  • Merritt - for Merritt McKinney, from the movie Now You See Me
  • Nelwyn - for the title character from Willow, who was a Nelwyn
  • Pyat - for Game of Thrones warlock Pyat Pree

Many Mystical Name Ideas for Boys

There are plenty of great male name ideas grounding in magic and mysticism. Choose one of these or use this list as a starting point to brainstorm for other ideas. You may also want to review evil, exotic or celestial names for boys for even more options.

Magical & Mystical Baby Boy Names