107 Boy Names That Start With V (Popular to Vintage)

Published December 14, 2020
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There are some great boy names that start with V available to choose from. Be sure you also love your favorite names' meanings before you settle on picking that one perfect name.

Boy Names That Start With V

Finding the right name for your baby boy can take some time. Be patient with yourself and enjoy this meaningful process.

What Are Some Boy Names That Start With V?

Some examples of boy names that start with V include:

  • Victoriano: The conqueror
  • Videl: One who gives life
  • Vadim: One who rules
  • Vung: Blessed and brilliant
  • Vellore: The city of spears
  • Valfredo: One who is wise
  • Vlore: Referring to an Albanian city
  • Venancio: One who enjoys hunting
  • Vilnius: The wave
  • Vihann: Sunrise
  • Vihan: Dawn
  • Vincenzo: To win
  • Vinn: One who conquers
  • Victor: One who wins
  • Vivaan: Rays of the sun
  • Vyom: Sky
  • Viraj: Excellence
  • Verill: One who is honest
  • Varek: One who is from the fortress
  • Vince: One who prevails
  • Valen: Strong
  • Vann: Happy
  • Vikram: Wise and brave
  • Vallen: Strong
  • Vayden: No known meaning
  • Valerio: Strong
  • Velasco: Raven
Boy Names That Start With V (Popular to Vintage)

Antique Baby Names That Start With V

Some vintage boy names that start with V:

  • Valentin: Healthy
  • Vlad: To rule
  • Virgil: One who bears a staff
  • Vicente: One who conquers
  • Verne: One who dwells amongst the ferns
  • Vernie: Green
  • Vance: The marsh
  • Ventura: Fortune
  • Vernon: Like spring
  • Valentine: Healthy
  • Van: From
  • Verlon: Hero
  • Victor: The winner
  • Vidal: Vital
  • Vincent: To conquer
  • Vladimir: Ruler of peace
  • Vaughn: Young

Boy Names That Start With V and Meaning

Some great V name options for boys:

  • Vitaly: One who gives life
  • Vidur: Wise
  • Venlo: No known meaning
  • Vinay: Humility and guidance
  • Vasyl: King-like
  • Vilmar: Desire
  • Veer: Brave
  • Vito: Life
  • Vidor: Happy
  • Vaclav: Glory
  • Vali: Strong
  • Vir: Warrior
  • Valiant: Brave
  • Vanir: Referring to the god of rain
  • Vishruth: One who is celebrated
  • Vernone: One who is full of life
  • Veit: Leader
  • Vemados: Courageous like a bear
  • Val: Strong
  • Virlan: Unknown meaning
  • Vishnu: Omnipresent
  • Vittorio: One who conquers
  • Vale: One who lives in the valley
  • Valencio: Strength
  • Virar: Referring to a city in India
  • Vianney: Gracious
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Modern Boy Names Starting With V

Modern boy names that begin with V:

  • Ved: One who has sacred knowledge
  • Valdo: Powerful
  • Vian: One who is full of life
  • Valterri: Army commander
  • Vinnie: One who conquers
  • Valdemar: Powerful
  • Valery: Strong
  • Vinny: Brave
  • Valente: Brave
  • Varshan: The rain
  • Vancouver: Referring to the city in Canada
  • Vagn: Wagon
  • Vic: One who conquers
  • Victorino: One who conquers
  • Virgilio: Flourishing
  • Varshik: Rain
  • Vermont: The green mountain
  • Vikraam: Brave
  • Vero: True
  • Vadden: No known meaning
  • Venice: Referring to location in Italy
  • Vonnie: Brave
  • Vasil: No known meaning
  • Vinal: The vine hall
  • Vivek: One who has wisdom

Names Starting With Vo for a Boy

Some names beginning with Vo:

  • Volos: Ox
  • Volz: People or folks
  • Voight: No known meaning
  • Voitto: Victory
  • Volney: The people's spirit
  • Volker: Warrior
  • Voyer: Deputy
  • Voi: No known meaning
  • Vogal: Happy and bird
  • Vogil: One who likes to sing
  • Volde: No known meaning
  • Voerde: Refers to a German city

V Boy Names

If you're searching for a baby boy's name that begins with V, know there are plenty of great choices available.

107 Boy Names That Start With V (Popular to Vintage)