111 Boy Names That Start With I (Iconic to Imaginative)

Published December 9, 2020
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Boy names that start with I often have ancient origins. Many of the boy names that start with I are found in the Bible and other religious texts.

What Are Names That Start With I?

You can find some great names that start with I when you review the meanings of each name. You may discover a new name that is the perfect fit for your little man.

  1. Iacovo: Follow after (Hebrew)
  2. Iago: Form of Jacob (Spanish)
  3. Iain: God is gracious, form of John (Gaelic)
  4. Iakob: To follow (Hebrew)
  5. Ian: The Lord is gracious, form of John (Gaelic)
  6. Iann: God is forgiving (Gaelic)
  7. Iggie, Iggy: Fiery one (Latin)
  8. Ignac: Fiery one (Latin)
  9. Ignace: Fiery (Latin)
  10. Ignacio: Fire (Spanish)
  11. Ignacy: Fiery (Latin)
  12. Ignatios: Ignite (Latin)
  13. Ilias: My God is Yahweh (Hebrew)
  14. Ilijah: My God is Yahweh, form of Elijah (Hebrew)
  15. Ilio: Sun (Greek)
  16. Illario, Ilario: Happy (Greek)
  17. Illarion: Cheerful, happy (Greek)
  18. Inar: One warrior, battle leader (Scandinavian), (Norse)
  19. Ince: Innocent (Hungarian)
  20. Indiana: Land of Indians (American)
  21. Indigo: Blue dye (Greek)
  22. Indio: India (Latin)
  23. Indy: Independent (American)
  24. Irvine: Green, fresh water (Scottish)
  25. Irving: White, white river (Welsh)
  26. Irwin, Irwinn, Irwyn: Wild boar, wine friend (Welsh)
  27. Isa: Salvation of God (Hebrew)
  28. Isaac, Isac, Isacc, Isaak, Isak, Izaac, Izaak: He laughs (Hebrew)
  29. Iver: Archer (Scandinavian)
  30. Iverson: Warrior, spear (Scottish, English, Norse)
  31. Ivor: Archer, bow warrior (English)
  32. Izaan, Izan: Obedience, disciplined (Arabic)
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Unique and Rare Boy Names That Start With I

If you seek unique boy names that start with I, you can find a few that might be good for your baby boy. You may want to choose names that are easy to pronounce.

  1. Ichiro: Firstborn son (Japanese)
  2. Idan: Era, time (Hebrew)
  3. Iddo, Ido: To be mighty (Hebrew)
  4. Iden: Marsh land pasture (English)
  5. Idi: Born during Idd festival (African)
  6. Idowu: Born after twins (Yoruba)
  7. Idris, Idriss: Ardent Lord (Gaelic)
  8. Idwal: Lord of the wall (Welsh)
  9. Iefan: God is gracious (Hebrew)
  10. Ieke: Gift, wealthy (Hebrew)
  11. Ikaika: Man of strength (Hawaiian)
  12. Ike: He laughs, laughter (Hebrew)
  13. Ikem: My strength (Nigerian)
  14. Ikenna: Father's power, God's power (Nigerian)
  15. Iker: Visitation (English)
  16. Ilan: Oak tree (Hebrew)
  17. Ilay: Light (Greek)
  18. Ilhan: God's grace (Latin)
  19. Inaki: Fiery, ardent (Basque)
  20. Ingbert: Bright as an angel (German)
  21. Ingelbert: Bright, famous, form of Engelbert (German), (English/French)
  22. Ingraham, Ingrahame, Ingram: Angel-raven (German)
  23. Inness, Inniss: From the river island (Scottish)
  24. Innman, Inman: Innkeeper (English)
  25. Ioannis: God is gracious (Greek)
  26. Iosef, Ioseph, Iosif: Jehovah increases (Russian/Hebrew)
  27. Itai: God is with me (Hebrew)
  28. Ivaan, Ivan: God is gracious (Hebrew)
  29. Ivar: Yew, bow army (French, Scandinavian), (Norse)
  30. Iven: Little archer (French)
  31. Izael: God contended (Hebrew)
  32. Izzy: God is my oath (Hebrew)
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Cool Baby Boy Names That Start With I

You probably want to ensure your little boy goes through life with a cool name. You can choose a boy's name that starts with I from a list that's complete with the meaning and origin of each name.

  1. Iason: Healer (Greek)
  2. Ibraheem, Ibrahim: Father of a multitude, taken from Abraham (Arabic)
  3. Ibrohim: Father of nations (Arabic)
  4. Icarus: Follower (Greek)
  5. Ichabod: Where is the glory (Hebrew)
  6. Ieremiya: Exalted, form of Jeremiah (Hebrew)
  7. Ieuan: Gift of God (Welsh)
  8. Ifan: God is merciful (Welsh)
  9. Ifor: Archer (Welsh)
  10. Igal: Avenger (Hebrew)
  11. Ignatius: Fiery one, ignite (Latin)
  12. Ignatz: Fiery one (German)
  13. Ignaz: Fire, fiery (Latin)
  14. Ignazio: Fiery (Spanish)
  15. Ignis: Fiery (Latin)
  16. Igor: Warrior (Russian)
  17. Ihab: Gift (Latin)
  18. Ihor: Warrior (Ukrainian)
  19. Ihsan: Perfection, excellence (Arabic)
  20. Iishim: From the iron one's estate (English)
  21. Iliad: Victory (Greek)
  22. Illias, Ilyas: The Lord is my God (Greek)
  23. Illtud: Multitude (Welsh)
  24. Illtyd: Multitude of land (Welsh)
  25. Ilon: Light (Greek)
  26. Ilya: My god is Yaheeh, great or glorious (Hebrew), (Kurdish)
  27. Imad: Support, pillar (Arabic)
  28. Imari: Mighty man of God (Hebrew)
  29. Immanuel, Imanuel, Immanuele: God is with us (Hebrew)
  30. Imri: My words spoken (Hebrew)
  31. Imron: Gift of God (Persian)
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Inspiring Baby Boy Names That Start With I

There are many great boy names that start with I. You may find a few of these names inspiring and a super choice for your little boy.

  1. Ira: Watchful, full-grown (Hebrew)
  2. Iram: City of the nation (Hebrew)
  3. Irish: Bright-headed (Celtic)
  4. Irv: Green or fresh water (Gaelic)
  5. Irvin: Handsome, fair of face (Scottish)
  6. Isael: Israel (Portuguese)
  7. Isai, Isaih: Gift, God is salvation (Hebrew)
  8. Isaiah, Isayah, Isiah, Izaiah, Izaias: Yahweh is salvation (Hebrew)
  9. Isaias: God is my salvation (Hebrew)
  10. Ishaan, Ishan: God, Lord of wealth (Sanskrit)
  11. Ishmael: God listens (Hebrew)
  12. Isidro: Gift of Isis (Greek)
  13. Isley: Blacksmith (English)
  14. Ismaeel, Ismael, Ismail: God will hear (Hebrew)
  15. Israel: God contended, wrestles with God, triumphant with God (Hebrew)
  16. Issa: Jesus (Islam)

Imaginative Boy Names That Start With I Inspire

You may find it to be fun to browse boy names that start with I. Many of these boy names are creative and highly imaginative and may be a perfect fit for your baby boy.

111 Boy Names That Start With I (Iconic to Imaginative)