119 Meaningful Native American Names for Boys and Girls

Updated March 7, 2022
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Native American baby names come from a variety of nations or tribes throughout the Americas and feature incredibly descriptive definitions. If you have Native American ancestors or an affinity for meaningful names, traditional and modern tribal names are unique baby name options. When choosing a Native American baby name, do your research to verify the meaning, and be respectful of the cultures.

Native American Baby Girl Names

Native American baby girls typically get their traditional name from a tribal chief or elder. Peruse the following choices of Native American names and meanings for your sweet baby girl.

Female Native American Warrior Names

Bring out the inner warrior in your little girl with a bold and exotic Native American animal or warrior name. You can find several nationality names, from Cherokee to Choctaw Indian names.

  • Awinita (ah-ween-ee-tah) - nationality: Cherokee - meaning: fawn
  • Ghigau (keeg-ah-oo) - nationality: Cherokee - meaning: War woman or most beloved woman
  • Gouyen (goh-oo-yen) - nationality: Apache - meaning: wise
  • Kimimela (k'ee-mee-may-lah) - nationality: Sioux - meaning: butterfly
  • Methoataske (may-th-ood-ahsh-gay) - nationality: Shawnee - meaning: turtle laying eggs
  • Nita (nee-tah) - nationality: Choctaw - meaning: bear
  • Urpi (oor-pee) - nationality: Quechua - meaning: dove
  • Wilma (weel-mah) - nationality: Cherokee - meaning: resolute protection
  • Zitcala (zeet-chah-lah) - nationality: Lakota - meaning: bird

Famous Native American Female Names

Famous Native American women are great resources for baby girl names because they instantly evoke feelings of strength and bravery.

  • Aliquippa (ah-lih-quih-puh) - nationality: Seneca - meaning: hat
  • Dahteste (Ta-DOT-se) - nationality: Apache - warrior - meaning: woman
  • Lozen (loh-zehn) - nationality: Apache - meaning: sister of Victorio
  • Nanye-Hi (Nancy Ward) (nahn-yay-hee) - nationality: Cherokee - meaning: traveler
  • Pocahontas (poh-cah-hon-tus) - nationality: Powhatan - meaning: playful one
  • Sacagawea (tsah-kah-kah-way-ah) - nationality: Shoshone - meaning: bird woman
  • Toypurina (toi-poor-ee-nah) - nationality: Tongva - meaning: unknown

Feminine and Loving Native American Names for Girls

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Name your little girl after a feminine Native American term, or show her the ultimate love with a heartfelt name.

  • Arnaq (ahr-nak) - nationality: Inuit - meaning: woman
  • Aylen (ah-yl-ehn) - nationality: Mapuche - meaning: happiness
  • Galilahi (kah-lee-lah-hee) - nationality: Cherokee - meaning: attractive
  • Naira (nah-ee-rah) - nationality: Aymara - meaning: eye
  • Nanabah (nah-nah-pah) - nationality: Navajo - meaning: she returns
  • Nizhoni (neej-oh-nee) - nationality: Navajo - meaning: beautiful
  • Nonhelema (nohn-hay-lay-mah) - nationality: Shawnee - meaning: not a man
  • Quetzalli (kayts-ahl-lee) - nationality: Maya - meaning: precious thing
  • Saqui (shah-kee) - nationality: Mapuche - meaning: favorite
  • Sayen (sah-yehn) - nationality: Mapuche - meaning: lovely
  • Tanis (tah-niss Cree) - nationality: Cree - meaning: daughter
  • Winona (win-ho-hah) - nationality: Sioux - meaning: first-born daughter
  • Yolotl (yoh-loh-ll) - nationality: Nahuatl - meaning: heart
  • Zyanya (zyahn-yah) - nationality: Zapotec - meaning: always/forever

Native American Nature and Flower Names for Girls

If you love hippie baby names, these Native American flower names for girls give you unique options for beautiful baby girl names.

  • Adsila (aht-see-lah) - nationality: Cherokee - meaning: blossom
  • Calfuray (kal-foo-RAW-ee) - nationality: Mapuche - meaning: violet flower
  • Iara (ee-ah-rah) - nationality: Tupi - meaning: water mistress
  • Ixchel (eesh-ayl) - nationality: Maya - meaning: rainbow lady
  • Kantuta (kahn-too-tah) - nationality: Aymara - meaning: cantua flower
  • Malinalli (mah-leen-ah-lee) - nationality: Nahuatl - meaning: grass
  • Millaray (meel-lah-rahy) - nationality: Mapuche - meaning: golden flower
  • Nicte (neek-tay) - nationality: Maya - meaning: flower
  • Rayen (rah-yn) - nationality: Mapuche - meaning: flower
  • Sacnicte (sah-neek-tay) - nationality: Maya - meaning: white flower
  • Tlalli (llah-llee Nahuatl) - nationality: Nahuatl - meaning: earth
  • Topʉsana (tohp-uh-sah-nah) - nationality: Comanche - meaning: prairie flower

Native American Baby Boy Names

Native American names for baby boys are strong and meaningful. The following options represent bravery, power, a connection to nature, and more.

Famous Native American Names for Boys

You've likely heard of these famous Native American leaders, and their bravery and power can inspire the leader in your little boy.

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  • Hiawatha (hah-yunh-watt-hah) - nationality: Iroquois - meaning: he who combs
  • Ishi (ee-shee) - nationality: Yahi - meaning: man
  • Manuelito (mahn-way-lee-toh) - nationality: Navajo - meaning: little Manuel
  • Sequoyah (say-kwoh-yah) - nationality: Cherokee - meaning: hog
  • Tisquantum (Squanto) (tiss-kuhn-tuhm) - nationality: Patuxet - meaning: diving rage
  • Tasunka (Crazy Horse) (tahsh-oon-kah) - nationality: Sioux - meaning: his horse

Native American Chief Names for Boys

Some Native American chiefs were named by their people, while others were named by new settlers. These Native American leader names are perfect for your leading baby boy.

  • Canonicus (chahn-ohn-ee-jooz) - nationality: Lenape - meaning: unknown
  • Cinon (kee-nohn) - nationality: Ipai - meaning: unknown
  • Cochise (cho-chee-seh) - nationality: Apache - meaning: oak, wood
  • Dohasan (doh-hah-sahn) - nationality: Apache - meaning: little bluff
  • Heinmot (Joseph) (hayn-moht) - nationality: Nez Perce - meaning: thunder
  • Hototo (hoh-toh-toh) - nationality: Nez Perce - meaning: warrior spirit who sings
  • Kintpuash (Captain Jack) (keent-poo-ahsh) - nationality: Modoc - meaning: strikes the water brashly
  • Leschi (leh-schee) - nationality: Nisqually - meaning: unknown
  • Massasoit (Ousamequin) (mus-sah-suhit) - nationality: Wampanoag - meaning: great chief
  • Metacomet (King Philip) (may-tuh-chuh-mayt) - nationality: Wampanoag - meaning: unknown
  • Obwandiyag (Pontiac) (uhb-wahn-tee-ahg) - nationality: Odawa - meaning: he stops a canoe by means of a spear handle
  • Osceola (Billy Powell) (asːi jahoːla) - nationality: Creek - meaning: ceremonial black drink and shout
  • Powhatan (Wahunsonacock) (pow-hah-tahn) - nationality: Powhatan - meaning: village name
  • Si'ahl (Seattle) (see'aht) - nationality: Duwamish - meaning: unknown
  • Tamanend (tah-mah-naynt) - nationality: Lenape - meaning: affable
  • Tatanka (Sitting Bull) (tah-tahn-kah) - nationality: Lakota - meaning: bull
  • Tekoomsē (Tecumseh) (te-kum-sə) - nationality: Shawnee - meaning: shooting star
  • Thayendanegea (Joseph Brant) (t-h-ah-yen-tah-nay-kay-ah) - nationality: Mohawk - meaning: two sticks bound together for strength
  • Wovoka (Jack Wilson) (woh-boh-kah) - nationality: Numu - meaning: woodcutter

Strong Native American Warrior Names for Boys

Throughout history, as the Americas were colonized, many Native American warriors made a name for themselves by fighting for their people. If your little boy is a fighter or a rainbow baby, he deserves a strong warrior name.

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  • Ashkii (ahsh-kee) - nationality: Navajo - meaning: boy
  • Baishan (bah-ee-shahn) - nationality: Apache - meaning: knife
  • Bidziil (beet-zeel) - nationality: Navajo - meaning: he is strong
  • Goyathlay (Geronimo) (goh-yah-tlay) - nationality: Apache - meaning: one who yawns
  • Moacir (moh-ah-keer) - nationality: Tupi - meaning: son of Pain
  • Ohiyesa (okh-ee-yay-shah) - nationality: Dakota - meaning: winner
  • Ollokot (ohl-loh-koht) - nationality: Nez Perce - meaning: male mountain sheep
  • Quidel (kee-tehl) - nationality: Mapuche - meaning: burning torch
  • Tosahwi (toh-shah-wee) - nationality: Comanche - meaning: white knife
  • Ubirajara (oo-bee-ra-ZHA-ru) - nationality: Tupi - meaning: lord of the spear
  • Ujarak (uhj-ahr-ahk) - nationality: Inuit - meaning: rock

Native American Nature and Animal Names for Boys

Take your little guy's personality into account as you tap into Mother Earth for these natural Native American names for boys.

  • Amaru (ah-mah-roo) - nationality: Aymara - meaning: snake
  • Antiman (an-tee-MAWN) - nationality: Mapuche - meaning: condor of sun
  • Antinanco (an-tee-NAWN-ko) - nationality: Mapuche - meaning: eagle of sun
  • Balan (Bah-lahn) - nationality: Maya - meaning: jaguar
  • Cauã (kah-oo-ahn) - nationality: Tupi - meaning: hawk
  • Inti (een-tee) - nationality: Quechua - meaning: sun
  • Mahpiya (makh-pee-yah) - nationality: Dakota/Lakota - meaning: cloud/sky
  • Nahuel (nahn-oo-ehl) - nationality: Mapuche - meaning: jaguar
  • Nanuq (nah-nuhk) - nationality: Inuit - meaning: polar bear
  • Talako (tah-lah-koh) - nationality: Choctaw - meaning: eagle
  • Tlalok (CHA-lok) - nationality: Nahuatl - meaning: of the earth
  • Willka (weel-ly-kah) - nationality: Aymara - meaning: sun

Gender Neutral Native American Baby Names

Because traditional Native American names were descriptive of nature, there are many unisex names you can choose.

Unisex Native American Names

These names can be used for boys or girls, and they have natural meanings that are perfect for your little one.

  • Ameyalli (ah-may-ah-lee) - nationality: Nahuatl - meaning: fountain
  • Citali (see-tah-lee) - nationality: Nahuatl - meaning: star
  • Isi (ee-see) - nationality: Choctaw - meaning: deer
  • Meztli (mays-lee) - nationality: Aztec/Nahuatl - meaning: moon
  • Sháńdíín (shahnt-een) - nationality: Navajo - meaning: sunshine
  • Shikoba (shee-koh-bah) - nationality: Choctaw - meaning: feather
  • Xquenda (shkayn-dah ) - nationality: Zapotec - meaning: soul
  • Yunuen (yoon-oo-ayn) - nationality: Maya - meaning: half moon

Native American Tribe Names to Use as First Names

Native American people never gave children the names of their tribes, but you could use them as inspiration for your unique baby name. Discover which native nations lived in your area and pay homage to them with a tribe name for your baby.

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  • Abenaki (ah-bay-nah-kee) - modern name: Abenaki - meaning: dawn people
  • Absaroke (ahb-sah-roh-keh) - modern name: Crow - meaning: children of the big-beaked bird
  • Beothuk (bay-oh-took) - modern name: Beothuk - meaning: kinfolk
  • Chahta (chah-tah) - modern name: Choctaw - meaning: name of legendary chief
  • Chikasha (chee-kah-shaa) - modern name: Chickasaw - meaning: name of legendary chief
  • Dakelh (dah-kayl) - modern name: Carrier - meaning: water travelers
  • Dakota (dah-koh-tah) - modern name: Dakota Sioux - meaning: the allies
  • Dunne-Za (tuhn-zuh) - modern name: Beaver - meaning: real people
  • Hopi (hoh-pee) - modern name: Hopi - meaning: peaceful person
  • Kanza (kgahn-zah) - modern name: Kaw - meaning: wind people
  • Inuit (ihn-yoo-iht) - modern name: Intuit - meaning: the people
  • Karuk (ker-ook) - modern name: Karok - meaning: up river
  • Lakota (lah-koh-tah) - modern name: Lakota Sioux - meaning: the allies
  • Lenape (leh-NAH-pay) - modern name: Delaware - meaning: the people
  • Mohingan (moo-heen-kahn) - modern name: Mohegan - meaning: wolf
  • Nantego (nahn-deh-koh) - modern name: Nanticoke - meaning: tidewater people
  • Odawa (uh-day-weh) - modern name: Ottawa - meaning: traders
  • Pahoja (pah-hoh-zhah) - modern name: Ioway - meaning: gray snow
  • Sahnish (sah-h-nihsh) - modern name: Arikara - meaning: original people
  • Wendat (wehn-daht) - modern name: Huron - meaning: islanders
  • Wiyot (wee-yot) - modern name: Wiyot - meaning: river name

Native American Naming Practices

Many traditional tribal names consist of a single name, not a first, middle, and last name. Depending on each individual tribe's specific beliefs and traditions, one person may be given several names to be used for different occasions. No matter the tribal affiliation, Native American names are carefully chosen so their meaning relates to that specific child. Names often have familial meanings and meanings affiliated with nature, such as seasons or animals. Be respectful of Native American cultures when choosing these names for your baby. If possible, consult with a tribe member to learn the best way to choose a Native American name for your child.

Natural Names From History

Native American names offer you the chance to celebrate and honor a controversial history with some of the first inhabitants of the Americas. Give your baby boy or baby girl deep roots with a meaningful Native American name.

119 Meaningful Native American Names for Boys and Girls