120+ Epic Boy Names That Start With E

Published November 30, 2020
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When it comes to finding boy names that start with E, there are some incredible options available. While it may feel overwhelming picking the perfect name, rest assured that you're bound to find a few that fit your needs.

Boy Names That Start With E

Whether you're looking for a first name or middle name, boy names that start with E are certainly in abundance. Be sure to check out your favorite names' meanings to make sure your picks are the best fit for you.

Unique Boy Names That Start With E

Some unique boy names that start with E:

  • Eli: God is abundant
  • Ean: God is gracious
  • Edmund: Protector
  • Ellison: Son of Elias
  • Evert: Herd of wild boars
  • Eskil: Protected by the gods
  • Everly: Meadow for grazing
  • Earnest: Truthful and honest
  • Eastie: Referring to the east
  • Este: Star
  • Eske: God's spear
  • Eliah: God
  • Etienne: Crown
  • Eagan: Fire
  • Ebin: Strong
  • Easton: Referring to the east and meaning settlement
  • Elmo: Protector
  • Egbert: Intelligent; sword
  • Eitan: Strength
  • Elia: Answer from God
  • Egan: Fire
  • Eddison: Son of Edward
  • Eugene: Noble
  • Edgar: Wealth; sword
  • Edik: Protector
  • Edric: Powerful
  • Errol: Boar; wolf; army commander
Epic boy names that start with E

Biblical Names That Start With E

Biblical names for boys that start with E:

  • Elijah: God is the lord
  • Ezekial: Strength of God
  • Elazar: God's help
  • Elkanah: God created
  • Ebal: Heap
  • Ebed: Laborer
  • Eglon: Chariot
  • Ekron: To tear away
  • Elead: God's witness
  • Eleph: To learn
  • Eliel: My God
  • Elan: Tree
  • Eadsele: Noble
  • Eban: Stone
  • Esau: Red and hairy
  • Eden: Delight and pleasant
  • Ebenezer: Rock and stone
  • Elisha: God is my savior
  • Ezra: Help
  • Ephraim: To be fruitful
  • Eben: Stone
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What Name Starts With an E?

Great E names for boys:

  • Ethan: Strong
  • Edene: Delight
  • Edi: Witness
  • Ebb: Stone
  • Ever: Always
  • Evan: Young
  • Evin: Love
  • Elmore: River's edge
  • Ellery: Happy
  • Enzo: Mighty
  • Ellis: The Lord
  • Edwin: Blessed
  • East: Referring to the east
  • Elwood: Elder tree
  • Eddy: Fortune
  • Elmer: Noble
  • Emerson: Brave
  • Erick: Ruler
  • Emmett: Universal
  • Edward: Prosperous
  • Eric: Ruler
  • Elais: The Lord
  • Everett: Brave
  • Elvis: Wise
  • Edsel: Noble

Spanish Boy Names That Start With E

Spanish boy names that begin with the letter E:

  • Eduardo: Guard
  • Emilio: Rival
  • Eladio: From Greece
  • Eberado: Brave
  • Eliseo: God is my savior
  • Emerico: Ruler
  • Enrique: Ruler
  • Estavan: Crown
  • Eugenio: Noble
  • Eutimio: Well spirited
  • Esperidion: Little spirit
  • Esequeil: Strength
  • Erasmo: Loved
  • Epifanio: To manifest
  • Esteban: Crown and wreath
  • Emmanuel: God is with us
  • Emiliano: Rival
  • Everardo: Brave
  • Eusebio: Respected
  • Ernesto: Honest
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What Is the Most Popular E Name?

A few popular E names include:

  • Elliot: Strength
  • Edgar: Wealth and fortunate
  • Emil: Rival
  • Erin: Peace
  • Erikson: Always
  • Easton: Referring to the east
  • Earl: A warrior

What Is the Rarest Name for a Boy?

Some rare E names include:

  • Elave: Intelligent
  • Eamon: Protector
  • Edwald: Ruler
  • Elpalet: God is deliverance or release
  • Emim: Formidable
  • Enon: Cloud
  • Earo: The sky
  • Eliakim: God will rise
  • Elim: Strong
  • Elbert: Edge
  • Eldridge: Wise ruler
  • Enoch: Devoted
  • Ewan: From the mountains
  • Eloi: Chosen
  • Eagan: Fire
  • Elvin: Noble
  • Emery: Brave
  • Evander: Bood
  • Egypt: Referring to the land of Egypt
  • Eros: Love
  • Eldon: Swan

What Are Boy Names That Start With an E?

There are tons of great E names for boys to choose from. Take your time searching for the perfect name that works best for you.

120+ Epic Boy Names That Start With E