Powerful Exotic Boy Names and Meanings

Published May 18, 2020
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If you're hoping to choose a baby boy name that's exotic, take a look around the world to find inspiration. Exotic boy names are unique baby boy names that come from someplace foreign to you, so options will vary based on your location.

Strong Boy Names From Exotic Island Cultures

You can find strong names for baby boys in a variety of languages from island cultures around the world. Everything from bold Balinese names and Hawaiian baby names to mighty Tahitian names qualifies as exotic for most of the world.

  • Arihere (Tahiti) - king of love
  • Aryan (Malaysia) - noble
  • Gusti (Bali) - leader
  • Iwer (Trinidad & Tobago) - unknown
  • Izz (Malaysia) - glory/power
  • Kern (Trinidad & Tobago) - grain/seed
  • Ketut (Bali) - fourth child/little banana
  • Khion (Trinidad & Tobago) - unknown
  • Manahau (Tahiti) - wise spirit
  • Metua (Tahiti) - head of the family
  • Nyoman (Bali) - third child
  • Taaroa (Tahiti) - ancestor of the gods
  • Tanetoa (Tahiti) - warrior man
  • Teva (Tahiti) - infinite
  • Wayan (Bali) - first child
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Names of Exotic Places That Make Great Boy Names

The names of the most exotic places around the globe work well as uncommon baby names for boys. Look for the names of towns, islands, an exotic natural formations that have a masculine sound.

  • Atlas - mountain range in Morocco
  • Baffin - island in the Arctic
  • Bagan - area filled with temples in Myanmar
  • Bali - Indonesian island
  • Dogon - West African cultural area
  • Faroe - islands
  • Gobi - desert in Mongolia
  • Gozo - island in Malta
  • Mauritius - Indian Ocean islands
  • Mohéli - African island
  • Molokai - Hawaiian island
  • Nevis - Caribbean island
  • Orkney - archipelago in Scotland
  • Palau - Western Pacific Island
  • Tozeur - city in Tunisia near the Sahara Desert
  • Verdon - gorge in France
  • Yasur - active volcano in Vanuatu
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Fictional Place Names to Use As Exotic Boy Names

Fictional lands and places can also be considered exotic since no person has ever travelled to them in real life. Powerful baby names inspired by literature, movies, and even video games can sound exotic. If you like these types of fantasy names, you might also get inspired by mythology names.

  • Alicante - fictional city from The Mortal Instruments
  • Asgard - home of Odin and Thor in Norse mythology
  • Derry - fictional Stephen King town
  • Dorne - country from Game of Thrones
  • Godric - of Godric's Hollow from Harry Potter franchise
  • Gotham - city from Batman franchise
  • Hyrule - city from Zelda franchise
  • Panem - nation from The Hunger Games
  • Shire - hobbit village from Lord of the Rings
  • Ulthar - fictional town from H.P. Lovecraft novels
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Cool Boy Names That Mean Foreign or Strange

Since exotic things are foreign and uncommon, you might like boy names that mean things like "foreigner" or "strange." You can also check out names with similar meanings in different languages like Greek baby names.

  • Dougal (Scottish) - dark stranger
  • Erland (Swedish) - foreigner
  • Farang (Thai) - Westerner
  • Fingal (Scottish) - white stranger
  • Gaston (French) - stranger
  • Gershom (Biblical) - a stranger there
  • Özge (Turkish) - other/different
  • Peregrino (Latin) - foreigner
  • Vauquelin (Medieval French) - foreign
  • Xenon (Ancient Greek) - foreigner
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Exotic Inspiration

If you're ready to ditch old fashioned baby names, look for inspiration from exotic locations, people, and things. An exotic baby boy name can be just the thing you need to help your son stand out and become a world traveler later in life.

Powerful Exotic Boy Names and Meanings