60+ Unique Girl Names That Start With K

Updated March 1, 2022
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If you are in the process of naming your bundle of joy, you might find yourself drawn to baby girl names starting with the letter K. Some K names sound mysterious, and many have ancient origins and roots. Others are fairly common and widely heard throughout the world. Whether you choose a rare and unique name or a popular and common moniker, there is certainly no shortage of wonderful K names for girls.

Unique Girl Names That Start With K

When deciding on a K name for a little girl, first say it out loud to see how it sounds and how it fits with the middle and last name you plan to give your child. Spend some time with your top name options, especially if they are rare, because this name is one that you will be saying for the rest of your life. Before making a final decision, be sure you love it, and that it's a name your baby will grow to love too.

  • Kacee: (Irish origins) Means "alert, watchful"
  • Kadisha: (Hebrew origin) Means "holy"
  • Kailee, Kailey, Kailyn, Kaylin, Kaelynn, Kaelyn, Kaylynn, Keyla: (Gaelic origin) Means "keeper of keys"
  • Kaiya: (Japanese origin) Means "forgiveness"
  • Kalani: (Hawaiian origin) Means "heaven, royal one"
  • Kareen: (Scandinavian origin) Means "maiden"
  • Karen: (Danish origin) Means "pure"
  • Karene, Karina: (Scandinavian origin) Means "love"
  • Karlee, Karlie: (German origin) Means "Free woman, warrior"
  • Karma: (Sanskrit, Hindi origin) Means "fate, destiny"
  • Karmen: (Spanish origin) Means "fruitful origin"
  • Kasey: (American origin) Means "alert, full of energy"
  • Kassidy: (Irish origin) Means "Curly-haired"
  • Kayden: (American origin) Means "fighter"
  • Kaylie: (Irish origin) Means "slim, fair"
  • Khloe/ Chloe: (Greek origin) Means "young green shoot"
  • Kiana: (Irish origin) Means "God is gracious"
  • Kiara, Kira: (Irish origin) Means "dark-haired"
  • Kinley: (Gaelic origin) Means "daughter of white warrior"
  • Kristen: (German origin) Means "Christian"
  • Ksenia: (Russian origin) Means "wanderer"
  • Kylee, Kyleigh, Kylie: (Gaelic origin) Means "slender, narrow"
  • Kynlee: (Irish origin) Means "fair-haired Viking"

Girl Names That Start With Ke

Girl names that start with Ke have a mystical essence about them. You can almost feel the magic surrounding these names when you say them aloud. These make lovely choices for parents searching for a name with mystique and meaning.

  • Kehlani: (Polynesian origin) Means "sea heavens"
  • Keilani: (Hawaiian origin) Means "heaven, sky, glorious, royal one"
  • Keily, Kiley: (Irish origin) Means "graceful"
  • Keira: (Irish origin) Means, "little dark-haired one"
  • Kelly: (Irish origin) Means "warrior"
  • Kenna: (American origin) Means "beautiful"
  • Kennedy, Kennedi: (Gaelic origin) Means "helmeted chief"
  • Kenya: (Hebrew origin) Means "animal horn"
  • Kenzie: (Scottish origin) Means "descendent of the handsome man"
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Four Letter Girl Names That Start With K

If you're looking for a short name that packs a lot of meaning, a four-letter name choice might be exactly what you are looking for. These options make excellent K middle names for girls, especially when paired with a longer first name. Aside from liking how the name sounds, consider the meaning and country of origin to make sure you choose the moniker that best suits your little girl.

  • Kaia: (Greek origin) Means "earth"
  • Kara: Latin origin) Means "beloved"
  • Kiki: (French, German, Spanish origin) Means "new life, new beginning"
  • Kimi: (Japanese origin) Means "beautiful, delightful, joyful"
  • Kora, Kori: (Greek origin) Means "maiden"
  • Kyla: (Gaelic origin) Means "slender"
  • Kyra: (Greek origin) Means "lady, female ruler"

English Girl Names Starting With K

For some parents, choosing an English name is one way to honor their ancestry and their roots. These cute girl names that start with K are perfect options for London-loving parents who are all about The Beatles, fish and chips, and royal families.

  • Karter: (English origin) Means "to transport with cart"
  • Kaylee, Kayleigh: (English origin) Means "who is like God, pure of the clearing"
  • Kelsey: (English origin) Means "victorious ship"
  • Kendall, Kyndall: (English origin) Means "valley on the River Kent"
  • Kendra: (English, Welsh origin) Means "royal power, bold power"
  • Kenley: (English origin) Means "royal meadow"
  • Kensington: (English origin) Means "the town of Cynsige's people"
  • Kensley: (English origin) Means "spring, well, clearing glade"
  • Kimber: (English origin) Means "old kin"
  • Kimberly: (English origin) Means "woodland," "clearing"
  • Kinsleigh: (English origin) Means "proud, overbearing"
  • Kinsley, Kinslee: (English origin) Means "King's meadow," "royal victory"
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Greek Girl Names That Start With K

You may decide that a strong and ancient Greek name suits your little one best. You can choose from several beautiful girl names that start with K. These options are lovely sounding names with deep meaning behind them.

  • Kadie: (Greek origin) Means "pure"
  • Kaitlyn: (Greek origin) Means "pure"
  • Kallie: (Greek origin) Means "most beautiful, fair"
  • Karla: (Greek origin) Means "woman of strength"
  • Kassandra: (Greek origin) Means "she who entangles men"
  • Katalina, Kate, Katie, Katelyn, Katelynn: (Greek origin) Means "each of the two, pure"
  • Katherine, Kathryn, Kathy: (Greek origin) Means "clean, pure"
  • Kathleen, Katrina: (Greek origin) Means "pure," "far away"
  • Kristina: (Greek origin) Means "follower of Christ"
  • Krystal, Crystal: (Greek origin) Means "earth mineral stones"

Finding Girl Names Beginning With K

Once you decide to give your little girl a K name, you might immediately become overwhelmed by the vast choices that lie in front of you. One strategy for narrowing down the field is to make a list of your top options. Dive into each one's meaning and country of origin to help you make a more informed decision about your little girl's name. Try every front-runner with the middle and last name, and be sure to look at how the initials combine. Deciding on a name can be a tedious and lengthy process for some, but that's okay! This is a major decision in your parenting journey, so give it some thought, time and, most importantly, have fun with it!

60+ Unique Girl Names That Start With K