150 Baby Girl Names That Start With A (Plus Meanings)

Updated March 3, 2022
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"A" is the first letter of the English alphabet and the first letter some parents think of when naming their daughters. If you are expecting and drawn to the letter "A," you are in luck. There are tons of cute baby girl names starting with "A." From uncommon and unique to beautiful and traditional, the choices for baby girl names that start with "A" are fairly endless.

Short and Cute Girl Names Starting With A

One-syllable names for girls and other short-lettered names are trendy moniker choices for many parents. The adorable options often sound more like nicknames and are easy to say and spell. They also span a wide variety of naming preferences, including commonly heard names and rare baby names.

  • Ada - (German/Hebrew) Means "nobility"
  • Adi - (Hebrew) Means "jewel"
  • Adva - (Hebrew) Means "small wave"
  • Agape (ah-gah-pay) - (Greek) Means "love"
  • Ai (I) - (Chinese) Means "love"
  • Aili - (Finnish, Sami and Estonian) Means "blessed"
  • Aki - (Japanese) Means "clear"
  • AJ - Nickname for a first name beginning with the letter "A" and a middle or last name beginning with the letter "J"
  • Alex - (Greek) Means "defending man"
  • Ambre (ahm-bray) - (French) Means "fossilized tree resin"
  • Ami - (French) Means "friend"
  • Andi - (English) Means "masculine"
  • Ann/Anne - (Latin) Means "grace"
  • Arlie - (Old English) Means "eagle wood"
  • Asa - (Hebrew) Means "healer"
  • Ash - Tree name
  • Ashley - (Old English) Means "ash tree clearing"
  • Astra - (Greek) Means "star"
  • Aude (OD) - (French) Means "old"
  • Aura - (Latin) Means "breeze"
  • Ave (ah-vay) - (Latin) Means "hail"
  • Axelle - (French) Means "my father is peace"
  • Aya - (Arabic) Means "beautiful"
  • Ayn (Ine) - (Finnish) Means "grace"

Long and Beautiful Girl Names That Start With A

If you love the look and sound of long names, these beautiful multisyllable options might work for you. Consider what nicknames could be derived from a long girl name that starts with "A," and choose one that has potential nicknames you love too.

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  • Abilene - (Hebrew) Means "meadow"
  • Adaline/Adalyn/Adalynne - (English) Means "noble"
  • Addison - (Old English) Means "son of Adam"
  • Adorinda - (Spanish) Means "adoration"
  • Aferdita - (Albanian) Means "daybreak"
  • Agnessa - (Greek) Means "chaste"
  • Aisling - (Irish) Means "dream"
  • Aitana - (Spanish) Name of a Spanish mountain
  • Aksinya (uhk-seen-yuh) - (Greek) Means "hospitality"
  • Alastriona - (Celtic) Means "defending man"
  • Alethea - (English) Means "truth"
  • Almira - (Spanish) Means "famous noble"
  • Amberly - (American) Combination of the names "Amber" and "Kimberly" to mean "gem/jewel meadow"
  • Ambrosine - (Greek) Means "immortal"
  • Anastasia - (Greek) Means "resurrection"
  • Annemieke (ah-nuh-mee-kuh) - Origin and meaning unknown
  • Antoinette/Antonette - (Roman or Greek) Means "priceless" or "flower"
  • Apollonia - (Greek) Means "strength," female form of Apollo
  • Arabella - (Latin) Means "yielding to prayer"
  • Araceli - (Spanish) Means "altar of the ski"
  • Atsuko - (Japanese) Means "sincere child"
  • Aureole - (Latin-English) Means "radiant halo"
  • Aurelia - (Latin) Means "golden"
  • Aveline - (Norman-French) Means "desired"
  • Azalea - (English) Flower name
  • Azzurra - (Italian) Means "sky blue"

Biblical Girl Names Beginning With A

While men are often the focus of the Bible, there are several great girl name options that start with "A" from the Bible as well. Biblical baby names often include Hebrew baby name options and names that sound old-fashioned.

  • Abiah (uh-by-uh) - (Hebrew) Means "my father is Yahweh"
  • Abishag (ah-buh-shag) - (Hebrew) Means "ignorance of the father"
  • Abital (ah-bih-tahl) - (Hebrew) Means "my father is the night dew"
  • Agrippa - (Greek) Means "wild horse"
  • Ahinoam (ah-hee-nome) - (Hebrew) Means "my brother is pleasant"
  • Apphia - (Greek) Means "productive, increasing"
  • Asenath - (Hebrew) Means "belonging to her father"
  • Atarah - (Hebrew) Means "crown"
  • Azubah - (Hebrew) Means "forsaken"

Mythology Girl Names That Start With A

Some of the more uncommon girl names that start with the letter "A" are inspired by myths and legends from around the world. From Norwegian baby names to Greek baby names, you can find mythology names for your little goddess in almost any culture.

  • Acantha - (Greek) Means "thorn"
  • Aditi - (Hindi) Means "boundless freedom"
  • Aglaia - (Greek) Means "beauty"
  • Agrona - (Celtic) Means "beauty"
  • Alcyone - (Greek) Means "kingfisher"
  • Alecto - (Greek) Means "unceasing"
  • Amalthea - (Greek) Means "to soften"
  • Amaterasu - (Far Eastern) Means "shining over heaven"
  • Ameretat - (Persian) Means "immortality"
  • Andraste - (Celtic) Means "invincible"
  • Andromeda - (Greek) Means "mindful of man"
  • Angerona - (Roman) Means "constricted torment"
  • Antigone - (Greek) Means "compared to offspring"
  • Aoide (ay-ee-dee) - (Greek) Means "song"
  • Arachne - (Greek) Means "spider"
  • Artemis - (Greek) Means "safe"
  • Asherah - (Semitic) Means "she who walks in the sea"

Unique Girl Names That Start With A

Unique baby girl names can be inspired by imagination, nature, or simple words with big meanings. Check out lists of the lesser popular names in your favorite countries to find unique options to consider.

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  • Aaren - (Hebrew) Unisex name meaning "high mountain" or "light bearer"
  • Acacia - (Greek) Thorny tree name, means "thorn"
  • Adamina - (Hebrew) Means "of the earth"
  • Adena - (Hebrew) Means "delicate"
  • Afanen - (Welsh) Means "raspberry"
  • Africa - Name of a continent
  • Ainslie - (Old English/Scottish) Means "solitary clearing"
  • Allegra - (Italian) Means "cheerful"
  • Aloisia - (German) Means "famous fighter"
  • Alora - (Latin) Means "my beautiful dream"
  • Alte - (Hebrew) Means "old"
  • Alvilda - (Old Norse) Means "elf battle"
  • Amarante - (Japanese) Means "unfading"
  • Amethyst - Name of a gemstone
  • Amity - (English) Means "friendship"
  • Andrina - (American) Means "masculine"
  • Anemone - (Greek) Means "wind"
  • Anima - (Sanskrit) Means "small"
  • Anise - (English) Name of an herb

Female Celebrity Names That Begin With A

Turn your baby girl into a fangirl with a memorable celebrity name. These leading ladies made names for themselves, and your baby can follow suit with a matching name.

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  • Adele - Means "noble," name of famous pop singer
  • Alexa - Means "defending man," name of actress Alexa PenaVega
  • Alexis - Means "defending man," name of American actress Alexis Bledel
  • Alyssa - Means "noble and kind," name of actress Alyssa Milano
  • Amber - Name of a gemstone. Name of actress Amber Heard
  • America - Name of country. Name of actress America Ferrera
  • Analeigh - Means "grace clearing," name of model Analeigh Tipton
  • Angelina - Means "angel," name of actress Angelina Jolie
  • Anita - Means "grace," name of singer Anita Baker
  • AnnaLynne - Means "grace/lake," name of model/actress AnnaLynne McCord
  • AnnaSophia - Means "grace/wisdom," name of actress AnnaSophia Robb
  • Aretha - Means "virtue," name of singer Aretha Franklin
  • Ariel - Means "lion of God," name of actress Ariel Winter and Disney character Ariel from The Little Mermaid
  • Audrey - Means "noble strength," name of actress Audrey Hepburn
  • Avril - Means "April" or "open to," name of singer Avril Lavigne

Girl Names Starting With A From Around the World

If you want a more uncommon and exotic baby name, consider using one of the more trending choices from another country. Check out lists of popular, well-loved baby girl names beginning with the letter "A" from around the globe.

Popular A Names From North and South America

These cute baby girl names are commonly sought after by parents in the Americas. They are popular choices for parents searching for a beautiful girl name starting with "A."

  • Abby - (Bahamas) Means "my father is joy"
  • Abigail - (USA) Means "my father is joy"
  • Adriana/Adrianna - (Puerto Rico/Jamaica) Means "from Hadria"
  • Agustina - (Chile) Means "exalted"
  • Ainhoa - (Puerto Rico) Means "one of the fertile earth"
  • Aitana - (Mexico) Means "out people"
  • Alejandra - (Venezuela) Means "defender of mankind"
  • Alice - (Canada) Means "noble kind"
  • Aliyah - (Canada) Means "exalted"
  • Alondra - (Puerto Rico) Means "lark"
  • Amaia - (Puerto Rico) Means "night rain"
  • Amanda - (Puerto Rico) Means "worthy of love"
  • Amelia - (USA) Means "to work"
  • Andrea - (Brazil) Means "manly"
  • Anna - (Canada) Means "grace"
  • Annerys - (Venezuela) Meaning unknown
  • Antonella - (Brazil) Means "firstborn"
  • Aria - (Canada) Means "song or melody"
  • Ava - (USA) Means "to breathe"
  • Avery - (United States) Means "elf power"

Popular A Names for Girls From Europe

Popular names featured in Top 100 lists from around Europe offer a good mix of modern and traditional baby girl names from different countries.

  • Aada - (Finland) Means "noble"
  • Alma - (Sweden/Spain) Means "nourishing"
  • Alva - (Sweden) Means "brightness"
  • Agnes - (Sweden) Means "lamb"
  • Aibhe (AL-va) - (Ireland) Means "olive"
  • Aikaterini - (Greece) Means "pure"
  • Alexie - (Finland) Means "man's defender"
  • Alyssia - (Austria) Means "noble"
  • Amalie (UK) Means "work"
  • Anabell - (Finland) Means "gracious and beauty"
  • Angeliki - (Greece) Means "angelic"
  • Aoife (ee-fuh) - (Ireland) Means "beauty"
  • Astrid - (Sweden) Means "divinely beautiful"
  • Ayla - (UK) Means "halo of light"

Popular A Names From Africa and Asia

Finding baby name lists for African and Asian countries isn't as easy as finding them for other countries. Check out common baby names from Japan, China, South Africa, and other countries on these continents for more options.

Joyful and smiling Asian baby girl playing with her father
  • Ahmale - (South African) Means "beautiful girls"
  • An - (Japan) Means "peace"
  • Ah-lin - (South Korean) Means "tight"
  • Akosua - (Ghana) Means "on Sunday"
  • Annika - (South African) Means "grace"
  • Aoi - (Japan) Means "hollyhock"

Girls' Names From the Top of the Alphabet

Baby girl names that start with the letter "A" often have a cute, feminine sound. If you love the beginning of the alphabet, these "A" names are great for first and middle names for baby girls. Whether you crave the uncommon and unique, or you have your heart set on traditional and beautiful options, there is certain to be the perfect "A" name out there for you.

150 Baby Girl Names That Start With A (Plus Meanings)