85 Meaningful Girl Names That Start With M

Published November 17, 2020
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Girl names that start with M are abundant. From Southern baby girl names to unique girl names, you're sure to find the perfect one for your little miss.

Melodic Girl Names That Start With M

Some of the best girl names that start with M have a melodic, pleasing sound. You might find this type of name is what you had in mind.

  1. Macee, Macey, Macie: Gift of Yahweh (Hebrew)
  2. Marcella, Marcela: Young warrior (Roman)
  3. Mardi: Tuesday (French)
  4. Marilyn: Exalted, beloved, wished for child (Hebrew)
  5. Marissa: Of the sea (Latin)
  6. Marla: Sublime, beloved, pearl of the sea (English), (Greek), (Hebrew)
  7. Marnie: From the sea (Scottish)
  8. Maya: Magic, illusion (Sanskrit)
  9. Mercier: Trader, merchant (French)
  10. Mia: Mine (Spanish)
  11. Mariah: God is my teacher (Hebrew)
  12. Mona: Desires, wishes (Arabic)
  13. Monique: Alone advisor (Latin)
  14. Mora: Blackberry (Spanish)
  15. Marjorie: Pearl (French)
Meaningful girl names that start with M

Southern Baby Girl Names That Start With M

You may be from the South and want to name your baby girl a traditional Southern name. You may simply like the nostalgic feel of Southern names. Whatever your reason for exploring meaningful Southeren girl names that start with M, you have many great choices for your baby girl.

  1. Mabel: Loveable, dear (Latin)
  2. Madeline: High tower, great, magnificent (Greek)
  3. Mae, May: Mother, Roman Goddess of May (Portuguese), (Latin)
  4. Maeve: She who intoxicates (Irish)
  5. Maggie: Pearl (English)
  6. Magnolia: Magnol's flower (French)
  7. Maisie: Pearl (Scottish)
  8. Margaret: Pearl, cluster of blossoms (Latin) (Sanskrit)
  9. Margot: Pearl (French)
  10. Maria: Mary, mother of Jesus (Latin)
  11. Marianne: Star of the sea, wished for child, grace (Greek), (Hebrew), (French)
  12. Maribelle: Beautiful Marie (Latin)
  13. Marie: Virgin Mary (French)
  14. Marlee: Marshy meadow (English)
  15. Marsha: Roman goddess, warlike (Latin)
  16. Martha: The mistress, the lady (Greek)
  17. Mary Lou: Exalted, famous female warrior (Latin)
  18. Mary Sue, Marysue: Wished for child (English)
  19. Maryanne: Star of the sea (French)
  20. Maryjane: Gracious, kind (English)
  21. Maybelle: Loveable (English)
  22. Melissa: Bee (Greek)
  23. Michelle: Who is like God (French)
  24. Mildred: Gentle strength (English)
  25. Millie: Industrious (Latin)
  26. Mimi: Beloved, Wished for child (Hebrew)
  27. Mira, Myra: Behold (Latin)
  28. Miranda: Worthy of admiration (Latin)
  29. Molly, Mollie: Drop of the sea, star of sea, beloved (Latin)
  30. Myrtle: Victory, Myrtus plant name (Latin)

What Are Good Girl Names That Start With M?

Whether you're looking for something simple and classic or totally unique, there are many great M girl names.

  1. Maris: Of the sea (Latin)
  2. Marlo: From hill by the lake (English)
  3. Marykay: Mistress or lady of the sea (American)
  4. Maurine: Star of the sea (Gaelic)
  5. Mccallister: Daughter of Alister (Scottish)
  6. Mckinney: Respect, affection (Scottish)
  7. Medina: City of Prophet (Arabic)
  8. Megan: Pearl (Greek)
  9. Mercedes: Mercies (Latin)
  10. Merit: Beloved (Egyptian)
  11. Merrilee: Mirthful (English)
  12. Merry: Cheerful, happy (English)
  13. Mickie: Who is like God (Hebrew)
  14. Mila: Gracious, dear (Russian)
  15. Millicent: Work, strong (French)
  16. Mina: With gilded helmet, blue glass gem (English), (Persian)
  17. Mindi, Mindy: Honey, tender, soft (English)
  18. Moon: Luna, moonglow (Latin), (Hebrew)
  19. Morgan: Sea protector, sea chief (Welsh)
  20. Muriel: Sea, bright (English), (Celtic)
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Unique Girl Names That Start With M

You may want to give your daughter a unique name that starts with M. These names often have a strong, powerful sound when spoken out loud.

  1. Mackenna: Daughter of Cionaodh, born of fire (Irish)
  2. Madison: Daughter of Maud, strength in battle (German)
  3. Makinzie: Comely, good looking (Gaelic)
  4. Mal: Star of sea, messenger of God (Irish) (Hebrew)
  5. Maleah: Of the sea (Hawaiian)
  6. Marshall: Horse servant, love of horses (English), (Scottish)
  7. Maven: One who understands (Hebrew)
  8. Meadow: Field of vegetation or grass (English)
  9. Melody: Song, tune (Greek)
  10. Memphis: Established and beautiful (Greek)
  11. Mercy: Compassion (English)
  12. Meredith: Great lord (Welsh)
  13. Mica, Micah: One who is like God (Hebrew)
  14. Mikki: Quick, nimble (Japanese)
  15. Misty: Dew, covered with mist (English)
  16. Modesta: Modest (Latin)
  17. Montana: Mountain (Spanish)
  18. Morgaine: Sea circle (Welsh)
  19. Mtima: Heart (Malawian)
  20. Mystique: Air of mystery (French)

Meaningful Baby Girl Names That Start With M

With so many meaningful baby girl names that start with M, you may find it difficult to choose just one. It may take browsing through the lists of names a few times to make that final decision.

85 Meaningful Girl Names That Start With M