150+ Middle Eastern Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Published March 9, 2020
Turkish newborn sleeping in his mother's arm

The Middle East typically includes all lands around the Southern and Eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea. This means you can find Middle Eastern names from modern times and history in countries like Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, and Qatar.

Common Middle Eastern Names

Many Middle Eastern names are common throughout countries in this area because they are traditional Arabic baby names or Muslim baby names. Common names can also be translations of Hebrew baby names. Some of these top baby names are still very popular for new parents, while others are becoming less common with each generation.

Common Boy Names From the Middle East

From short names to long names, common male names from the Middle East often have either a hard masculine sound or a softer feminine sound.

Name Meaning Country
Ali Lofty Lebanon
Andreas Masculine Cyprus
Charbel God's good news Lebanon
Christos Anointed Cyprus
Elie My God is help Lebanon
Jad Serious Middle East
Kostas Steadfast Cyprus
Michalis Who is like God? Cyprus
Mohammed Praised Middle East
Omar Flourishing Lebanon
Panagiotis All holy Cyprus
Rami Archer Lebanon
Tarek He who knocks Middle East
Yiorgos Farmer Cyprus
Yosef He will add Middle East
Ziad Growth Lebanon

Common Girl Names From the Middle East

Names that are common for girls in the Middle East are typically common around the world or completely unique to this area.

Name Meaning Country
Androula Victory Cyprus
Anna Grace Cyprus
Celine Heaven Lebanon
Christina A Christian Cyprus
Eleni Unknown Cyprus
Fatima To abstain Middle East
Georgia Farmer Cyprus
Hala Halo around the moon Middle East
Michal Brook Israel
Nour Light Middle East
Panayiota All holy Cyprus

Popular Middle Eastern Names

Lists of the most popular names in Iraq, top baby names in Iran, top names in Israel, top names in Saudi Arabia, and the most popular names in Kuwait, can give you some of the most coveted baby names in the Middle East.

Popular Boy Names in the Middle East

Names for boys that start with "A" are extremely popular in Middle Eastern countries.

Name Meaning Country
Abbas Austere Saudi Arabia
Abolfazl Father of grace Iran
Adnan Pleasant Iraq
Akber Great Iraq
Akil Intelligent Iraq
Amir-Ali Sublime prince Iran
Aria Noble Iran
Ariel Lion of God Israel
Bader Full moon Kuwait
Basam Smiling Saudi Arabia
Dabir Tutor Saudi Arabia
Fahad Jaguar Kuwait
Faris Knight Saudi Arabia
Hossein Handsome Iran
Ibrahim Father of many Saudi Arabia
Ido To continue Israel
Itay With me Israel
Khaled Immortal Kuwait
Laraib Sensible Iraq
Majid Glorious Iraq
Samyar Wealthy Iran
Seif Religious sword Iraq
Shakir Thankful Iraq

Popular Girl Names in the Middle East

Girl names that start with consonants like "H," "R," and "S," are popular in the Middle East.

Name Meaning Country
Abelarda Brave and noble Saudi Arabia
Afra Earth color Middle East
Alea Exalted Iraq
Amira Princess Iraq
Baran Rain Iran
Bibi Lady Saudi Arabia
Gamila Beautiful Saudi Arabia
Habbiba Beloved Iraq
Hana Happiness Iraq
Hayat Life Saudi Arabia
Helma Protection Iran
Hussa Share Kuwait
Indemira Guest of the princess Saudi Arabia
Lulwa Pearl Kuwait
Mersana Gift of God Iran
Miriam Unknown Israel
Noa Motion Israel
Noya Beauty Israel
Raha Comfort Iran
Reem White antelope Kuwait
Reihaneh Flower Iran
Ronny Rulers counselor Israel
Sabira Patient Iraq
Sherifa Honor and virtue Kuwait
Shira Singing Israel
Tamar Date palm Israel
Uzza Strong Iraq
Yael Mountain goat Israel
Yasna White rose Iran
Zahra Brilliant Iran
Zeinab Father's pride Iran

Beautiful Middle Eastern Names

If you're looking for a name that sounds great, no matter the meaning or country of origin, these beautiful Middle Eastern names are great options.

Handsome Middle Eastern Names for Boys

Names for boys that sound really appealing often have great meanings too.

Turkish baby boy
  • Ayham: Brave
  • Essam: Safeguard
  • Daseem: Unknown
  • Ghaith: Rain
  • Lyad: Reinforcement
  • Luqman: Wise one
  • Mishari: Merchant
  • Musfir: Bright
  • Nidal: Struggle
  • Rasheed: Rightly guided
  • Siraj: Light
  • Thunayan: Unknown
  • Wael: Shelter; clan
  • Zakariya: God remembers

Pretty Middle Eastern Names for Girls

Longer girls names that end in vowels tend to have the most beautiful sounds.

Mom with her baby daughter
  • Ajwan: Unknown
  • Almas: Diamond
  • Asti: Peace in Kurdish
  • Bahija: Happy
  • Evîn: Love in Kurdish
  • Houria: Fairy
  • Husna: More beautiful
  • Janan: Heart or soul
  • Khuzaima: The famous companion
  • Malaika: Angels
  • Meisoon: Unknown
  • Mounira: Shining
  • Nesrine: Wile rose
  • Shoshana: Lily or rose; popular in 1950s Israel
  • Viyan: Desire in Kurdish
  • Yasmina: Jasmine

Cool Middle Eastern Names

Hip names from the Middle East are short and strong.

Middle Eastern Boy Names That Sound Cool

Names that feature five letters or fewer seem to have the coolest sounds.

Baby boy in blue blanket
  • Azad: Free
  • Elad: Eternity; popular in 1980s Israel
  • Laith: Lion
  • Matan: Gift; popular in 1990s Israel
  • Moshe: Son; popular in 1950s Israel
  • Or: Light; popular in 1990s Israel
  • Oren: Pine tree; popular in 1970s Israel
  • Roei: Friendly; popular in 1980s Israel
  • Shadi: Singer
  • Shai: Gift; popular in 1970s Israel
  • Taym: Devotion
  • Yaniv: He will prosper; popular in 1970s Israel

Middle Eastern Girl Names That Sound Cool

Short girl names are on trend around the world, but these uncommon options could help you start your own naming trend.

Turkish Infant baby sleeping
  • Adi: Jewel; popular in 1980s Israel
  • Azza: Young gazelle
  • Basma: Smile
  • Dua: Prayer
  • Liat: You are mine; popular in 1970s Israel
  • Moran: Shrub; popular in 1980s Israel
  • Meital: Dew drop; popular in 1980s Israel
  • Ronit: Joy; popular in 1950s Israel
  • Sapir: Sapphire; popular in 1990s Israel
  • Orly: Light for me; popular in 1950s Israel
  • Yara: Little butterfly
  • Zeina: Beauty

Ancient Middle Eastern Names

If you want a truly unique baby names you might want to check out historical names like Medieval Middle Eastern names.

Old Middle Eastern Names for Boys

Older names for boys from the Middle East tend to be on the longer side, but there's also room to find a cute nickname from these options.

Baby boy lying on a blue rug
  • Annitas: Mercy
  • Aretas: Unknown
  • Bayezit: Prevailing ruler
  • Kikkuli: Master horse trainer
  • Lubarnas: Unknown
  • Malichus: My king
  • Murad: Wish
  • Mustafa: The chosen one
  • Mutallu: Unknown
  • Obodas: Unknown
  • Othman: Baby bird
  • Rabbel: Flower name
  • Suleyman: Peace
  • Telepinus: Hittite god of agriculture

Old Middle Eastern Names for Girls

From old goddesses and legends to names of women from Medieval times, these old-fashioned girl names are strong and meaningful.

Baby girl with hair band
  • Arinna: Hittite sun goddess
  • Donatiya: A name from an Ugaritic legend
  • Gamilat: Unknown
  • Gilukhepa: Mitanni princess
  • Haganu: Unknown
  • Hagru: Unknown
  • Huldu: Weasel or mole
  • Hurriya: A name from an Ugaritic legend
  • Pigat: A name from an Ugaritic legend
  • Puduhepa: Hittite queen
  • Shaqilat: Unknown
  • Tadukhepa: The beautiful one has come

Monikers From the Middle East

From African baby names to Turkish baby names, the Middle East is filled with different cultures, religions, and countries. You can look for names based on their meaning, their country of origin, or simply for their sound.

150+ Middle Eastern Baby Names for Boys and Girls