50 Unique Baby Girl Names and What They Mean

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Unique names are becoming more common, with new moms being inspired to help their daughters stand out from the crowd. However, it can be difficult to find truly extraordinary names for your baby girl. At the same time, you don't want something too strange or that has a weird meaning. This list has some beautiful choices that will set your little girl apart from rest of her peers.

Unique Names for Baby Girls

The following names are uniquely lovely for a baby girl.

Name Meaning Pronunciation



Friendship a-cha-va


From Hadria ay-dree-ah


nobility and strength ah-dris
Barcelona City in Spain bar-sa-lo-na
Caprice Whimsical kah-prees


Pure kah-tree-oh-na
Constance Steadfast kahn-stehns
Daron Feminine for Darren dair-on Deron, Daryn


Beloved duh-vay
Demetria Earth mother duh-mee-tree-ah
Enna Light ee-nah Ena, Enah


Native American for great i-ota
Freya Woman fray-uh
Gardner Gardener g(a)-rd-ner


Giving thanks huh-mee-daa
Harela Lord's mountain ha-ray-la
Holland Land on the ridge hah-lind


Moon i-uh-mar
Imogen Maiden im-oh-jen Imogene
Jacintha Hyacinth yah-sin-tah


Latin for January juh-nah-rah
Kailani Sea and sky kai-lah-nee Kaylani
Kala Princess, sun kah-lah


Soft-hearted lay-neel Laynil
Lirah Unknown lear-ruh Lira
Louressa Cheerful loo-ree-suh


Unknown mah-ee-rah
Marielle Unknown mar-ee-ell Maryel, Mariel
Mattea God's gift mah-tay-uh


Greatest mak-seen
Ophelia Help o-phee-lee-yah
Orange Fruit, color oh-rahn-ge


Peace pahz
Porsche Pig porsh, por-shah
Priya Beloved prih-yah


Large black bird ray-ven Raven, Ravin
Saffron Flower saf-ronn
Sojourner Traveller, temporary resident soh-juwrn-er


Genius tay-bon Tayban
Talia Heaven's dew tah-lee-uh Tahlia, Tahlya
Tallulah Leaping water tah-loo-lah Talula, Talullah


Thor's settlement tahr-luh-ton
Tawny Tanned, small, tiny taw-nee Tawnie, Tawnee
Unity Harmony yoo-nit-tee
Venetia City of canals vuh-nee-shah
Wendell Wanderer wen-dell
Wisdom Rare virtue wiz-dum Wyzdom
Wynne Friend win
Zahrah Blossom zah-rah
Zenia Guest stranger zee-nee-ah Xenia

More Names for Babies

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How to Choose an Extraordinary Name for a Baby Girl

Consider the following questions as you narrow down your choices.

  • Will the name grow with your child or is it only appropriate for a baby, or young child?
  • Do you and your spouse agree on the name?
  • Do you like the meaning of the name?
  • Does the first name sound nice with the middle and last names?
  • Is there a person you would like to honor with your baby's name?
  • Can it be shortened to a nickname you don't like?
  • Is the name so unique that it is difficult to pronounce?
  • Is the name something that other kids might make fun of?
  • Are you going with an alphabet theme, such as girl names beginning with L?

The answers to these questions can help you make the big decision of what name to give your baby girl. Keep in mind that the ultimate choice comes down to you, as the parents, and you may have to disregard the thoughts and comments of others who have never heard your unique choice. The final decision should be a name you love and that you'll enjoy giving to your baby.

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Bringing Back the Classics

In this day and age of rare names and unusual spellings, many new parents are finding that sometimes, the best way to provide a unique name is to change a formerly common one. Few babies are now named Helen or Lucille, both of which were common names at the turn of the century. Delving back into history may inspire a new spelling, and oftentimes uniqueness is found in the resurrection of a long-forgotten favorite. Giving the classic spelling of a name a new twist is another easy way to make it unique without being so bizarre that you find yourself explaining it to everyone you meet. Remember, your daughter has to live with the name her whole life.

50 Unique Baby Girl Names and What They Mean