20+ Nicknames for Elizabeth: Traditional to Modern

Published February 9, 2021
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Elizabeth is a popular, traditional, beautiful name to gift your child with. The moniker, which originated in Europe, has been around for centuries, and parents who choose it for their child will have a bonus of endless nicknames to call their kid. Some nicknames for Elizabeth are cute and quite common, others are unique and rarely heard, and all are worth trying on for size.

Common Nicknames for Elizabeth

Not only does the old-fashioned, charming female name, which means "My God is abundance" in Hebrew, come with endless nickname possibilities, but the name is truly fit for a little Queen. Some of the greatest Queens in the world carried this lovely and regal name. Each of them had a different variation of Elizabeth as a nickname, including Bess and Lilibet. Depending on your family threads, location in the world, and sheer preferences, you could end up going with any one of these many nicknames. If you are searching for a nickname for your daughter, and want people to recognize that her given name is indeed Elizabeth, try these more common nicknames on for size. They are all fairly popular and widely used as shortened forms or pet names for Elizabeth.

Nicknames for Elizabeth: Traditional to Modern


This is one of the more well-recognized nicknames that stems from Elizabeth. It was made popular by Queen Elizabeth I of England, who went by the nickname "Good Queen Bess."


This one is similar to Bess and also has English origins, but with a bit of "cuteness" attached at the end. King Henry had a son by his Queen's lady, Bessie Blount.


Like Liz, Beth is simply a section of the longer name, Elizabeth. Some women are named Beth as a birth name, but others were named Elizabeth and go by Beth.


Betsy also stems from England and is popular with ladies who have Elizabeth written on their birth certificates. In the states, it gained popularity in the 1940s and the 1950s.

Bette or Betty

The American nickname has fun and flair and a vintage edge that will help your firecracker stand out.


In the United States, the name Elise now stands on its own, but in France, Elise is a common nickname for Elizabeth.


Ella is a nickname for many popular female names like Elenor, Ellen, Isabella, Gabriella, and Elizabeth. In recent years, it has become incredibly popular in the United States as a name unto itself and as a nickname for related birth names.


Elle is quite popular these days and for good reason. It can stand on its own as a name, or in place of Elizabeth. Shortening up traditional names, (think Katherine to Kate) is common practice in the states, and this name follows that name trend.

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Elsie stems from Elspeth and Elizabeth and has Scottish origins. It grew to popularity in the nineteenth century.


Unlike Bess and Betsy, Izzy is a more modern nickname that has gained traction in the United States.


Libby is of English origin and means "Pledge to God." For years, the name took a backseat to other nicknames, but it is growing in popularity. So much so that it now ranks among the top girl names in England and Wales.


It can be a nickname for Elizabeth or it can stand on its own. It is often associated with Queen Elizabeth II and her famous nickname, "Lilibet."


The name has English roots. Lisa is commonly a stand-in for Elizabeth and Melissa.

Liz or Lizzie

Just about everyone knows a lady named Liz. Liz is plucked from the name Elizabeth, quite literally. Lizzie, a variation on Liz, became trendy in the United States in the 1900s.

Unique Nicknames for Elizabeth

While Elizabeth is a very traditional name to gift your little one, there is no reason that her nickname can't be a bit more out of the box. These nicknames are unique, interesting, and are pretty picks for any girl sporting Elizabeth on her birth certificate.

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Babette is beautiful and feminine and is a French nickname for Elizabeth.


What is there not to love about this lovely, Italian-inspired nickname for Elizabeth? Nothing.


With Billie Eilish currently serving as the biggest thing in entertainment since sliced bread, the name is growing in fame. Many people might not associate Billie with Elizabeth, but it is a great nickname choice if parents are looking for something less feminine in nature.


Birdie is a cute choice of nicknames for any baby. It has been used on television before (Mad Men's Betty Draper sometimes went by the pet name). Aside from Elizabeth, it sometimes stands in place for Bridget, Birtha, and Beatrice. Many decades ago, Birdie was quite common a name in the southern states of the U.S.


It isn't a nickname that your mind directly goes to when associating with Elizabeth, but thanks to the popular UK television series, Skins, Effie is now an acceptable nickname for the aforementioned.


This is another perfectly simple, pretty name to take the place of Elizabeth. Its origins are Dutch.


By now everyone knows the name, much in thanks to the mega Disney movie, Frozen. Elsa was once derived from Elizabeth, first being recognized in Sweden in the fifteenth century. Once a needle in a haystack kind of name, these days it is on the brain of every mom and dad.


Elza is a nickname for Elizabeth in Hebrew, where it translates to the word "joy."


Ibby is also short for another popular name, Isabel. Many don't know that this nickname is also attributed to Elizabeth in Greek.

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If Libby is too common for you, try Liddy on for size. It also works as a nickname for Lydia.


Many might remember this nickname from the famous movie The Sound of Music. Liesl Von Trapp was one of the harmonious kids in the film. It has German roots and is short for the name Elizabeth.


It's simple and fair and comes from the Estonian nation.


Lovely little nickname that originated in France.


Zizi is a pretty cool choice that you won't hear around too frequently. In Romanian and African variations, this nickname has the same meaning as Elizabeth.

Nicknames Are Like Shoes, Try on a Bunch

The wonderful thing about nicknames is that you can go by a handful of them, none of them, or tons. The name Elizabeth has so many options for nicknames, it might take you a while to decide which ones you like best for your daughter. Nicknames are like shoes, you can try on plenty and change the fit if it doesn't suit you. Unlike a birth certificate name, which is more set in stone, a nickname can come and go throughout one's life.

20+ Nicknames for Elizabeth: Traditional to Modern