60+ Girl Names That Start With N to Enchant & Inspire

Published November 24, 2020
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Picking the perfect name can be tricky. If you're on the search for girl names that start with n, there are some incredible options to choose from with a variety of meanings.

Girl Names That Start With N

When it comes to girl names that start with N, there are plenty of choices to select from. Take your time sifting through these names and make sure the meaning works for you.

Enchanting Girl Names

If you're looking for enchanting girl names, here are some options to choose from:

  • Nanelle: meaning grace
  • Nasima: meaning breeze and fresh air
  • Nichelle: meaning one who is like God
  • Nylah: meaning smile, river, blue, and achieving one's desires
  • Nadie: meaning hope
  • Nasim: meaning breeze
  • Nic: means victorious people
  • Nile: referring to the Nile river and also means champion
  • Navi: means to name and kindness
  • Nettle: refers to a person who is from land with Nettle
  • Nastia: means resurrection or of the resurrection
  • Nefertiti: means beautiful woman and refers to a queen of Egypt
  • Noe: means light rain and peaceful
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Mystical Girl Names

Mystical girl name options to choose from:

  • Nicola: meaning victorious people
  • Nadya: meaning hope
  • Neela: meaning horn and dark blue
  • Nova: meaning new
  • Noah: meaning to rest and comfort
  • Nell: meaning light
  • Nev: meaning holy and new village
  • Nya: meaning new and young
  • Nicoletta: meaning victorious people
  • Naia: meaning dolphin, to flow, and water
  • Nathalia: meaning born on Christmas day

Popular Girl Names That Start With N

Some popular girl name choices:

  • Nikki: victorious people
  • Nelly: meaning light
  • Noa: meaning movement
  • Norrma: meaning Norsewoman or from the north
  • Naitee: meaning destiny
  • Nikita: meaning moral and victorious
  • Nadine: meaning blessings and hope
  • Nanette: meaning grace
  • Nilima: meaning dark blue and angel

Unique Girl Names That Start With N

If you're looking for unique girl names, explore the following:

  • Nash: meaning by the ash tree
  • Noe: meaning rain and peaceful
  • Nat: meaning gift from God
  • Nour: meaning light and divine light
  • Nivita: meaning creative
  • Ness: meaning from the headland
  • Nema: meaning thread and blessing
  • Neicy: meaning niece
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Vintage Whimsical Girl Names

Some vintage girl names to take a look at:

  • Nora: meaning inspiring awe and honor
  • Nathalie: meaning Christmas Day and born on Christmas Day
  • Nicole: meaning victorious people
  • Noelle: meaning Christmas
  • Nadia: meaning hope and the beginning
  • Naomi: meaning gentle, beautiful, and pleasant
  • Natasha: meaning Christmas Day
  • Nina: meaning grace and little girl
  • Norma: meaning from the north
  • Nancy: meaning grace

Top Baby Girl Names That Start With N

Some top baby girl names to explore:

  • Nabilah: meaning noble
  • Nada: meaning hope and generosity
  • Nannetta: meaning grace
  • Nann: meaning to dare, grace, and favor
  • Naeva: meaning innocent
  • Nanon: meaning grace
  • Niya: meaning shine, purpose, and beauty
  • Noella: meaning Christmas or born during Christmastime
  • Neva: means snow and refers to a Russian river
  • Naldina: unknown meaning of Italian origin
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Finding the Perfect Name

While it may take some time to find that perfect name that works for you, have fun and enjoy the process of doing so. There are plenty of girl names that start with N to choose from.

60+ Girl Names That Start With N to Enchant & Inspire