65 Classic French Boy Names

Published July 20, 2020
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If you like beautiful, classy baby boy names, French boy names are great options. Classic French male names often walk the line of masculine and feminine, which is perfect for the modern world. From famous leaders and fictional characters to popular names, you can find French baby boy name inspiration everywhere.

Popular Boy Names in France in the Late 2010s

Many boy names popular names in France in modern times have maintained some level of popularity for years or even decades. Check out some common French names you are likely to encounter in France today.

  • Enzo (en-zoh) - unknown
  • Gabin (ga-behn) - unknown
  • Gabriel (ga-bree-yell) - God is my strength
  • Hugo (oo-goh) - heart, mind, spirit
  • Jules (zool) - downy-bearded
  • Maël (ma-ehl) - chieftan, prince
  • Noé (noh-ay) - rest
  • Raphaël (rah-fi-ehl) - God heals
  • Sacha (sah-shah) - defending men
  • Théo (tay-oh) - gift of God
  • Timéo (tee-may-oh) - to honor
Classic french boy names

French Versions of Common English Names

There are several classic male names that take on slightly different forms in different languages. Give your little guy's name an exotic feeling by choosing a boy name that's the French version of a common English name.

  • Alain (ah-lahn), variant of Alan - handsome
  • Alexandre (ah-lex-ahn-dr),variant of Alexander, - defending men
  • Antoine (on-twah-neu), variant of Antwan - unknown
  • Arnaud (are-noh), variant of Arnold - eagle power
  • Benoit (behn-wah), variant of Benedict - blessed
  • Christophe (kree-st-off), variant of Christopher - being Christ
  • Édouard (ay-doo-wahr), variant of Edward - rich guard

  • Étienne (ay-tee-ehn), variant of Stephen - crown, that which surrounds
  • Gaspard (gas-par), variant of Jasper - treasurer
  • Gauthier (goh-tee-ay), variant of Walter - ruler of the army
  • Grégoire (gray-gwar), variant of Gregory - watchful
  • Luc (loo-k), variant of Luke - from Lucania
  • Mathieu (mah-tyoo), variant of Matthew - gift of God
  • Michel (mee-shell), variant of Michael - who is like God?
  • Olivier (oh-lihv-ee-ay), variant of Oliver - olive tree
  • Philippe (fee-leep), variant of Philip - friend of horses

Old French Boy Names From the Early 1900s

Names that were popular in France in the early 1900s are the stereotypical French names you might think of today. Some names, like Jean and Pierre, were popular in 1945 and are still in the top given names in France.

  • Albert (al-bair) - noble and bright
  • André (on-dray) - manly
  • Émile (ay-meel) - rival
  • Eugène (oo-zhen) - well-born
  • François (fron-swah) - Frenchmen
  • Georges (zh-or-zh) - farmer
  • Henri (on-ree) - home ruler
  • Jean (zhahn) - God is gracious
  • Léon (lay-ohn) - lion
  • Louis (lwee) - famous battle
  • Lucien (loo-see-ehn) - light
  • Marcel (mar-sell) - male
  • Pierre (pee-air) - stone
  • René (ruh-nay) - born again

Medieval Boy Names From France

If you look at popular names in Paris in the 1400s, you'll find some unique French names and names like Pierre and Thomas that are still popular in France today.

  • Colin (coh-lohn) - young dog
  • Estienne (ay-tee-ehn) - crown, that which surrounds
  • Gillet (zhee-lay) - young goat
  • Guillhaume (gee-ohm) - desire helmet
  • Jaquet (zhah-kyay) - supplanter
  • Jehan (zhahn) - God is gracious
  • Perrin (pay-ron) - stone
  • Regnault (rayn-yoh) - counsel power
  • Robin (roh-bon) - bright fame
  • Thomas (toh-mah) - twin
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Names of Famous French Men

From famous French leaders to well-known fictional French characters in literature and movies, these recognizable names sound as French as they are.

  • Baptiste (bah-teest) - Baptist, to dip; usually combined with Jean like famous biologist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck
  • Blaise (blayze) - lisping; famous mathematician and inventor Pascal
  • Charlemagne (shar-luh-man-yeh) - Charles the Great; Frankish king
  • Cyrano (sir-ah-noh) - unknown; fictional character de Bergerac
  • Gaston (ga-stohn) - stranger, guest; fictional brute from Beauty and the Beast
  • Gustave (goo-stahv) - unknown; Eiffel Tower Architect Eiffel
  • Jean-Claude (zhahn-klawd) - God is gracious; actor Van Damme
  • Jean-Luc (zhahn-loo-k) - God is gracious; fictional Star Trek character Picard
  • Lestat (lay-stat) - status; fictional French vampire
  • Laurent (lor-ahn) - from Laurentum; Tour de France winner Fignon
  • Ludovic (loo-doh-veek) - famous battle; famous chef Lefebvre
  • Napoleón (nah-poh-lay-ohn) - unknown; French emperor Bonaparte
  • Rémi (ray-mee) -oarsman; fictional mouse from Ratatouille
  • Yves (eev) - yew; fashion designer Saint Laurent

Your Own Little Frenchman

Whether you have French ancestors or you just love French culture, a classic French name can turn your son into your own little Frenchman. If French is not your first language, you can use a pronunciation guide to help you say the names how the French would.

65 Classic French Boy Names