100+ Girl Names That Start With R for Refreshing Ideas

Published November 25, 2020
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Girl names that start with R offer you beautiful name choices for your little girl's name. You may prefer a name that means rose or a name that reveals her emerging personality.

What Are Some Unique Names for a Girl?

If you want a name for your little girl that stands out from the rest, then you should choose a unique name. You can find a name that also has a cool meaning to give to your baby girl.

  1. Rani: Queen (Hindi)
  2. Rania: Delightful, nobility (Egyptian), (Norse)
  3. Ranit, Ranita: My song, my joy (Hebrew)
  4. Raphaella: God has healed (Hebrew)
  5. Raquel: Ewe, variant of Rachel (Spanish)
  6. Rayna: Pure, clean (Czech)
  7. Reeta: Pearl (Finnish)
  8. Regan: King's child (Gaelic)
  9. Reginy: Queen (Latin)
  10. Reina: Queen (Spanish)
  11. Reine: Queen (French)
  12. Rena: Peace (Greek)
  13. Renata: Born again (Latin)
  14. Renate: Rebirth (German)
  15. Renée: Born again (French)
  16. Reta: Shaken, speaker (African) (Greek)
  17. Reyna: Queen (Spanish)
  18. Rheta, Rita: One who speaks well (Greek)
  19. Rhianna: Variant of Rhiannon (Welsh)
  20. Rhiannon: Great queen (Welsh)
  21. Rhodos: Daughter of Poseidon (Latin)
  22. Rikka: Tranquil leader (German Teuton tribe)
  23. Rilla, Rille: Brook (German)
  24. Riva, Reva: Regain strength (Latin)
  25. Rive: From the shore (French)
  26. Rivka: Snare (Hebrew)
  27. Ruby: Red birthstone (English)
  28. Rumina: Protector of sleeping babies (Latin)
  29. Ruth: Loyal (Hebrew)
  30. Ryann: Great queen (Irish)
  31. Rylie: Brave, rye clearing (Irish), (English)
Girl names that start with R for refreshing ideas

Girl Names That Start With R and Mean Rose

There are quite a few girl names that start with Ro that mean rose. You can choose which name you feel best fits your own little rose.

  1. Raisa: Rose (Hebrew)
  2. Roesia: Rose (French)
  3. Rosa: Rose (Italian)
  4. Rosabel: Beautiful rose (Latin)
  5. Rosabella: Beautiful rose (Latin)
  6. Rosalba: White rose (Latin)
  7. Rosalee, Rosalie: Rose (Italian)
  8. Rosalia: Rose (Italian)
  9. Rosalina: Rose (Latin)
  10. Rosalind: Rose (German)
  11. Rosalinda: Beautiful rose (Spanish)
  12. Rosaline, Rosalyn: Little rose (Spanish)
  13. Rosana, Rosanna: Graceful rose (Hebrew)
  14. Rosanne: Graceful rose (Hebrew)
  15. Rosario: Rosary (Spanish)
  16. Rose: Rose, flower (English)
  17. Roselyn: Beautiful rose (English)
  18. Rosetta: Rose (Italian)
  19. Rosie: Rose (Latin)
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Girl Names That Start With Ro

You may be interested in names that start with Ro. These have various cultural meanings that often have a romantic ambience.

  1. Roberta: Famous, sparkling fame (English), (German Teuton tribe)
  2. Robertia, Roberta: Famous (English)
  3. Robin: Bright with fame, bird (English)
  4. Robina: Variant of Robin, bird (Scottish)
  5. Robinetta, Robinette: Small robin (French)
  6. Rolanda: Renowned in the land (German)
  7. Romana: From Rome (Latin)
  8. Romina: Little Rome, from land of Christians (Latin)
  9. Romy: Bitter rose (German)
  10. Rona: My joy, mighty strength (Hebrew), (Norse)
  11. Rory, Rorie: Red (Irish)
  12. Rosemary: Herb, dew of the sea (English)
  13. Rosemond: Famous defender (German Teuton tribe)
  14. Rowan: Little red-haired (Celtic)
  15. Rowena: Fair-haired, famous friend (Celtic), (English)
  16. Roxanne: Dawn (French)

Baby Girl Names Starting With R With Meaning

When lists of names include the meaning for each girl name that starts with R, you can make a better decision about the name. You want to consider how the same sound when you speak it to determine if it will fit your little girl.

  1. Rabea: Spring (Arabic)
  2. Rabiah: Born in the spring (Egyptian)
  3. Rachael, Rachel, Rachelle: Lamb (French)
  4. Radella: Elfin counselor (English)
  5. Rae: Doe (English)
  6. Raegan: Descendant of Riag (Gaelic)
  7. Raelyn, Raelynn: Advisor, protector (Hebrew)
  8. Rafa: Happy, shine, fluttering like a bird (Arabic)
  9. Rafika: Friend, companion (Arabic)
  10. Ragnara: Strong army, feminine form of Ragnor (Norse)
  11. Ragnhild: Goddess warrior (Norse)
  12. Ragni: Lovely goddess (Norse)
  13. Ragnilde: Goddess warrior, wise strength (Norse), (German Teuton tribe)
  14. Rahele: Traveler (Persian)
  15. Raina: Queen, variant of Regina, strong, mighty (English), (German Teuton tribe)
  16. Raine: Strong (German Teuton tribe)
  17. Rainey: Wet weather (English)
  18. Raja: Hope, anticipated one (Arabic)
  19. Ramla: Prophetess (Egyptian)
  20. Ramona: Wise defender (Spanish)
  21. Ramya: The Lord is exalted (Hebrew)
  22. Rana: Nobility (Norse)
  23. Randi: Lovely goddess (Norse)
  24. Ran: Queen, sea goddess (Hindi), (Norse)
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Southern Girl Names That Start With R

You may want to add a flair of Southern romanticism with your baby girl's name. You can enjoy the subtle nuances of Southern girl names when searching for the ideal girl's name that starts with R. You should also review the girl names that mean rose for additional Southern girl names to consider.

  1. Raven: Raven, black bird (English)
  2. Reagan: Little ruler (Irish)
  3. Reaghan: Nobility (Celtic)
  4. Rebecca, Rebekah: (Hebrew)
  5. Reese: Passionate, enthusiastic (English)
  6. Regina: Queen (Latin)
  7. Regine: Queen (Latin)
  8. Renny: Wealthy or charming (Irish)
  9. Rhea: A brook or stream (Greek)
  10. Riley: Valiant (English)
  11. Rina: Peace, song (Greek), (Hebrew)
  12. Rio: River (Spanish)
  13. Ripley: Leawood clearing (English)
  14. Rita: Pearl (Greek)

Girl Names That Start With R for Great Baby Names

You may find girl names that start with R exciting. You can select your little girl's name and try using it a few times to see if it is the name that best suits her. Next up, see examples of girls names that start with S.

100+ Girl Names That Start With R for Refreshing Ideas