68 Powerful Boy Names That Mean Rebirth

Published July 21, 2020
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Whether your son resembles an ancestor or is a rainbow baby, boy names that mean rebirth can celebrate this second coming of a spirit. There aren't many names that strictly mean "rebirth" for boys, but you can find names with similar meanings to choose from.

Names for Boys That Mean Rebirth or Reborn

From short, one syllable names, to longer names, these powerful names are strong options for those who love the meaning "rebirth." You might also consider taking a name that means "birth" and combining it with a name that means "new" to create your own name and meaning.

Name Meaning Origin
Anuj born later Sanskrit
Gein birth Old Irish
Genes born Ancient Greek
Mesu be born Ancient Egyptian
Neander new man Greek
Newman newcomer English
Oded to restore Hebrew
Phoenix rebirth English
Prabodh awakening Sanskrit
Renatus born again Roman
Rene born again English
Shin'Ichi new one Japanese
Tadesse revived Amharic
Tan new start Vietnamese
Walid newborn Arabic
Xwm second son Hmong
Boy names that mean rebirth

Words That Mean Rebirth in Other Languages to Use as Names

If you like unique baby boy names, use a tool like Google Translate to find a cool version of "rebirth" from another language. You can use this word as your son's name or as inspiration for an invented name.

Word Meaning Language
Aileni rebirth Welsh
Atunbi rebirth Yoruba
Ehjo rebirth Tajik
Genfodt reborn Danish
Renacer rebirth Galician
Reneixer reborn Catalan
Rebirt rebirth Yiddish
Renaissance rebirth French
Renastere rebirth Romanian
Rilind reborn Albanian
Saisei rebirth Japanese

Words Related to Rebirth to Use as Names for Boys

The term "rebirth" is often associated with religions and beliefs about reincarnation. Look to teachings from these philosophies for cool words related to being reborn that you can use as a boy's name.

Word Meaning
Buddha founder of Buddhism with belief in reincarnation
Incarnation appearance in human form
Jiva equivalent of "soul" in Jainism
Karma actions that effect next life
Meta change in position or form
Orphic ancient religion with belief in reincarnation
Samsara Hinduism process of death and rebirth
Soul the spiritual part of a person

Boy Names That Mean New Beginning or Creation

Masculine names that mean "new beginning" or something similar capture the spirit of rebirth. These strong baby boy names sound powerful and pack a lot of meaning.

Name Meaning Origin
Arata new, fresh Japanese
Asier the beginning Basque
Brahma creation Hinduism
Fajr beginning Arabic
Fresco fresh start Italian
Inizio beginning Italian
Navdeep new light Sanskrit
Navin new Sanskrit
Neo/Neon new Greek
Novak new Serbian
Urien privileged birth Welsh

Masculine Names That Mean Reincarnation

In some belief systems, reincarnation is a form of rebirth. Longer old-fashioned baby names like these are on trend for parents in search of uncommon boy names.

Name Meaning Origin
Antigonus like ancestor Ancient Greek
Antipater like the father Ancient Greek
Baqi eternal Arabic
Javed eternal Persian
Khalid to last forever Arabic
Kariuki reincarnated one Kikuyu
Navneet new and eternal Sanskrit
Yeong-Su eternal lifespan Korean
Sleeping newborn baby

Names for Boys That Mean Dawn or Daybreak

Dawn is the time when a new day starts, so some people would associate the break of day with a type of rebirth. When you use "dawn" to mean "the beginning of something," it's a great alternative meaning for "rebirth."

Name Meaning Origin
Agim dawn Albanian
Anatolius sunrise Ancient Greek
Koit dawn Estonian
Ochieng born when the sun shines Luo
Svit dawn Slovene
Taner born at dawn Turkish
Uhtric pre-dawn ruler Anglo-Saxon
Zoran dawn Slavic

Boy Names Meaning Saved or Rescued

A resurrection is another form of rebirth found in religion. The terms "saved" or "rescued" can by synonymous with resurrection, so consider names with these meanings too.

Name Meaning Origin
Anastasius resurrection Greek
Harutyun resurrection Armenian
Naaji saved Arabic
Priam redeemed Greek
Servaas redeemed Dutch
Spas saved Bulgarian

Names Are Always Reborn

Throughout history you can find examples of baby boy names used over and over again by different people in different places. If you look at it this way, any name could represent a rebirth. If you love names that mean "rebirth," you might like other meaningful names such as names that mean love.

68 Powerful Boy Names That Mean Rebirth