92 Vibrant Boy Names That Mean Light or Bright

Published July 21, 2020
father kissing baby son on cheek

Many names for new babies have meanings centered around light or brightness. It symbolizes the entrance into the parent's lives of a shining new child and a brilliant future ahead.

Radiant Light Names for Boys

These male light names focus on the concept of light or "shining" and represent many cultures and nationalities.

  • Abner (ab-nehr) - Hebrew, "father of light"
  • Akimitsu (a-kyee-mee-tsoo) - Japanese, "bright light"
  • Anwar (an-war) - Arabic, "light" or "brighter"
  • Argider (ar-gee-dehr) - Spanish/Basque, "beautiful light"
  • Arjun (uhr-juun) - Hindu, "bright" or "shining" or "light"
  • Cahaya (cha-hi-ya) - Malay/Indonesian, "light"
  • Gerel (jehr-el) - Mongolian, "light"
  • Haru (ha-roo) or Haruki (ha-roo-kyee) or Haruko (ha-roo-ko) or Haruto (ha-roo-too) - Japanese, "light"
  • Hikari or Hikaru (khee-ka-ree or khee-ka-rue) - Japanese, "radiant light"
  • Ifa (ee-fah) - Oromo (East African), "light"
  • Ivar (eye-var) - Hebrew, "light"
  • Jaideep (jah-deep) - Hindu, "light"
  • Kiran (ki-run) - Hindu "light beam"
  • Kōki (ko-kyee) - Japanese, "light" or "happiness" or "brightness"
  • Lasha (lah-shah)- Georgian, "light"
  • Lesedi - Tswana (Southern African), "light"
  • Lito (lee-toe) - Latin, "light"
  • Luciano (loo-see-an-o) - Spanish, "light"
  • Lucien (loo-see-an) - French, "light"
  • Lucius (loo-shəs) - Roman/Latin, "light"
  • Maor (m-ah-or) - Hebrew, "a light"
  • Meallán (mehl-awn) - Gaelic, "lightning"
  • Menyhért (mien-hart) - Hungarian, "royal light"
  • Mitsuko (mee-tsoo-ko) - Japanese, "light child"
  • Myeong (myung) - Korean, "light" or "bright"
  • Neirin (nye-rin) - Celtic, "surrounded by light"
  • Nimai (knee-my) - Hindu, "light"
  • Nuri (noo-ree) - Arabic/Hebrew, "light" or "fire"
  • Oran or Odhran (o-ran) - Gaelic/Aramaic "light" or "pale"
  • Roshan (row-shun) - Persian, "light" or "splendid"
  • Shaviv (sha-veev) - Hebrew "ray of light" or "spark"
  • Sheridan (share-ah-din) - Gaelic, "bright light"
  • Tej (t-eh-j) - Hindu, "light" or "lustrous"
  • Yang - Chinese, "light" or "ocean"
  • Yōsuke (yo-soo-keh) - Japanese, "light" or "ocean" or "herald"
  • Yōta (yo-ta) - Japanese, "big light"
  • Ziya (dee-ya) - Arabic, "light" or "splendor" or "grow"
  • Zohar (zo-hahr) - Hebrew, "light" or "brilliance"
Boy names that mean light or bright

Boy Names That Mean Light in the Darkness

A special form of light is the idea of it bringing one out of the darkness. This could be light from the moon, a lighthouse beacon or a lamp. One might give their new baby boy a light name from this list if they birthed the child during troubled times.

  • Amandeep (ah-man-deep) - Punjabi, "lamp light" or "light of peace"
  • Beacon - English, "a light signal"
  • Chand - Hindu, "light" or "moon light"
  • Chirag (chi-rahg) - Arabic/Persian, "light" or "lamp"
  • Deepak (dee-puhk) - Sanskrit, "light" or "lamp"
  • Epifanio (eh-pee-fa-nyo) - Spanish, "brings light"
  • Faro (fah-ro) - Italian, "lighthouse"
  • Jomei (zho-may) - Japanese, "one spreading light"
  • Manar (ma-nar) - Arabic, "beacon of light"
  • Meir or Meyer (my-eer) - Hebrew, "bringer of light" or "giving light"
  • Navdeep (nuhv-deep) - Hindu, "lamp light" or "new"
  • Ner (nehr) - Hebrew, "candle" or "light"
  • Ori (or-ree) - Hebrew, "my light"
  • Prabhakara (prahb-hah-kah-rah) - Hindu, "light maker"
  • Pradeep (pra-deep) - Hindu, "light" or "lantern"
  • Sheraga (she-rah-gah) - Hebrew, "candle" or "light"
  • Sirag or Siraj (sir-rahj) - Arabic, "light" or "lamp" or "guiding light"
  • Udup (you-dup) - Hindu, "moonlight"
  • Usra (us-rah) - Hindu, "first light"

Brilliant Boy Names Meaning Bright

These cross-cultural names for boys evoke the concept of brightness, whether it's related to the mind or to light itself.

  • Albert - German, "bright"
  • Albus - Latin, "bright" or "white"
  • Berthold (behrt-hawlt) - German, "bright strength"
  • Callahan - Irish, "bright headed"
  • Clarence - Latin, "bright"
  • Finn or Fynn - German/Irish, "bright" or "fair"
  • Heller - German, "bright" or "brilliant"
  • Ming - Chinese, "shining bright"
  • Mitsuaki (mee-tsoo-a-kyee) - Japanese, "bright" or "luminous"
  • Nahir (nah-heer) - Hebrew, "clear and bright"
  • Senna (seh-ah) - Arabic, "brightness"
  • Thanh (tang) - Vietnamese, "bright blue" or "brilliant"
  • Xavier (ex-zay-vee-er) - Arabic/Basque, "bright" or "new house"
  • Yu (yuu) - Chinese, "shining brightly"
Sunlight cast on a baby

Light Names for Boys With Religious Meanings

Many names associated with light have religious connotations, particularly around the idea of the light of god, angels or divine beings.

  • Aalok or Alok (ah-lock) - Hindu, "light of divinity"
  • Elior (ee-lay-or) - Hebrew, "god is my light"
  • Engelbert - German, "bright angel"
  • Jarius (zhar-ee-us) - Hebrew, "god enlightens"
  • Lucifer (loo-si-fur) - Latin, "light bearer" and the name of the archangel cast out of Heaven
  • Neriah (ni-rie-eh) - Hebrew, "light of god"
  • Nur (noor) - Arabic, "light" which is one of the 99 names of Allah
  • Nurullah (noo-rool-lah) - Arabic/Turkish, "light of Allah"
  • Orel (ore-el) - Hebrew, "light of god"
  • Uriah (yuw-rie-eh) or Uriel (yuwr-ee-el) - Hebrew, "god is my light"
  • Valo (vah-low) - Finnish, "God's light"
  • Zain (zien) - Hindu, "godly light"

Males Light Names Based on Mythology

Another excellent source of less common light or bright names for boys is mythology. Many cultures have male deities related to light or the sun.

  • Apollo (ah-pahl-o) - The Greek god of light and the sun, as well as poetry, music, art, wisdom and law.
  • Bhaskar (bhah-skuhr) - Hindu, "provider of light;" Bhaskara was one of the names for the Hindu god Shiva.
  • Cassander (cas-zan-dehr) - The masculine form of Cassandra, a prophetess in Greek mythology. It means "light of man."
  • Dag (dahg) - The Norse god of daylight.
  • Dagur (dahg-ur) - In Icelandic mythology, a deity who is the embodiment of the day.
  • Lugus (leug-as) - A Celtic god of commerce and craftsmanship whose name means "light."
  • Raiden (ray-den) - The Japanese god of thunder and lightning.
  • Reyansh (ray-an-sh) - Hindu "ray of light" or "part of a stream; one of the names of Lord Vishnu.

Choosing a Light or Bright Name for Your Boy

When choosing a name for your male child, names based on light or brightness can work particularly well if you want to symbolize a light-filled, hopeful future. These names also work well for religious individuals who consider the new baby a beacon of light from god or guided by the hand of the divine.

92 Vibrant Boy Names That Mean Light or Bright