Beautiful Exotic Girl Names and Meanings

Updated May 25, 2020
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Choosing an exotic name for your beautiful baby girl means picking a name that is "foreign or unusual in an interesting way." Exotic girl names will vary by location, but you can look to remote locations and even fantasy worlds for inspiration.

Beautiful Girl Names From Island Cultures

Popular and unique girl names from Island cultures like pretty Tahitian names, beautiful Hawaiian baby names, and even French baby names from French-speaking islands all sound exotic.

  • Anong (Thai) - beautiful woman
  • Aroha (Maori) - love
  • Cherisse (Trinidad & Tobago) - unknown
  • Hauata (Tahiti) - peaceful cloud
  • Heiani (Tahiti) - crown of the sky
  • Kanda (Thai) - beloved
  • Keela (Trinidad & Tobago) - unknown
  • Mahana (Tahiti) - sun
  • Mali (Thai) - flower
  • Mareva (Tahiti) - dreams of heaven
  • Moana (Maori) - ocean
  • Nalini (Trinidad & Tobago) - lotus flower
  • Nayla (Malaysia) - achiever
  • Nor (Malaysia) - light
  • Puteri (Malaysia) - princess/daughter
  • Raina (Tahiti) - calm sky
  • Sade (Trinidad & Tobago) - rule with nobility
  • Shivana (Trinidad & Tobago) - life and death
  • Vairani (Tahiti) - heavenly water
  • Waimarie (Maori) - good luck
  • Zara (Malaysia) - the flower
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Names of Exotic Places That Make Great Girl Names

Some of the most exotic places around the world provide great inspiration for exotic girl names. You can use the names of countries, cities, or landmarks as first names. Check out exotic animals and plants from the region to find things like unique flower names for girls.

  • Arashiyama - bamboo forest in Japan
  • Bequia - Caribbean island
  • Boka - shortened version of Bay of Kotor in Montenegro
  • Caye - general word for a small island
  • Cocora - valley in Columbia with the world's largest palm trees
  • Cristales - from Cano Cristales, the Liquid Rainbow, in Columbia
  • Isla - another word for "island"
  • Kiribati - group of small islands in the Pacific Ocean
  • Lalibela - spiritual Ethiopian village
  • Lucia - Caribbean island St. Lucia
  • Mali - West African village
  • Malta - Southern European island
  • Martinique - French island
  • Namje - Nepalese village that can only be reached by foot
  • Niue - South Pacific island
  • Persepolis - ancient city in Iran
  • Petra - lost city discovered in Jordan
  • Praslin - island in the Seychelles
  • Retba - name of pink lake in Senegal
  • Roraima - mountain in Venezuela
  • Seychelle - name of an archipelago
  • Socotra - place in Yemen that is home to hundreds of rare plant species
  • Tahiti - South Pacific island
  • Utila - home to barrier reef in Honduras
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Fictional Place Names To Use As Exotic Girl Names

Fictional countries, towns, and kingdom names can also be used as exotic girl names. If you like these types of magical girl names, you might also want to explore mythology names that can sound exotic.

  • Arendelle - kingdom from Frozen franchise
  • Casterly - home of the Lannisters in Game of Thrones
  • Edonia - country from Resident Evil 6
  • Ember - fictional underground city in Jeanne DuPrau novels
  • Florin - town from The Princess Bride
  • Genovia - country from The Princess Diaries
  • Lilliput - town in Gulliver's Travels
  • Meereen - ancient city from Game of Thrones
  • Narnia - Aslan's country in the book series Chronicles of Narnia
  • Pandora - the world in Avatar
  • Pemberly - estate from Pride and Prejudice
  • Rivendell - elven city from The Lord of the Rings
  • Valyria - ancient city from Game of Thrones
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Cute Short Girl Names That Sound Exotic

If you like classic baby names for girls, but want something that sounds a little exotic, try these name options.

  • Alani - orange tree/fruit
  • Ayla - moonlight
  • Bria - unknown
  • Cali/Kali - Hindu goddess; the black one
  • Evie - to breathe
  • Kiki - unknown
  • Leia - unknown
  • Lola - sorrows
  • Mai - plum/apricot
  • Nola - unknown
  • Pip - friend of horses
  • Sarai - my princess
  • Yara - lady of the water

Beautiful Girl Names That Mean Foreign or Stranger

Since being exotic is all about being foreign and unusual, look for names with these meanings in different languages. You can also explore names that mean "beautiful" in exotic languages.

  • Alia (Germanic) - other
  • Alodia (Ancient Germanic) - foreign wealth
  • Diệu (Vietnamese) - mysterious
  • Laowai (Chinese) - old outsider/foreigner
  • Shazia (Urdu) - unusual
  • Straniera (Italian) - foreigner
  • Xenos (Ancient Greek) - foreigner

A Name for Your Exotic Beauty

Parents who want unique baby girl names can look to faraway lands for name ideas. You can learn how to pronounce baby names in the language or culture you choose, or use your own pronunciation. Names from cool exotic plants, like nature baby names, or names from exotic cultures such as Aztec baby names can be unique in your area. While your goal may to have an exotic name for your beautiful daughter, keep in mind how the name might be perceived by others.

Beautiful Exotic Girl Names and Meanings