Beautiful Greek Girl Names - Ancient & Modern

Updated July 13, 2020
Greek Baby Names

Greece is known for many diverse things, from ancient culture and philosophy to beautiful Mediterranean ocean vistas and a rich cuisine. Choosing a Greek female name for your little girl can be very rewarding whether it's a more modern name or one based on ancient Greek mythology.

Modern Greek Girl Names

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In Greek tradition, babies are usually named after their grandparents. Parents who want to be more modern can choose a popular Greek girl name that's separate from their family's history.

  • Agape (uh-gah-pay) - "Love"
  • Aileen or Eileen or Ilene (ay-LEEN) - "Torch of light"
  • Aleeta (ah-LEE-tə) - "Truthful"
  • Alexandra (al-əg-ZAN-drə) - "Protector of humanity"
  • Alexis (ə-LEK-sis) - diminutive of Alexandra
  • Alyx (AL-iks) - diminutive of Alexandra
  • Amethyst (AM-ə-thist) - "protected from intoxication;" also a purple gem
  • Aris (ar-is) - "Ruin"
  • Agnes (AG-nis) - "Chaste"
  • Alcmene (alk-mee-nee) - "Strength of the moon"
  • Astra (AS-trə) - "Like a star"
  • Avra (AH-vrah) - "Breeze"
  • Bryony (BRIE-ə-nee) - "Flowering plant"
  • Calanthe (kə-LAN-thee) - "Pretty flower"
  • Charisma (kə-RIZ-mə) - "Given grace"
  • Chrystal or Crystal (KRIS-təl) - "Looking like ice"
  • Coral (KAWR-əl) - "Coral" as in a coral reef
  • Demi (DUH-mee) - "Earth mother"
  • Diamond (DIE-mənd) - "Unbreakable;" also a precious gem
  • Eleni (e-LEN-ee) - "Torch"
  • Ellie (EL-ee) - "Sympathy" or "Compassion;" a diminutive of Eleanor
  • Emerald (EM-ə-rəld) - The name of the green gemstone
  • Evangeline (ə-VAN-jə-leen) - "Good news"
  • Georgia (JAWR-jə) - "Farmer"
  • Hermione (hər-MIE-ə-nee) - "Good messenger"
  • Jorie (JAWR-ee) - "Pearl"
  • Katrina (kə-TREE-nə) - "chaste" or "pure;" diminutive of Katherine
  • Kaylee (KAY-lee) - "chaste" or "pure;" diminutive of Katherine
  • Leona (lee-O-nə) - "Lion woman"
  • Lexi (LEKS-ee) - diminutive of Alexandra
  • Loida (LOY-dah) - "The best"
  • Maisie (MAY-zee) - "Pearl"
  • Maria (ma-REE-ah) - "Beloved"
  • Melissa (mə-LIS-ə) - "Honey bee"
  • Nicolassa (nee-ko-LAH-sah) - femine of Nicholas, meaning "the people's victory"
  • Nyssa (NIS-ə) - "Inception" or "goat"
  • Petra (PET-rə) - "Rocky"
  • Philippa (FIL-i-pə) - "Lover of horses"
  • Philomena or Filomena (fil-uh-mee-luh) - "Strong love"
  • Raisa (RIE-sah) - "Easy going"
  • Tiara (tee-AHR-ə) - A type of crown
  • Topaz (TO-paz) - The name of the gemstone
  • Vitaliya (vee-TAH-lyah) - "full of life, vitality"
  • Xandra (KSAHN-drah) - diminutive of Alexandra
  • Zoe or Zoey (ZO-ee) - "Life"

Ancient Greek Names

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When most people think of ancient Greek names, they picture the pantheon of Greek gods and goddesses. If you want to find a unique name, try one of these lesser-known Greek baby girl names associated with figures from the culture's mythology.

  • Acantha (ə-KAN-thə) - A nymph that was loved by the god Apollo, means "thorn."
  • Achelois (A-khe-LO-ees) - A minor goddess of the moon, means "she who washes away pain."
  • Aella (AA-eh-ll-aa) - An Amazon warrior, means "whirlwind."
  • Andromeda (an-DRAW-mə-də) - A princess saved by the mythological hero Perseus, means "to be aware of man."
  • Arachne (ə-RAK-nee) - A weaver who was turned into a spider by the goddess Athena.
  • Calliope (kə-LY-ə-pee) - One of the nine Muses, in charge of epic poetry and eloquence. Also known as the "Chief of all Muses."
  • Calypso (kah-lip-so) - A nymph who kept Odysseus as a prisoner in Homer's The Odyssey.
  • Cassandra (kə-SAN-drə) - An oracle who was cursed so that no one would believe her visions. The name means "shine upon mankind."
  • Daphne (DAF-nee) - A nymph who was turned into a laurel tree, means "laurel tree."
  • Doris (door-is) - A member of the Oceanids, or sea nymphs, means "bounty of the sea."
  • Echo (E-ko) - A musical nymph who loved her own singing voice, means "woman of sound" or in modern English, a sound reflection.
  • Electra (ə-LEKT-rə) - Daughter of King Agamemnon who helped to avenge her father's murder with her brother. The name means "bright one."
  • Ersa (air-sah) - Goddess of the morning dew.
  • Gaia (GIE-ə) - The name for Mother Earth and the mother of all the gods.
  • Harmony (HAHR-mə-nee) or Harmonia (HAHR-mow-nee-ah) - Harmonia was the goddess of peace and agreement.
  • Hecate (HEHK-ə-tee) - Goddess of witchcraft and the night, the name means "far off."
  • Hera (Hair-rah) - The wife of Zeus and goddess of women and marriage. The name means "heroine."
  • Iphigeneia (ee-f-ee-y-EN-ee-aa) - The daughter of King Agamemnon who was saved from being sacrificed to the goddess Artemis. The name means "born to be strong."
  • Iris (IE-ris) - The goddess of rainbows and the name of a flower.
  • Khione (kee-OWN-ee) - A nymph who was turned into a snow cloud, means "snow."
  • Kleio or Clio (clay-oh) - One of the Muses in charge of history, means "to make famous."
  • Larissa (lə-RIS-ə) - A nymph whose name means "women from citadel."
  • Lysandra (ly-SAN-drah) - Queen of Macedonia in ancient Greece, means "a release."
  • Medea (mə-DEE-ə) - Wife of Jason of the Argonauts, the name means "cunning lady."
  • Merope (meh-ROH-pee) - One of the Pleiades or "star nymphs."
  • Naida (NAYD-ə) - Taken from Naiad, the Greek word for water nymph.
  • Nefeli (neh-FEL-ee) or Nephele (neh-FEL) - A cloud nymph in mythology who was also the mother of centaurs and goddess of hospitality. The name means "cloud."
  • Nemesis (NEM-ə-sis) - The goddess of revenge, means "to give what should be given."
  • Nike (NIE-kee) - The goddess of victory.
  • Nyx (NEEKS) - The goddess of the night.
  • Pandora (pan-DAWR-ə) - The first woman on Earth who inadvertently released evil onto the world by opening "Pandora's Box." The name means "all gifted."
  • Penelope (pə-NEL-ə-pee) - The wife of Odysseus from Homer's Odyssey, means "weaver."
  • Phaedra (PHAH-a-drə) - A character in the mythology who fell in love with her step-son Hippolytus and committed suicide. The name means "bright."
  • Phoenix (FEE-niks) - The legendary fire bird, the name means "dark crimson."
  • Rhea (REE-ah) - Goddess of nature and a titaness, also the mother of Zeus.
  • Selene (SE-le-ne) - Goddess of the moon, means "of the moon."
  • Taygete (t-ai-IH-j-eh-t-ee) - One of the Pleiades or "star nymphs."
  • Thalia (THAL-eeah) - One of the nine muses, she was in charge of comedy and idyllic poetry, meaning "to blossom" or "joyous."
  • Urania or Ourania (you-rain-ee-ah) - One of the Muses in charge of astrology and astronomy, means "heavenly."
  • Xanthe (ZAN-thee) - A Oceanid which is one of 3,000 water nymphs, means "fair haired."

Finding the Best Greek Name for a Baby Girl

Greek culture and language has had a strong influence on English words and names today and you'll find that many "common" names in English have a Greek background. Whether you want to find something that's used in modern day Greece as a name, or find something eclectic and unusual with the name of an ancient goddess of nymph, you have a rich history of names to choose from for your new baby girl.

Beautiful Greek Girl Names - Ancient & Modern