115+ Tough Boy Names for a Strong, Confident Start

Updated December 18, 2020
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If you're searching for tough boy names, know that there are tons of options available for your little one. Strong names for boys are the perfect choice for parents or caregivers who want to honor their little one's strength and courage.

Tough Boy Names

Finding a name that you love for your little boy can take some time, so be sure to be patient with yourself during this process. If you're able to, take your time sifting through name choices and be sure you also love your favorite name's meaning.

Strong Names for Boys

Strong boy name options include:

  • Patton: The fighter's town
  • Andrew: Manly, courageous, and warrior
  • Brian: Noble
  • Gabriel: God is my strength
  • Rainer: The wise army
  • Roger: Famous and honorable spear
  • Troy: Soldier
  • Everett: Brave and strong boar
  • Oscar: Warrior and the spear of God
  • Ethan: One who is strong
  • Aryaki: One who has honor
  • Pasito: One who is humble
  • Valentino: Strong
  • Kenzo: Wise and strong
  • Axel: Father of peace
  • Ken: Strong and fit
  • Jerry: God's chosen one
  • Zeke: God's strength
Tough Boy Names for Strong, Confident Start

Tough Guy Names

If you're looking for names that evoke toughness, some options include:

  • Marcus: Referring to the Roman god of war
  • Abelardo: Strong
  • Adelmo: Strong and persistent
  • Ademar: Prosperity
  • Emerson: Brave
  • Asliraf: Honorable
  • Arnold: Eagle and power
  • Armstrong: One with strong arms
  • Peyton: The fighting man's home
  • Raymond: Protector
  • Wyatt: Hardy and strong
  • Zale: The strength of the ocean
  • Ekon: Strong
  • Kwan: Strong
  • Garrett: One who rules with their spear
  • Harvey: Blazing
  • Denzel: The hilltop fortress
  • Howard: The army guard
  • Oswald: Ruler

What Boy Name Means Strong Willed?

Names that mean strong willed or stubborn include:

  • Liam: Protector and boss
  • Connor: Strong willed and one who loves wolves
  • William: The strong-willed warrior
  • Sujeed: One who is victorious
  • Tiergan: Strong willed
  • Bernard: Brave and strong as a bear
  • Conley: Strong willed
  • Pacome: One who has a strong nature
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What Are Some Cool Warrior Names?

Names that mean warrior, or are odes to famous warriors include:

  • Alexander:Defender
  • Armani: Warrior
  • Callan: Battle
  • Ansel: God's helmet
  • Armando: Soldier
  • Lewis: Famous in battle
  • Akin: The strong warrior
  • Cedric: The warrior of peace
  • Sigmund: Protection
  • Ewan: One who was born in the mountains and young warrior
  • Casey: Vigilant and brave
  • Nakoa: Warrior
  • Gunther: Army
  • Kane: Little warrior
  • Kelly: War
  • Warrick: One who defends
  • Ryker: Brave and powerful
  • Herbert: Warrior
  • Owen: Noble and young warrior

Uncommon Strong Boy Names

Unique strong boy name choices include:

  • Reinhold: Ruler
  • Emidio: A demigod
  • Elemer: One who inspires awe
  • Ekrama: Only God
  • Ekodar: Brother
  • Neron: Stern and strong
  • Murphy: The sea warrior
  • Ned: One who guards riches
  • Magnar: Strength
  • Max: The greatest
  • Angus: Strength
  • Anders: Strong
  • Fort: Strong
  • Maynard: Strength
  • Oz: Powerful
  • Osiris: Powerful
  • Uziah: God is my strength
  • Barrett: The strength of a bear
  • Evander: Strong warrior
  • Kiah: Strength from God
  • Quillon: Strong
  • Kalmin: Manly

Boy Names That Mean Strong Fighter

There are some great options when it comes to finding boy names that mean fighter. Some choices include:

  • Dustin: Stone and fighter
  • Donovan: Strong fighter
  • Harold: Army and powerful
  • Milo: Soldier
  • Oscar: God's spear
  • Walter: Power and army
  • Warner: Military guard
  • Aaron: The mountain of strength
  • Cayden: Fighter
  • Guy: Leader
  • Morgan: The defender and protector of the sea
  • Kano: Manly power
  • Remo: Strong
  • Boris: Wolf and fighter
  • Ric: Powerful leader
  • Amir: Chief and ruler
  • Amos: Brave and strong
  • Berk: Strong and firm
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Boy Names That Mean Strength and Honor

Names that mean honor and strength:

  • Ethan: Strong and firm
  • Osmond: Protector
  • Ebba: Strong
  • Griffin: Fierce
  • Addaley: Honor
  • Adelis: Noble
  • Adelio: The father of a prince
  • Agha: Leader
  • Ariez: The honorable man
  • Darrold: The army ruler
  • Elemer: Noble
  • Erhardt: Honor and brave

Selecting a Boy Name

While it may take some time to find a name you truly love, once you find a name that fits perfectly, all of your hard work will be worth it.

115+ Tough Boy Names for a Strong, Confident Start