Mexican Girl Names From Common to Unique

Published March 3, 2020
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Choosing amazing baby girl names with Mexican ties is easy when you look at names of Mexican women throughout history. From beautiful Hispanic baby names to the feminine forms of Mexican boy names, anyone can find great Mexican girl names from common to unique.

Popular Mexican Girl Names

Some of the most popular names in Mexico in 2017 and the most popular Spanish names in the U.S. in 2018 for girls are the same, making these the most popular Mexican girl names.

Name Meaning
Ana Grace
Camila Unknown
Daniela God is my judge
Fernanda Brave journey
Guadalupe Title for Virgin Mary
Isabella My God is an oath
Juana God is gracious
María Beloved
Mariana Female
Rosa Famous type
Sofia Wisdom
Valentina Strong
Valeria To be strong
Ximena He has heard

Cute Mexican Girl Names

While many Mexican names for girls are long, there are plenty of cute names and nicknames from Mexico that you can use for your little darling.

Cute baby girl
Name Meaning
Abril April
Adoncia Sweet
Alma Geist spirit
Amora Love
Bebé Baby
Cariño Sweetheart
Casta Pure
Charo Beautiful
Chica Little girl
Cielo My sky
Dita Joyous
Dulce Sweet
Esme Emerald
Galena Small intelligent one
Ines Pure
Linda Beautiful girl
Ora Gold

Pretty and Beautiful Mexican Girl Names

Longer Mexican girl names often have a beautiful sound no matter how you pronounce them. You can also look for names that mean something beautiful.

Name Meaning
Aldona Wise
Amalure Homeland
Amaranta Flower
Amarissa Child of the moon
Araceli Alter of heaven
Artemesia Perfection
Aurelia Golden
Calandria Fun
Carmelita Garden
Corazon Heart
Esperanza Hope
Florencia Flowering
Ignacia Fire
Zamora From Zamora

Traditional and Old Fashioned Mexican Girl Names

Old fashioned and traditional Mexican girl names were often inspired by religion or common men's names. While these names might not be popular now, you could give any of them a comeback.

newborn baby sleeping on bed
Name Meaning
Adelita Noble
Altagracia High grace
Antonia Priceless
Bernarda Strong as a bear
Bonita Pretty one
Concepción Conception
Consuelo Consolation
Dolores Sorrows
Dominga Sunday
Enriqueta Ruler
Ernestina Serious
Faustina Lucky
Gloria Glory
Hortencia Garden
Imelda Powerful fighter
Josefa He will add
Petra Stone
Soledad Solitude
Yesenia Gypsy
Yolanda Violet

Famous Mexican Girl Names

Famous Mexican actresses, singers, and professionals are great inspiration for little girl names because they come with big personalities and expectations.

Name Meaning
Blanca Actress Guerra; White
Celia Printmaker Calderón; Heaven
Frida Artist Kahlo; Peace
Leona Journalist Vicario; Lion
Lola Photographer Álvarez Bravo; Sorrows
Paola Raquetballer Longoria; Humble
Salma Actress Hayek; Safe
Selena Singer Quintanilla; Moon
Tessy Scientist López Goerne; Summer
Thalia Pop star; To blossom

Strong Mexican Girl Names

If you want a powerful Mexican name for your little girl, take a look at Mayan goddesses or Aztec goddesses. Modern Mexican women are also starting to make waves in politics, so those female leaders could give you great naming inspiration too.

Adorable baby girl
Name Source
Akhushtal Mayan goddess of childbirth
Akna Mayan goddess attribution
Atlatonan Aztec earth and water goddess
Chantico Aztec goddess of hearth fire
Chen Mayan goddess of maize and magic
Ixchel Mayan rainbow goddess
Josefina Pres. candidate Vazquez Mota
Margarita First lady Zavala
Marichuy Pres. candidate de Jesús Patricio
Metzli Aztec moon goddess
Rosario Poet and activist Castellanos
Toci Aztec earth goddess

Rare Mexican Girl Names

If you prefer exotic baby names and unique baby names, look for rare Spanish names.

Name Meaning
América Ruler
Betania House of figs
Desideria Desire
Emigdia Unknown
Ercilia Unknown
Joaquina God establishes
Maritza Beloved
Mayra Myrrh
Nilda Battle armor
Ovidia Sheep
Refugio Shelter
Sancha Holy
Xóchilt Flower
Yadira Unknown

Naming Your Mexican Princess

Whether you're hoping to tap into your Mexican family culture or you just love the sound and meaning of Mexican names, you can find a meaningful name for your little princess. You don't have to be Mexican to appreciate beautiful names, but you should take care to respect the culture when choosing any baby name.

Mexican Girl Names From Common to Unique