Beautiful Hispanic Baby Name Ideas

Updated July 24, 2019
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Whether you are selecting a Hispanic name to honor your cultural tradition or simply love the Spanish language, there are many beautiful and strong names for girls and boys. Hispanic names can often be pronounced differently in Spain and Latin American countries, so keep that in mind when choose a name.

Gender Neutral Hispanic Baby Names

Hispanic culture is not known for its gender neutral names, but there are a few options that work for both boys and girls.

  • Ale (ah-lay): to defend
  • Amets (ah-mayT): dream
  • Amor (ah-mohr): love
  • Cruz (krooz): cross
  • Loreto (loh-reh-toh): laurel grove
  • Reyes (ray-ez): kings
  • Trinidad (Tree-nee-dahd): holy trinity
  • Zorion (Z-or-ee-un): happiness

Hispanic Baby Boy Names

Names with Hispanic origins and usage for boys tend to end in vowels like "a" or "o" and have an exotic sound. These name options work great as both first names and middle names for boys.

Most Popular Baby Boy Names in Spain

Popular names in Spain were inspired by Biblical names for a long time, but today trendy names are more international. The top baby boy names in Spain as of 2017 include many that are pronounced the same in Spanish as they are in English.

  • Adrian (ah-dree-ahn): sea
  • Alejandro (ah-lay-hon-dro): defender of man
  • Alvaro (ahl-vah-roh): elf army
  • Antonio: priceless
  • Francisco (frahn-sees-coh): free man
  • Hugo (oo-goh): mind
  • Javier (hah-vee-air): new house
  • José (kho-SEH): Jehovah increases
  • Juan (KHWAN): Yahweh is gracious
  • Julien (hoo-lee-en): downy bearded
  • Lucas: from Lucania
  • Manuel (ma-NWEHL): God is with us
  • Marc: male
  • Markel: male
  • Martin (mahr-teen): male
  • Mateo (mah-tay-oh): gift of Yahweh
  • Pablo: humble

Top Baby Boy Names in South America

Baby boy names that are popular and common in Spanish-speaking South American countries such as Columbia, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, and Paraguay are also considered Hispanic. These names are reminiscent of traditional Spanish names, but have a cool and modern sound.

  • Alonso: noble
  • Andres (on-drayss): manly
  • Bautista (bow-TEE-sta): baptist
  • Benicio (bay-nee-see-oh): blessed
  • Bruno: Armor
  • Camilo (cah-mee-loh): unknown
  • Carlos: man
  • Diego (dee-ay-goh): teaching
  • Facundo (fa-KOON-do): eloquent
  • Felipe (feh-LEE-peh): friend of horses
  • Gaspar: treasurer
  • Jeronimo (kheh-RO-nee-mo): sacred name
  • Joaquin (kho-a-KEEN): Yahweh establishes
  • Lorenzo ( lo-REHN-tho): from Laurentum
  • Maximiliano (mak-see-mee-LYA-no): greatest
  • Salvador (sal-ba-DHOR): savior
  • Santino (sahn-tee-noh): saint
  • Thiago (tee-ah-goh): supplanter
  • Vincente (veen-chen-teh): to conquer
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Top Baby Boy Names in Central America and the Caribbean

Spanish-speaking countries in Central America and the Caribbean have their own preferences for Hispanic names. These boy names are popular and common in countries like Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Dominican Republic, and in Mexico.

  • Aleja (ah-LE-khah): to defend
  • Angel (ahn-hel): messenger
  • Emiliano (eh-mee-LYA-no): rival
  • Fabian (fah-bee-ehn): bean
  • Gael (g-eye-el): my father is joy
  • Hector (ehk-tor): to hold
  • Jesus (hay-zoos): Yahweh is salvation
  • Jorge (KHOR-kheh): farmer
  • Julian (hoo-lee-ahn): downy-bearded
  • Luis (LWEES): famous battle
  • Miguel (mee-GHEHL): who is like God?
  • Ricardo (ree-KAR-dho): brave power
  • Riel (ree-el): God is my strength
  • Sebastian (say-bahs-tee-ahn): from Sebaste
  • Yadiel (YAH-dee-el): praise of God

Strong and Handsome Basque Names for Boys

Basque culture includes the region in Northern Spain close to the border with France and provides many options for strong baby boy names. If you live outside this region, these unique baby names can give your little guy a sense of originality.

  • Aitor (eye-tor): good fathers
  • Argi (ah-r-ee): light
  • Arkaitz (ar-k-eye-tz): rock
  • Basajaun (bah-SAH-hown): lord of the woods
  • Eder (ay-d-air): handsome
  • Garaile (gah-ray-yeh): victor
  • Igon (ee-gohn): ascension
  • Kemen (kay-meen): courage
  • Sendoa (sen-doh-uh): strong
  • Zuzen (sz-oo-szen): Just

Medieval Spanish Names for Boys

History is a great place to look for Hispanic masculine names like medieval Spanish names. You won't hear these monikers much anymore, but they still sound as powerful as ever.

  • Didacus (dee-dah-koos): variant of Diego, "teaching"
  • Garsea: bear
  • Lorencio (loh-ren-see-oh): from Laurentum, Italy
  • Nûno (noo-noh): ninth
  • Sans: saintly
  • Suero (swehroh): army
  • Velasco (vay-lass-ko): crow
  • Ximeno (hee-may-noh): son

Cool and Short Spanish Names for Baby Boys

If you're looking to give your little guy some cool Hispanic flair, these short names are perfect. You can also invent your own cool name by shortening any Hispanic boys' name.

  • Borja (bohr-hah): Spanish surname, "tower"
  • Caton (cah-tohn): wise one
  • Chale (chah-lay): strong
  • Che (CHEH): hey
  • Oriol (oo-ree-AWL): golden
  • Pedro (pay-droh): rock
  • Ruy (roo-ee): famous power
  • Santos: saints
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Unique Spanish Baby Names for Boys

Modern parents are looking for unique names so their boy can be one-of-a-kind. This Spanish names might sound familiar, but you won't find a lot of guys using them.

  • Alvarado (ahl-vuh-rah-doh): white
  • Bolivar (boh-lee-var): riverside mill
  • Devante (day-vahn-tay): unknown
  • Ernesto (ehr-nays-toh): serious
  • Fernando (fehr-NAN-do): brave journey
  • Hermenegildo (ehr-men-eh-kheel-doh): complete sacrifice
  • Ramiro (ra-MEE-ro): famous advice
  • Tercero (tehr-THEH-ro): third
  • Vittorio (veet-TAW-ryo):victorious conqueror

Hispanic Baby Girl Names

Hispanic names for baby girls can be delicate and pretty or strong. Like with boy names, you'll find a lot of girl options that end in "a," but for girls you'll find a broader range of names starting with different letters.

Most Popular Baby Girl Names in Spain

Some of the most popular baby girl names in Spain have Spanish origins, but many are popular around the world. If you want a name that speaks to modern Spanish culture, these options are for you.

  • Alba: dawn
  • Carmen: garden
  • Daniela (da-NYEH-la): God is my judge
  • Irati (ee-rah-chee): fern field
  • Isabel (ee-sa-BEHL): my God is an oath
  • Josefa (kho-SEH-fa): he will add
  • June: youth
  • Lucia (loo-see-ah): light
  • María: unknown
  • Martina (mar-TEE-na): male
  • Paula (POW-la): humble
  • Sofia: wisdom
  • Valeria ( ba-LEH-rya): to be strong

Top Baby Girl Names in South America

Baby girl names from Spanish-speaking South American countries like Peru, Columbia, Argentina, and Chile are long and unique.

  • Agustina (a-ghoos-TEE-na): exalted
  • Alma: the soul
  • Antonella: unknown
  • Catalina: unknown
  • Concepcion (kon-thehp-THYON): conception
  • Delphina: Delphi (city)
  • Fernanda (fehr-NAN-da): brave journey
  • Florencia (flo-REHN-thya): prosperous
  • Isidora (ee-see-DHO-ra): gift of Isis
  • Juana (KHWA-na): Yahweh is gracious
  • Maite (m-eye-tay): lovable
  • Mariana (ma-RYA-na): male
  • Noemi (no-EH-mee): pleasantness
  • Paola (PA-o-la): humble
  • Salomé (sə-loo-MEH): peace

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Top Baby Girl Names in Central America and the Caribbean

Top feminine names in Spanish-speaking countries of the Caribbean and Central America have a similar feel to other Hispanic names, but fall on the shorter side.

  • Adriana (adh-RYA-na): from Hadria
  • Alanis (ah-lah-nees): unkown
  • Alejandra (a-leh-KHAN-dra): defending men
  • Alondra (a-LON-dra): lark
  • Amelia (a-MEH-lya): work
  • Ava (ah-vah): to breathe
  • Fabiola (fa-BYO-la): bean
  • Gianna (jee-ah-nah): Yahweh is gracious
  • Guadalupe (ghwa-dha-LOO-peh): valley wolf
  • Kamila (KA-mee-la): unknown
  • Mia: unknown
  • Mila (meel-ya): gracious
  • Nayelis (n-eye-yeh-leh): I love you
  • Regina (reh-KHEE-na): queen
  • Valentina (vah-lehn-teen-ah): strong
  • Ximena (khee-MEH-na): he has heard

Meaningful Basque Names for Girls

Basque word names for girls are typically steeped in deep meaning. These precious names have a great history and a beautiful sound.

  • Abene (ah-beh-nah): pillar
  • Aintza (eye-ntz-ah): glory
  • Alazne (ah-lahz-nay): miracle
  • Aroa (ah-rroh-ah): age, time
  • Berezi (bay-rez-ee): special
  • Bihotz (bee-oh-tz): heart
  • Esti (es-tee): sweet, honey
  • Garbi (gard-bee): pure
  • Hilargi (high-lar-gee): moon
  • Itxaro (ee-char-oh): hope
  • Lore (lor-ay): flower

Beautiful Long Spanish Baby Names for Girls

Many Hispanic names for girls are long and sound beautiful as you say them. While these exotic names may seem uncommon, they are not difficult to spell or pronounce.

  • Aldonza (ahl-DON-tha): noble war
  • Belita (beh-LEET-ah): unknown
  • Blanca (BLANG-ka): white, fair
  • Consuelo (kon-SWEH-lo): consolation
  • Drina (dree-nah): from Hadrea
  • Elisa (eh-LEE-za): my God is an oath
  • Esmeralda (ehs-meh-RAL-da): emerald
  • Esperanza (ehs-peh-RAN-tha): to hope
  • Juanita (khwa-NEE-ta): God is gracious
  • Latoya (lah-toi-ah): guardian
  • Lourdes (LOR-dhehz): Spanish name for French town
  • Margarita (mar-ga-REE-ta): daisy flower
  • Ofelia (o-FEH-lya): help
  • Paloma (pa-LO-ma): dove
  • Reina (RAY-na): queen
  • Soledad (so-leh-DHADH): solitude
  • Yesenia: type of South American tree
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Short Hispanic Names for Baby Girls

Give your little girl a cute little name when you choose a spunky, short Hispanic name for her.

  • Ana (ah-nah): grace
  • Arlet (ahr-leht): noble army
  • Belen (beh-LEHN ): Bethlehem
  • Dulce (DOOL-theh): sweet
  • Luz (LOOTH): light
  • Mar: sea
  • Paz (PATH): peace
  • Pilar (pee-lar): pilar
  • Ynez (ee-NEHS): chaste

Unique Hispanic Names for Baby Girls

While ending in "a" is not unique, these rare Hispanic baby girl names are.

  • Adoración (a-dho-ra-thyon): adoration
  • Araceli (a-ra-THEH-lee): altar of the sky
  • Azahar (ahz-ar): orange blossom
  • Azucena (a-thoo-THEH-na): madonna lily
  • Candelaria (kan-deh-LA-rya): Candlemas
  • Celia (say-lee-ah): heaven
  • Charo (cha-rroh): rosary
  • Emperatriz (ehm-peh-ra-TREETH): empress
  • Florinda (flo-reen-dah): flower
  • Macarena (ma-ka-REH-na): name of a district in Seville
  • Marcaria (mah-KAH-ree-ah): blessed
  • Maristela (mah-ree-stay-lah): star of the sea
  • Milagros (mee-LA-ghros): miracles
  • Nieves (NYEH-behs): snows
  • Solana (soh-lah-nah): sunshine
  • Triana (tree-ah-nah): neighborhood in Seville
  • Vidella (vee-day-lah): unknown

About Hispanic Names for Babies

The term Hispanic refers to a person from Spain or any person who is a native Spanish speaker from Latin America or Latin American descent. Many baby name lists containing Hispanic or Latino baby names include names from different Spanish-speaking countries.

Hispanic First Name Traditions

Today, people choose any name they prefer no matter what their cultural background is. Yet, there are some traditional names that are often selected in the Latino culture, especially family names and religious names. Naming a firstborn child after a father or mother is still a strong tradition in many Latino families. The son is named after his father and then provided with his own middle name. Some families choose instead to provide a child with his own first name and then give him the father's middle name. In Latin America, numerous families select names from the Bible or from Roman Catholic saint names as first or middle names.

Hispanic Last Name Traditions

In a number of Latin American countries, families give their child a first and middle name followed by the father's surname and the mother's maiden name. For example, in the name Jorge Carlos Rios Martinez, Jorge Carlos is the first and middle name followed by the father's surname, Rios, and the mother's maiden name, Martinez.

Choosing a Hispanic Name for Your Baby

Choosing a name is a special task because it will be a part of your child forever. With a Hispanic name, you may want to also consider its pronunciation and if it matters to you whether it is a difficult name for non-Spanish speakers to pronounce. Take some time to carefully consider the name, its meaning and how it sounds with the baby's surname.

Beautiful Hispanic Baby Name Ideas