150+ Favorite Norwegian Names for Boys & Girls

Updated February 17, 2021
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Parents searching for an unusual name for their new arrival may want to consider Norwegian baby girl and boy names. These options offer appealing historical and symbolic meaning, along with beautiful-sounding designations. Selecting Norse names for infants involves considering the sound of the name as well as the rich history of the Norwegian names.

Norwegian Names for Boys and Girls

There are many sources of inspiration for Norwegian baby names. Start with the meaning, then look for pronunciation and spelling variations to see if the name can work for your child.

Old Norse Baby Girl Names

Many girl names come from Old Norse, a language spoken in about the 7th through 15th centuries.

  • Bestla- Old Norse name; mythological mother of the 3 Gods: Odin, Vili, and Ve
  • Bifront- Old Norse name meaning "a rainbow bridge between heaven and earth"
  • Dagmar- Old Norse for "maid of the day"
  • Dagny- Old Norse name meaning "new day started"
  • Dagrun- Norse name meaning "secret of day"
  • Eisa- Old Norse name meaning "glowing embers"
  • Freya- translates to "lady" in Old Norse
  • Hilde- another popular Norse name translating to battle maid
  • Marte- Old Norse for "lady
  • Olaug- Old Norse for "ancestor"
  • Runa- Old Norse name meaning "secret tradition"
  • Sissel- Old Norse name that translates to "without sight"
  • Torill- Old Norse name meaning "Thor's battle"
  • Unna or Unnr- means "to wave" or "to love" in Old Norse

Baby Girl Names Related to Norwegian Mythology

Norwegian mythology is a great source for meaningful Norwegian girl names.

  • Embla- In Norse culture and mythology, Embla was the first woman on Earth; also means "Elm tree"
  • Eydis- means "Goddess of luck"
  • Gull- meaning "Goddess"
  • Oydis- means "goddess of luck"
  • Saga- meaning "goddess of poetry and history"
  • Tone- means "New Thor"
  • Torny- also translates to "New Thor"

Viking Girl Names

Dip into Viking lore for some powerful girl names.

  • Birgit- Viking origins meaning "strong one"
  • Ingrid- Viking name meaning "beautiful" or "goddess"
  • Kari- comes from Viking culture, meaning "chaste" and "pure"
  • Kelsey- Viking name that means "from the island of ships"
  • Liv- Viking name meaning "of life"
  • Randi- Viking name meaning lovely goddess" or "shield"
  • Selby- Viking name that translates to "where willows grow"
  • Sigrid- Viking name meaning "beautiful woman who leads to victory"

Spiritual Norwegian Girl Names

If you'd like a name with a spiritual meaning, you can try these Norwegian names for your baby girl.

  • Agnetha- meaning "holy" in the Scandinavian culture
  • Ase- Hebrew name for "healer"
  • Asta- Greek origin meaning "divine strength"
  • Astra- meaning "star"
  • Astrid- meaning "godly strength" or "divine beauty"
  • Dorte- meaning "a vision
  • Gyda- means "God is gorgeous"
  • Kine - Norwegian for "follower of Christ"
  • Kjerstin- translates to Christian woman
  • Lis- means "Promise of God"
  • Lisbet- translates to "Promise of God" in Norse
  • Renate- translates to "reborn
  • Stina- translates to "Christian woman"

Nature-Based Nordic Girl Names

Nature is always a great source for girl names, whether its plants, animals, or other natural phenomena.

  • Groa- translates to "gardener"
  • Jorunn- meaning "lover of horses"
  • Rake: translates to "sheep's friend"
  • Reidun- means "lovely in the nest"
  • Revna- means "raven"
  • Solvieg- means "strong house" or "daughter of the sun"
  • Synnove- means "present of the sun"
  • Thyra- meaning "like thunder"
  • Viola- means "violet flower"
  • Ylva- translates to "female wolf"
  • Ysra- meaning "she-bear"

Nordic Girl Names for Your Tiny Warrior

Nordic baby girl names often have strong sounds and meanings.

  • Gunda- means "war-like"
  • Gunhill- translates to "battle in war"
  • Gunilla- means "battle maiden"
  • Lovise- means "well-known fighter"
  • Magnhild- meaning "powerful in battle"
  • Maiken- translates to "rebellious woman"
  • Mathilde- "powerful and mighty in battle"
  • Ragnhild: means "advise in battle"
  • Siri- means "marvelous victory"

More Norwegian Girl Names

Want more Norwegian baby girl names? Try these.

  • Agnes- meaning "pure"
  • Agot- translates to "good"
  • Anja- German or Russian origin, meaning "merciful"
  • Aundry- Norwegian for "new prosperity"
  • Beret- meaning "bright"
  • Bertine- German origins meaning "intelligent being"
  • Borghild- meaning "wife of Sigmund"
  • Britt- meaning "powerful and strong"
  • Elin-means "torch of light"
  • Eira- means "merciful"
  • Evy- means "to live"
  • Frida- German roots and popular in the Scandinavian countries, meaning "beloved" or "peaceful"
  • Gerd- meaning "enclosed"
  • Hanne- means "gracious"'
  • Idunn- translates to "active in love"
  • Ingvlid- means "dedicated to the ancestors"
  • Maja- means "good mother"
  • Margit- means "pearl"
  • Nanna- means "courageous"
  • Nora- comes from Honora, or "honor"
  • Ulla- means "powerful" and "prosperous"
  • Veslemoy- translates to "little girl"
  • Vivian- derived from the Latin name Vivianus, meaning "alive"
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Viking Names for Your Baby Boy

Look to the Vikings for some great examples of Norwegian baby boy names.

  • Ake- Viking word meaning "forebearer" or "ancestor"
  • Ari- Viking for "lion"
  • Bo-Viking word meaning "the resident" or "living"
  • Brand- Viking worse meaning "sword" or "fiery touch"
  • Corey-Viking word meaning "chosen"
  • Dane- Viking word for "dweller of the valley"
  • Finn- Viking for "fair" and "light"
  • Floke- a heroic Viking
  • Frode- Viking for "wise" or "enlightened"
  • Gunnar- Viking for army or warrior, also means "he who stands alone"
  • Harald- Viking for "powerful man in army"
  • Loki- Viking for trickster
  • Manning- Viking for powerful and valiant

Mythical Norwegian Baby Boy Names

Mythology and folklore provide inspiration for naming your baby boy.

  • Aly- translates to "elf"
  • Bergthor- meaning "Thor's spirit"
  • Brokk- means "mythical dwarf" in Norwegian
  • Eitri- means "mythical dwarf"
  • Freki- the name of Odin's wolf
  • Freyr- Norse God of weather
  • Hoder- name of Odin's blind son
  • Thorsten- means "son of Thor"
  • Torlief- meaning "Thor's descendant"
  • Tordis- translates to "God who controls thunder"
  • Turpin- "God of thunder and rain"
  • Odin- God of Vikings

Old Norse Boy Names

Try these Old Norse boy names on for size.

  • Bard- Old Norse word for "battle against peace"
  • Brynjar- Old Norse for "warrior in arms"
  • Bugga- Norse for "powerful man"
  • Dagfinn- in Old Norse, it translates to "man from Finland"
  • Einer- Old Norse for "one who fights alone"
  • Frans- Norse for "Frenchman"

Boy Names for Your Norwegian Warrior

Give your baby boy a name worthy of a mighty warrior.

  • Aleksander- translates to "defender of man"
  • Ansgar- meaning "spear of God"
  • Eggther- means "guardian of giants"
  • Eigil- means "to inspire fear in hearts"
  • Eivind- translates to "happy warrior" or "bringer of peace"
  • Eldgrim- means "killed by Hrut Herjolfsson"
  • Erec-meaning "always mighty"
  • Geir- meaning "man with a spear"
  • Gudbrand- meaning "God's sword"
  • Gunne- refers to an army, from Gunther
  • Haavard-meaning "high guardian
  • Halvor- means "protector of the rock"
  • Herlief-means "warrior descendant"
  • Holger- translates to "island of spears"
  • Ingharr- meaning "son's army"
  • Iver- translates to "bow warrior"
  • Magnus- meaning "big and mighty"
  • Sigurd- "means guiding to victory"
  • Valtor- means "Army's rule"

Noble Norwegian Baby Boy Names for Your Little Ruler

If your boy has a noble bearing, consider some of these Norwegian baby boy names.

  • Aric-translates to "eternal ruler"
  • Arkyn- meaning "eternal king's son
  • Asbjorn- means "God of bears"
  • Asmund-Norwegian for "God's protection"
  • Borg- means "from the castle"
  • Casper- meaning "king of treasures"
  • Erikson- means "son of Erik" or "son of a ruler"
  • Esbern-means "divine bear"
  • Fredrik- means "calm monarch"
  • Galm- name of Thorvald's father
  • Jarle- meaning "nobleman"
  • Lief- means "person meant to inherit"
  • Mats- meaning "God's present"
  • Olef- "God's dedication"
  • Rurik- meaning "legendary ruler"
  • Ulrik - "noble ruler"

Norwegian Boy Names for Nature Lovers

Nature loves can find a number of Norwegian baby boy names.

  • Beorhtel- means "he who shines with bright light"
  • Bjorn- means "bear"
  • Dag- means "day"
  • Dellingr- means "shining" or "brilliant"
  • Hrolf- means "wolf"
  • Ingolf- meaning "Ing's wolf"
  • Inghram- means "son's raven"
  • Pedar- meaning "rock"
  • Pontus- meaning "of the seas"
  • Rolf- means legendary wolf

More Norwegian Baby Boy Names

Baby boy names from Norway favor use of the vowel "o" and are often short, strong sounding names.

  • Aksel- means "peace of the father"
  • Birgir- translates to "one that helps"
  • Bjarte- meaning "one who helps"
  • Christen- means "Christan man"
  • Cnute- Norwegian word for "knot"
  • Danhy- means "one from Denmark"
  • Duartr- translates to "rich guard"
  • Faste- meaning "firm and resolute"
  • Fjall- translates to "from the rough hill"
  • Folke- Norwegian for "from the people"
  • Georg- means "farming man" in Norwegian
  • Gjurd- translates to "good" and "peace"
  • Goran- also translates to "farming man"
  • Hemming- translates to "changing shapes"
  • Hugin- meaning "one who is thoughtful"
  • Jensynn- means "Junior Johannes or son of Johannes"
  • Jorg- means "farming man"
  • Jord- also means "farming man"
  • Kare- translates to "curvy"
  • Kennett- meaning "handsome one"
  • Kjell- means "kettle"
  • Nils- translates to "feat of the people"
  • Runar- translates to "magic, secret man"
  • Soren- meaning "stern"
  • Svante- translates to "celebrating the people'
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Norwegian Naming Traditions

The Norse heritage takes naming babies very seriously. Norwegian naming law requires that all babies have a first and at least one last name registered by the time they are six months old. They also ask parents to not give children a first name that is typically used for a middle or last name. Furthermore, names can only be changed once every ten years. Norway has strict usage guidelines for surnames. If a surname is registered by fewer than 200 people in the country, others can only take that surname if all others currently using it consent. Norwegian baby names are quite unusual in other countries, and this aspect of the designations makes them very appealing to parents who want unique names for their children.

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Norwegian Name Meanings

The meaning of the name is of great importance in Norse culture. The significance manifests itself in a number of ways, particularly in the approach that parents take to select the right designation for their child. A few traditional options are available to consider. Language changes over time. Old Norse names contain elements that used to be common adjectives and nouns. The words are no longer used in everyday language, but they are still present in Norwegian names. In a sense, these names are indicators of how language morphs over the centuries.

Name Origins

Norwegian names derive from a number of different origins. Parents can select a couple of options depending on their origins. Common inspirations include:

  • Descriptive choices relate to hair color, skin tone, and other physical characteristics.
  • Place selections relate to specific regions in Norway and surrounding areas.
  • Historical options are very important in this culture, relating to mythology and history.
  • Nature offers choices relating to plants, flowers, and other natural elements.
  • Specialty names are created especially for the newborn.

Ancestral Names

In essence, a baby is a combination of his mother, father, and ancestors. Often children in Norse culture were named for their grandparents and great-grandparents in a specific order. Ancestral names offer significant meaning in Norse tradition because the child is believed to inherit the personality and strengths of the deceased relative. Norwegian babies were never to be named after someone still living. Some modern parents may choose Norwegian historical figures or mythological characters that have appealing qualities they want to have bestowed in their children.

Other Baby Naming Resources

If you want to explore more Norwegian or even Scandinavian baby names, check out these lists and resources.

Focus on Meaning With Nordic Baby Names

Norwegian baby naming traditions and modern names are most often a nod to ancestors, family lines of work, or cultural beliefs from Norway. These meaningful names are a gift to your little boy or precious baby girl because they foreshadow a meaningful life.

150+ Favorite Norwegian Names for Boys & Girls