100+ Old-Fashioned Girl Names With Timeless Charm

Updated October 13, 2020
Old Fashioned Names for Babies

Old-fashioned girl names give you several charming choices for a great baby girl name. If you want to honor an ancestor or if you love all things retro, especially old-fashioned names, you'll want to look over several possibilities before deciding on one for your baby girl.

Old-Fashioned Girl Names With Great Meanings

When you know the meaning of a name, you can eliminate those you don't feel are a good fit. Deciding on the ideal name for your little girl is a major decision, so take your time in considering each list of baby names.

  1. Adah: Adornment
  2. Alice: Noble exalted
  3. Amana: Trust, vow
  4. Amelia: Work
  5. Ava: Like a bird
  6. Betsey: Pledged to God
  7. Charity: Giving, kindness
  8. Cicely: Blind to self-beauty
  9. Clara: Bright and clear
  10. Cora: Honest
  11. Dinah: Vindicated, judged
  12. Elizabeth: God is my fortune
  13. Emily: Rival
  14. Emma Grace
  15. Esme: Esteemed
  16. Eva, Evie: Giver of life
  17. Evelyn: Wished for child
  18. Georgiana: Farmer
  19. Irene: Peace
  20. Iris: Rainbow
  21. Isabella/Isabel: Pledge to God
  22. Ivy: Fidelity
  23. Jane: God is gracious
  24. Lena: She that allures
  25. Lillian: My God is an oath
  26. Millie: Industrious
  27. Rinah: Shout of joy
  28. Sophia: Wisdom
Old-Fashioned Girl Names With Timeless Charm

Old Lady Names Can Be Fun Choices

Don't skip over old lady names; you may find a jewel among the list. When you know the meanings of these names, you may suddenly change your mind and fall in love with one of them.

  1. Ada: Highborn
  2. Agnes: Virtuous
  3. Audrey: Strong
  4. Beatrice: Bless voyager
  5. Blanche: Pure, white
  6. Dorothea (Dorothy): Gift of God
  7. Edith: Wealth, spear
  8. Elspeth, Elsie, Bessie: God is my oath
  9. Emmeline: Rival
  10. Flora: Flower
  11. Florence: Flourishing blossom
  12. Gladys: Royalty, princess
  13. Gertrude: Spear, strength
  14. Gretchen, Greta: Pearl
  15. Mabel: Loveable
  16. Matilda: Strength in battle
  17. Meredith: Lord
  18. Millicent: Labor with strength
  19. Myrtle: Tree of victory
  20. Nell, Nellie: Light
  21. Nora: The other Aenor
  22. Olive (Olivia): Olive tree
  23. Pearl: Pearl
  24. Rosaline (Rose): Rose
  25. Winifred: Joy, peace
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Ancient and Mystical Old-Fashioned Girl Names

An ancient and often mystical sounding old-fashioned girl names can capture your imagination. You can ensure your little fairy flutters through life with her ideal moniker.

  1. Alfreda: Elf power
  2. Aubrey: Elf ruler
  3. Cordelia: Daughter of the seas
  4. Delphine: Dolphin
  5. Doris: Gift of ocean
  6. Ella: Fairy maiden
  7. Estella: Star
  8. Faith: Faithful
  9. Fern: Feather
  10. Harriet (Hattie): Ruler, power
  11. Hope: Desire of fulfillment
  12. Lilith: Of the night
  13. Maggie: Pearl
  14. May: Greek Goddess of Spring
  15. Mia: Ocean goddess
  16. Molly: Sea of bitterness
  17. Naida: Water nymph
  18. Sapphira: Sapphire
  19. Tabitha: Gorgeous
  20. Temperance: Moderation, self-control
  21. Titania: Great one
  22. Zarah: Flower
  23. Zemira: Song, palm
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Biblical Old-Fashioned Girl Names

Biblical names are both old fashioned and trendy. Make sure you select a name that other people will find easy to pronounce. Old-fashioned names from the Bible include:

  1. Abigail: My father's pride and joy
  2. Alexandra: Defender of the people
  3. Chloe: Fertility, green
  4. Claudia: Lame
  5. Delilah: Delicate
  6. Dora: God's gift
  7. Eden: Delight, Garden of paradise
  8. Ester: Queen
  9. Eve: Living
  10. Hannah (Anna): Grace
  11. Joanna: God is gracious
  12. Judith: Woman of Judea
  13. Julia: Youthful
  14. Leah: Delicate
  15. Lottie: Little woman
  16. Lydia: From Lydia
  17. Margaret: Cluster of blossoms
  18. Mariam: Courageous
  19. Martha: Lady
  20. Mary: Star of seas
  21. Rachel: One of purity
  22. Rebecca: Elegant
  23. Ruth: Friend
  24. Sarah: Princess
  25. Suzanne: Lily
  26. Teresa: To harvest
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100+ Old-Fashioned Great and Nostalgic Girl Names

Old-fashioned girl names offer you some great nostalgic choices. When you name your baby girl with an old-fashioned name, she has an instant connection with the girls from the past who shared her name.

100+ Old-Fashioned Girl Names With Timeless Charm