100 Top Boy Names You Can't Go Wrong With

Updated December 14, 2020
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Find the top 100 boy names for babies to get some inspiration for your little bundle of joy. Explore the top 100 boy names and their meanings to find a powerful or biblical name to fit your new baby boy.

Top 100 Baby Boy Names and Meanings

If you're searching for the perfect name for your baby boy, you may want to take a look at the 100 most popular options. The best resource for finding the top 100 baby names for boys is the Social Security Administration (SSA). Each year, the SSA releases the definitive list of the country's most popular names, which is compiled from new social security card applications. These names offer a glimpse at current naming trends, and one of these might be the inspiration you need to name your little man. Ten names trending for the top baby boy names in 2020 include:

  1. Liam - Guardian (Irish)

  2. Noah - Peace (Hebrew)

  3. Oliver - Olive tree (English)

  4. William - Will protect (German)

  5. Elijah - My God is Yahweh (Hebrew)

  6. James - Supplanter (Hebrew)

  7. Benjamin - Son of my right hand (Hebrew)

  8. Lucas - Shining (Greek)

  9. Mason - Works with stone (English)

  10. Ethan - Enduring/strong (Hebrew)

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Top Religious Names for Boys

Religious names have been popular for centuries, but certain examples stand out for their popularity in recent years. The following names are among the most popular for boy babies whose parents love the cultural and spiritual significance.

  1. Aaron - Enlightened (Hebrew)

  2. Adam - Son of earth (Hebrew)

  3. Caleb - Faithful (Hebrew)

  4. Daniel - God is my judge (Hebrew)

  5. David - Beloved (Hebrew)

  6. Eli - My God (Hebrew)

  7. Ezekiel - God strengthens (Hebrew)

  8. Ezra - Helper (Hebrew)

  9. Gabriel - God is my strength (Hebrew)

  10. Isaac - Laughter (Hebrew)

  11. Isaiah - God is salvation (Hebrew)

  12. Jace - The Lord is salvation (Hebrew)

  13. Jacob - Follow (Hebrew)

  14. Jeremiah - Appointed by God (Hebrew)

  15. Johnathan/John - God is gracious (Hebrew)

  16. Jordan - Flowing down (Hebrew)

  17. Joseph - He will add (Hebrew)

  18. Joshua - God is salvation (Hebrew)

  19. Josiah - God has healed (Hebrew)

  20. Levi - Attached (Judah)

  21. Matthew - A gift from God (Hebrew)

  22. Michael - Who is like God (Hebrew)

  23. Nathan - Gave (Hebrew)

  24. Samuel - God heard (Hebrew)

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Top Names Ending in "N"

The trendy "N" ending has had a major presence on the SSA top 100 list for at least a decade, and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. The following names end in the letter "N" and are popular with parents.

  1. Alan - Precious (German)

  2. Adrian - Sea/water (Latin)

  3. Austin - Great (English)

  4. Brandon - From the broom hill (English)

  5. Bryson - Son of Brice (English)

  6. Colton - Coal town (English)

  7. Damian - To tame (Greek)

  8. Declan - A man of prayer (Irish)

  9. Dylan - Son of the sea (Welsh)

  10. Evan - The Lord is gracious (Welsh)

  11. Hudson - Son of Richard (English)

  12. Jackson/Jaxson/Jaxon - Son of Jack (Scottish)

  13. Julian - Young at heart (Latin)

  14. Landon - Long hill (English)

  15. Weston - Western town (English)

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Top Celtic Names for Baby Boys

Irish names are another popular trend for baby boys, and there are several Celtic examples in the top 100. These are some of the options:

  1. Aiden - Born of fire (Irish)

  2. Cameron - Crooked river (Scottish)

  3. Carson - Son of marsh dwellers (Scottish)

  4. Carter - One who transports cart (Irish/Scottish)

  5. Connor - Lover of wolves (Irish)

  6. Ian - The Lord is gracious (Scottish)

  7. Kayden - Battle (Irish)

  8. Logan - A descendant of the warrior (Irish)

  9. Nolan - Champion (Irish)

  10. Ryan - Little king (Irish)

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Top Classic Choices for Boy Names

Classic names never go out of style, and many have a solid place in the top 100 for baby boys. The following options have been popular for generations and still are today:

  1. Alexander - Defender (Greek)

  2. Andrew - Manly/brave (Greek)

  3. Anthony - Priceless one (Latin)

  4. Charles - Free man (German)

  5. Christian - A follower of Christ (English)

  6. Christopher - Christ-bearer (Greek)

  7. Elias - Yahweh is God (Greek)

  8. Henry - Ruler (English)

  9. Leo - Lion (Latin)

  10. Leonardo - Brave lion (Spanish/Italian)

  11. Lincoln - Lake colony (English)

  12. Nicholas - People of victory (Greek)

  13. Roman - A citizen of Rome (Latin)

  14. Sebastian - Revered (Latin)

  15. Theodore - God-given (Greek)

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Top Unique Boy Names

Just because you're looking at the top names doesn't mean that your boys' name can't be unique. There are several unique boy names on the top 100 list.

  1. Angel - Messenger (Greek)

  2. Asher - Ash maker (German)

  3. Axel - Father of peace (Scandinavian)

  4. Brayden - Broad hill (English)

  5. Easton - East facing (English)

  6. Grayson/Greyson - Son of steward (English)

  7. Jameson - Son of James (English)

  8. Jayden - Greenstone (Spanish)

  9. Jose - God increases (Spanish)

  10. Kai - Sea (Hawaiian)

  11. Luca - A man from Lucania (Italian)

  12. Mateo - A gift of God (Spanish)

  13. Maverick - Independent (American)

  14. Santiago - Saint James (Spanish)

  15. Xavier - Bright (Arabic)

Powerful Boy Names With Meanings

When choosing a top name, it's important to consider the meaning of the name of your little bundle of joy. Whether they prelude to them being a warrior, intelligent, or part of the earth, dive into powerful top 100 baby boy names.

  1. Dominic - Belonging to the Lord (Latin)

  2. Everett - Brave boar (German)

  3. Hunter - One that hunts (English)

  4. Jack - God is gracious (English)

  5. Jason - Healer (Greek)

  6. Luke - Bright one (English)

  7. Miles - Soldier (English)

  8. Owen - Young warrior or noble (Welsh)

  9. Robert - Bright face (German)

  10. Thomas - Leader (English)

  11. Wyatt - Brave/strong (English)

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Popular for a Reason

With all the wonderful names in the top 100, you'll have no shortage of inspiration in choosing the perfect name for your baby. Whether you stick with one of the trends or select something that falls outside the norm, these names are popular for a reason. People love them, and your little boy will too.

100 Top Boy Names You Can't Go Wrong With