75+ Unique Boy Names That Start With K

Published November 30, 2020
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Choosing the best name for your precious little boy isn't something parents take lightly. Explore some of the distinct boy names that start with K for your little guy. Find boy names that begin with K from around the world.

Unique Boy Names That Start With K

If you want your little one to have a unique name, beginning your name search with the letter K is a pretty good start. However, keep your little's name unique by checking out these original names that begin with K.

  1. Kaven - handsome (Irish)

  2. Kayson - rejoice; healer (English)

  3. Keef - gentle (Scottish)

  4. Keifer - cherished (German)

  5. Kendis - pure (American)

  6. Kenrick - royal ruler (Welsh)

  7. Kio - expensive (Japanese)

  8. Kirkley - hill (English)

  9. Knight - warrior (English)

  10. Kristoph - bearing Christ (Greek)

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Boy Names That Start With Ky

If you are looking for a truly unusual name combination, try a name that begins with Ky. Explore boy names that start with K with meanings.

  1. Ky - ocean (Hawaiian)

  2. Kyan - enduring (Gaelic)

  3. Kyber - gift of God (South African)

  4. Kye - keeper of keys (Welsh)

  5. Kygo - born to protect (English)

  6. Kyka - forest (Hawaiian)

  7. Kylar - narrow (Gaelic)

  8. Kynaston - royal peace settlement (English)

  9. Kyp - pointed hill (English)

  10. Kyrie/Kyril - the lord (Greek)

  11. Kyrone - land of Owen (Gaelic)

Southern American Boy Names That Start With K

Southern names typically have timeless roots and strong meanings. Explore a few southern names beginning with K for your little guy.

  1. Kaine/Kane - little warrior

  2. Karson - son of Carr

  3. Keaton - place of hawks

  4. Keller - cellar

  5. Kelley - red-headed

  6. Kent - coastal land

  7. Kipling - cured salmon

  8. Knox - hilltop

  9. Kolten - coal town

  10. Kyrk - church

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Boy K Names in the Bible

Just because you are looking for a boy name that begins with K doesn't mean you can't keep it biblical. The Bible is full of a variety of different unique names you can name your little man.

  1. Kabzeel - the birthplace of chief warrior

  2. Karkor - they rested

  3. Kemuel - raised by God

  4. Kerioth - the callings

  5. Keros - crooked

  6. Khallil - beautiful

  7. Kirjath - city of woods

  8. Kitron - sweet; binding together

  9. Korah - baldness

  10. Korrey - from the hollow

Spanish/Hispanic Boy Names With K

Spanish names that begin with K are rare, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. Explore distinctive Spanish names beginning with K.

  1. Karl - manly

  2. Kaspar - treasurer

  3. Kemen - strong

  4. Kortez - courteous

  5. Kruz - cross

Indian/Hindi Boy Names With K

If you are looking for a unique boy name with a K, then you want to go past the typical Kaden to something more distinct. Indian and Hindi names offer vast, powerful meanings and are definitely original.

  1. Kaditula - sword

  2. Kalap - moon

  3. Kalkin - the incarnation of Vishnu

  4. Kampu - sweet

  5. Kansbar - treasure

  6. Keva - fair, gentle

  7. Keyann - king

  8. Khayr - blessing

  9. Kiaan - God's grace

  10. Kiraat - hunger

  11. Kranti - revolution

  12. Kunjal - nightingale

  13. Kunj - sweet voice

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Pacific Islander Boy Names With K

Pacific islander and Hawaiian names provide your child with a unique name with a deep meaning to make your child's name stand out among a crowd. Plus they won't get lost in the world of Kens. Try these islander boy names that start with K on for size.

  1. Kaiko - sea with strong current

  2. Kalani - chief of heavens

  3. Keon - king of kings

  4. Kahoni - the kiss

  5. Kimo - supplanter

  6. Kaui - youthful

  7. Kakahi - unique

  8. Kei - blessed, joyous

  9. Kainoa - sea of freedom

  10. Kaikane - male sea

Popular Boy Names That Start With K

To round out some unique baby names, explore some of the most popular boy names beginning with K. You can't go wrong with a Kai or Kaleb.

  1. Kai - sea (Hawaiian)

  2. Kaden/Kaiden - fighter (American)

  3. Kaleb - wholehearted (Hebrew)

  4. Karter - transporter of goods (English)

  5. Keith - wood (Scottish)

  6. Kenneth - handsome (English)

  7. Kevin - kind, gentle (Irish)

  8. King - ruler (American)

  9. Kingston - king's town (English)

  10. Kyle - narrow, strait (Scottish)

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Finding the Perfect K Name

Finding names that begin with K can be hard. Especially if you are looking to go beyond the obvious names like Keith and Kevin. However, there are a variety of unusual names out there for your child beginning with the letter K.

75+ Unique Boy Names That Start With K