120+ Handsome Boy Names That Start With H

Published December 2, 2020
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If you're looking for the perfect boy names that start with h, know that there are tons of options available to choose from. Be sure to check out your favorite names' meanings before settling on a name to make sure you love that as well.

Boy Names That Start With H

While picking a name for a boy can be overwhelming, trust your gut, take your time, and enjoy the process of doing so.

H Boy Names

H boy name options include:

  • Hudson: Son of Hud
  • Hayden: Hay valley
  • Henry: Ruler
  • Hank: Ruler of the estate
  • Harry: Ruler of the army
  • Haldor: Rock
  • Hanford: Stone
  • Halston: Holy stone
  • Halvar: One who defends the rock
  • Hardwick: Flock
  • Harper: One who plays the harp
  • Harold: Bright
  • Hector: Restraint
  • Harvey: Iron
  • Hugh: Spirit
  • Hunter: One who hunts
  • Harley: Meadow
  • Howard: Guard
  • Herman: Army and strong
  • Hubert: Clever and smart
  • Hogan: Youth
  • Hamilton: Crooked hill
Handsome Boy Names That Start With H

H Boy Names Unique

Unique boy names that begin with H include:

  • Harvey: Iron
  • Holt: Small forest of trees
  • Heike: Powerful ruler
  • Helios: Sun
  • Hawkins: One who works with hawks
  • Hercules: Referring to the demigod known for strength
  • Hue: Lily flower or referring to the color green
  • Hampton: By the town
  • Hollister: Dweller
  • Horae: Seasons
  • Haddon: The hill of heather
  • Hanson: The son of Hans
  • Haze: Refers to the Hazel tree
  • Hale: Hero
  • Heston: One who comes from the town of Heston
  • Helmut: Healthy mind
  • Hoyt: One who lives on a hill
  • Huron: To stand on end
  • Huck: A bog
  • Hendrick: Ruler
  • Hugo: Mind
  • Houston: The town on the hill
  • Huxley: One who is from the field
  • Harlem: House on a hill
  • Holden: Hollow
  • Hendrix: Ruler
  • Hans: Graciousness
  • Hawk: Referring to the type of bird

Modern English Baby Boy Names Starting With H

Modern English boy name options:

  • Hutchinson: Hug
  • Hal: One who rules the army
  • Howie: Brave
  • Hawthorne: One who lives by a hedge
  • Hartford: The deer crossing
  • Herald: The army commander
  • Hilton: Settlement
  • Holman: Hollow
  • Holmes: One who lives near the river
  • Haven: Safe
  • Harlon: The meadow of the hares
  • Hyatt: One from the high gate
  • Hyde: One who farms the land
  • Hagley: One who is from the hedged enclosure
  • Haines: Dweller
  • Halbert: Weapon maker
  • Halsey: Sacred island
  • Halford: Hawk
  • Hunt: One who is a hunter
  • Haig: Enclosure
  • Harley: Hare
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Top Names Starting With Letter H

Top H names:

  • Horus: Referring to an Egyptian pharaoh
  • Hary: Home
  • Henri: Ruler
  • Handel: Commerce
  • Hadar: Splendor
  • Hadi: One who leads
  • Harkin: Referring to the color red
  • Haley: The hay clearing
  • Hamal: Lamb
  • Hamish: God protects
  • Hamlet: House
  • Hansel: Gracious God
  • Hud: One who is hooded

Modern Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With H

Hindu boy names:

  • Hazen: Beautiful
  • Heer: Lord
  • Haib: Loved
  • Hakeem: Smart and wise
  • Haksh: Bright
  • Hiran: Immortal
  • Hansal: Swan
  • Hiten: Heart
  • Hansin: The universal soul
  • Hemil: Gold
  • Hanan: Kind
  • Haneesh: Ambitious
  • Harindra: Referring to a color
  • Hemish: The lord of the earth
  • Huda: Guidance
  • Hardik: From one's heart
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Best H Baby Names

Some best H baby name options:

  • Henderson: The son of Henry
  • Halen: Hero
  • Holland: Referring to the location
  • Hamza: Lion and brave
  • Harlyn: The army's land
  • Harris: Son of Harry
  • Hebe: Young
  • Halle: Hall
  • Hari: Refers to God
  • Herberto: Army
  • Hernan: A traveler who is spiritual
  • Hux: Hook
  • Henoch: Disciplined
  • Herminio: Warrior
  • Hilario: Cheerful
  • Horacio: One who keeps time
  • Humberto: Bright
  • Henricus: Ruler
  • Hadrian: One who is from Hadria
  • Hain: Life
  • Hale: Hero

Baby Boy Names That Start With H

Know that there is no right or wrong name for your little one, and while everyone around you my have their opinion, know that yours is ultimately the most important when it comes to selecting the perfect name.

120+ Handsome Boy Names That Start With H