16 Easter Songs for Kids to Get Them Hoppin' for the Holiday

Sing and dance along to these kid-friendly Easter songs that every little bunny will love.

Published March 20, 2023
Mother holding child with bunny ears

Help your kids sing and dance their way into the season with the best Easter songs for kids. Whether you want a traditional Easter song for worship or just a fun and catchy preschool tune, this list of kid-friendly songs has just what you need. A joytful musical celebration will have you and your kids hopping to the beat throughout the Easter holiday.

Eggs-Citing Easter Songs for Every Kid

These Easter songs for children are all about the fun and simple parts of Easter that kids look forward to throughout the year. Tons of bunnies and an abundance of eggs make these hoppy tunes the perfect way to celebrate spring.

This Is the Way the Bunny Hops

This interactive song is great for toddlers and preschoolers alike. Learn to flop your ears, wiggle your nose, and hop like a bunny is this engaging Easter song.

My Pretty Easter Basket

An Easter spin on "A Tisket A Tasket," this sweet spring jam has a slower tempo with easy lyrics for kids to learn. This is the perfect song to sing when decorating your baskets or heading out for an egg hunt.

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

You might remember this bunny rhyme from your own childhood. The classic song of Peter Cottontail hopping down the bunny trail is a fun way to celebrate with your kiddos while tapping into the nostalgia of Easters gone by.

Five Little Jelly Beans

While you're counting up the candy after the egg hunt, help little ones learn their numbers and colors with this sweet song. "Five Little Jelly Beans" is slow and simple and great for getting toddler and preschoolers engaged in the fun of Easter.

Hot Cross Buns

A traditional nursery rhyme perfect for your Easter baking adventures, "Hot Cross Buns" will keep you hopping along until tasting time. The repeating lyrics are catchy and easy to remember, so you might sing it for a few days.

Little Bunny Foo Foo

Remember this story rhyme from your childhood? This one will live on in your home long after the final piece of Easter candy is devoured. Kids will love learning how to bop the mice on the head in this interactive song.

The Bunny Hokey Pokey

Get your kids on their feet with this bouncing bunny twist on a classic song. This is everything you love about the original "Hokey Pokey" with a bit of hopping Easter flair. In place of hands and feet, you're going to be putting your ears and whiskers in before you hop yourself around.

Five Easter Eggs

Another fun learning opportunity, this Easter song for kids features all the best Easter details of the season. Lots of hopping around, jumping Easter eggs, and tonsof bunny cameos make this Easter version of "Ten Little Monkeys" even catchier than the original.

Easter Nursery Rhyme

Encouraging children to be inquisitive about nature and excited for spring, this Easter-inspired nursery rhyme features all the joyous perks of the season. Play this song from the first day of spring until well after Easter for a sweet singalong with your kiddos.

Easter Songs to Celebrate Resurrection Sunday

If your family prefers to celebrate the Easter season with a focus on the resurrection of Jesus Christ, these Easter songs will help you teach your children all about the meaning of the holiday. Worshiping as a family and singing along to Sunday school nursery rhymes will remind your child of the significance of the resurrection.

Jesus Loves Me

The classic Sunday school song that your child has probably heard before provides a wonderful reminder on Easter Sunday. What happened on Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday was all because of Jesus' love, and this song illustrates that in a way that even young children can understand.

He's Alive, He's Alive

This rocking worship song tells the whole story of God's plan for the redemption of man. Worship alongside your child with this upbeat song of declaration.

God's Not Dead

This celebratory song has simple, yet powerful lyrics about what Resurrection Sunday means. With dance moves to get kids engaged and help them remember all the words, this worship song will have your whole family dancing and singing along with joy.

I Am a C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N

Once you nail the spelling on this jam, you'll be singing until Christmas! Kids will love the progressive structure of this song as you learn to spell the lyrics faster each time. Take a few deep breaths before you blast this one or you might just run out of air!

Because He Lives

Originally a gospel song used for church services, this kid version of "Because He Lives" will help your child understand what the resurrection is and what it can mean for them.

Jesus Is Alive

This one is what the kids call a bop! Engaging dance moves and a catchy tune make this kid's worship song the perfect way to celebrate Jesus' victory over death. There is even a bit of hopping involved!

Victory in Jesus

An oldy, but a goody! You might remember singing this hymn in your Easter Sunday services as a kid. Introduce your child to the powerful lyrics of the original sons set to a new, rocking tune.

I Have Decided

Show your child the moves to this Sunday school song so you can worship together at Easter. This declaration is great for teaching your child what it means to celebrate the meaning of Easter all year long.

Include a Short Story

If you want to amp up the fun and education on Easter, add a short story or two to your plans. Your child will love learning about the meaning of the celebration in a way that is entertaining and engaging. You can even show them a brief video about the holiday to grab their attention.

Celebrate Easter With Catchy Tunes Kids Will Love

Entertaining your kids at Easter can be simple and just plain fun! Sing, dance, and celebrate together as you reflect on the meaning of the day, or just enjoy the beauty of spring together.

16 Easter Songs for Kids to Get Them Hoppin' for the Holiday