Free Printable School Newsletter Templates

Published October 15, 2019
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Keep students and parents informed all year long with free printable school newsletter templates. Click on the template you like best to download, then add in your news and print. If you need any help accessing the editable school newsletter PDFs, check this handy guide for troubleshooting tips.

Editable Preschool Newsletter Template

Show how much your class is growing on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis with a free, fun garden themed newsletter template. Kids will love the bright colors and cheerful graphics while parents will appreciate all the cute photos and concise information sharing. Use the section with bullet points to remind parents of upcoming important dates and deadlines.

Preschool Garden Newsletter Template
Preschool Garden Newsletter Template

Free Elementary Classroom Newsletter Template

Whether the kids are creating their own school newsletter or it comes from the teacher, this fun star design template is perfect for energetic elementary schoolers. Kids in primary grades can share up to three headline stories, get creative with a photo and caption, and share highlights from the week, month, or year. Free editable kids' newsletter templates make it easy for kids in any grade to share their own news about school.

Elementary Star Newsletter Template
Elementary Star Newsletter Template

Printable Secondary School Newsletter Template

Share news about the school year in a mature, yet still fun, way with this text message design newsletter layout. There's room for four stories where each can have an attached photo, plus you can add a couple quick reminders in the smaller text circles. Tweens and teens in middle school or high school can create their own parent newsletter, classroom newsletter, or school newsletter with this free, editable template.

Secondary School Emoji Newsletter Template
Secondary School Emoji Newsletter Template

Editable School Newsletter Template for Teachers

An editable teacher newsletter template gives you the tools you need to create a quick and informative newsletter for parents. The sophisticated color scheme and fun teacher graphics help parents know you have put together the newsletter yourself. Add a photo of yourself, your school logo, or even a class photo at the top to help personalize your newsletter. You can include one long note to parents and one shorter story along with a bulleted list of needed supplies or upcoming dates.

Teacher Newsletter Template
Teacher Newsletter Template

Tips for Creating a School Newsletter

The purpose of a school newsletter is either to inform, to entertain, or both. School newsletters can feature important information for parents or show off the talents of students. When creating your own school newsletter, decide on your purpose first, then keep that in mind for every issue.

Who Should Create the School Newsletter?

A school newsletter can encompass one classroom, one grade level, or an entire school. The population it covers and the ages of those students will determine who makes the actual newsletter. Whenever possible, it's great to include the kids in the process.

  • Pre-K and Kindergarten: The teacher will create the actual newsletter, but it can include pictures of or by the students. Kids can also help pick colors and graphics.
  • Grades 1 to 5: Students can create the newsletter if the purpose is to share some of their work or entertain. If the newsletter is mostly informative, teachers can create the newsletter or work with kids to ensure all important information is included.
  • Middle and High School: Tweens and teens can create great newsletters on their own, but should have an advisor who serves as the final editor to make sure everything is appropriate.

How Often to Send School Newsletters

The frequency or your school newsletter is completely up to you. If your class or school doesn't have a lot of ways to communicate regularly with groups of parents, a frequent newsletter makes sense.

  • Daily: This format is great for lower elementary kids because parents are largely responsible for knowing things like homework and dates.
  • Weekly: Elementary parents appreciate frequent communication like a weekly newsletter that helps keep them informed in a timely manner.
  • Monthly: Middle school and high school schedules include a lot of pre-planning so getting information out the month ahead is ideal.
  • Quarterly: If you are creating a whole-school newsletter, a quarterly time frame works great.
  • Annually: A back to school newsletter or end of the school year newsletter might be all you need to share what's coming or what's passed.

What to Include in a School Newsletter

You can include almost anything you want in a school newsletter, but there are a few standard items. Keep your information focused by choosing a fun newsletter theme. If students are creating the newsletter, start with a kids' brainstorming activity then filter out your top stories.

  • Important upcoming dates for things like tests, field trips, or class photos
  • Special achievements or accomplishments of students
  • Information about teachers so parents can meet them informally
  • Study units or special topics you've been covering at school
  • Pictures of the kids in action (make sure you have permission to share)
  • Kids' interpretations or comments about current events

Share What's New at School

School newsletters are one way to bridge the gap between school and home. Free, editable classroom newsletter template PDFs make it fun and easy to create any type of school newsletter on the computer. If you don't have access to a computer, you can even use the templates as a guide for drawing your own newsletter by hand.

Free Printable School Newsletter Templates