Funny Speech Examples for Kids

Published September 28, 2018
Girl writing speech

Creating an amusing speech starts with the right topic. In order for kids to add humor, the topic needs to be a bit funny. Therefore, topics like my most embarrassing moment or anything to do with siblings will typically invoke a few laughs. And always remember, this is a speech not an essay so write like you talk.

Personal Speeches

A great way to make your speech funny is to work with a topic that screams humor. Personalized topics are perfect for this.

My Most Embarrassing Moment

"To truly understand the most embarrassing moment I've experienced in my 12 years, it is important for me to set the stage. It was my sixth birthday party and all my friends were there. Some were only there for cake, but I was only there for presents, so it's completely okay. I was getting ready to open presents, the main event of any birthday party. My sister Callie, who I affectionately refer to as Drools, was sitting next to me. My mother had just handed me my first birthday present. The moment my hands wrapped around it, I was vibrating with electricity. I was so excited. I was a little worried I might wet myself. Thankfully, I didn't. But something even worse happened. Drools tried to take my present and yanked. Determined to not let Drools ruin my party, I gripped the present harder. But I wasn't prepared for her hulk-like 2-year-old strength. My determined grip wasn't enough. Not only did the present shoot from my hand like soap, but my fist shot back and hit my eye. Not only did I have a shiner for my birthday, but I cried in front of all my friends. This made my sixth birthday the most embarrassing moment of my life."

How to Speeches

Another great topic to add humor is through how to speeches. Typically, you can add some fun tongue in cheek or goofy humor just by discussing what not to do.

How to Ride a Bike

"There are several steps to learning to ride your bike. If you follow these steps, you will be cruising with your friends without training wheels in no time.

  • Step 1: Put on your helmet because it is important to keep your brains in your head. It would be nice to wrap your whole body in bubble wrap, but how would you get out?
  • Step 2: Get on your bike. Make sure it is standing up because trying to get on it on the ground is hard. You won't fall, but you might look a bit foolish.
  • Step 3: Put your foot on the pedal. This is really important because your bike won't go anywhere if you don't pedal.
  • Step 4: Have a parent or someone older hold the bike. But remember, they are going to let you go. And you will most likely fall. It's important not to be mad at them when you fall because they can't hold the back of your bike for the rest of your life.
  • Step 5: Begin pedaling. Remember, don't look back because that person will let you go. When they let you go, if you look back, you will fall. Not falling is what you are trying to do so keep your eyes forward.
  • Step 6: Get up after you fall. Because I told you not to, I'm sure you looked back so get up and try again.

And, that is how you ride your bike without training wheels."

Persuasive Speeches

Persuasive speeches are another great place kids can add humor. Since you can add some great illustrative details and describe in explicit detail what you shouldn't do or why it is bad.

Why You Should Follow Rules

"We all know it is important to follow the rules. But why is it important to follow rules? Well, there are a few reasons. First of all, rules keep us safe. I mean, we all want to jump off the top of the slide and do a triple back flip with a perfect landing. But if we jump off the top of the slide, we could hit Tommy. Then Tommy would cry. You would still nail the landing but Tommy would be crying so that would be bad. Next, rules on the playground keep order. We all know that we are supposed to go up the slide in single file. While this might seem like a pointless rule, could you imagine if we didn't? We would all rush for the opening like gladiators, and we could get stuck in the opening because there wasn't enough room and we didn't wait our turn. Then, they might have to call the fire department to come get us unstuck. They might even need to use the jaws of life or cut the rails off. We wouldn't be able to slide anymore because there were no rails, and that would be bad. So, it is always important to follow the rules to keep us safe and keep order."

Modifying the Speeches

You can help children customize these speeches by adding their own details. For example, they can modify the experiences to their own or add their own personalized details like age, names of kids in their class, siblings names, or name of their school. They can also use these as a template for a speech contest or to create their own unique speech.

Writing a Good, Funny Speech

Writing speeches isn't too hard when you break them down. They have an introduction, body, and ending. But what really makes them funny? Here are a few tips to get your friends laughing.

  • Use funny stories.
  • Start off with a joke or add jokes throughout. These are essential if you're doing something like giving a funny student council speech at school.
  • Make your examples outrageous (like the fire station because you got stuck on the slide).
  • Use illustrative details.
  • Use figurative language.
  • Write about a funny topic (like your most embarrassing moment).
  • Be excited when you read your speech.
  • Remember to pause at the funny parts when you read it.

Adding a Little Humor

Maybe you add a little tongue in cheek to your how to speech, or you could discuss a funny personal moment. No matter what your subject, creating an amusing speech for kids is all about the details and imagery.

Funny Speech Examples for Kids