Kids' Motivational Speech Topics

Published September 19, 2018
girl giving speech in school

There are tons of motivational prompts for your child to choose from. These inspiring topics make for interesting speeches for kids of all ages. These topics can be used to help get your child's creativity going so they can write a great speech for a school-related project or speech class.

Speech Topics for Young Children

Younger kids can motivate their classmates and friends as much as an adult can. Encourage your little one to think about topics that are meaningful to them.

Self Reflection

It's never too early to help your child develop their insight. Children who understand their emotions grow up to have higher levels of emotional intelligence, which makes verbalizing the ups and downs of childhood a bit easier. Talk to them about writing their speech about:

  • What makes you happy
  • Why it's important to listen to your parents
  • Why learning is fun

Connecting With Others

Reflecting on the importance of connection is a great topic for your kids to think about. Together you can talk about:

  • How to make friends
  • What to do if you've made a mistake
  • Where to go if you need help
  • What does friendship mean
  • Why it's good to make friends

Speech Topics for Older Children

Older kids may have to write speeches for a class or come up with an idea for public speaking practice. Talk through some options with them to see which question or prompt gets them excited.

Finding Yourself

As your child continues to develop, it's important for them to explore who they are. Writing a speech about self-development can be a great way for them to continue finding their identity. They can consider:

  • The most difficult challenges I've conquered
  • What I've learned about myself during stressful times
  • What failing has taught me
  • What helps me focus
  • How to turn a bad day around
  • The hardest part about getting older
  • What my trip to (insert city or country) taught me about myself

Thinking About Others

Your child may enjoy reflecting on their developing relationships in a speech. They can think about:

  • Important aspects of teamwork
  • What I do if I disagree with someone
  • How do you earn respect
  • What are important leadership skills
  • Why it's important to help others
  • Let me tell you about my role model

Speech Topics for Teens

teenager giving speech in front of class

The more passionate your teenager is while giving their speech, the more engaged their audience will be. There are tons of topics and prompts that they can consider using.


Your teenager has the potential to write an incredibly inspiring speech, which can be an empowering experience for them. Talk with them about:

  • What I'd like to see change in the world and what I'm doing to help get there
  • What experience has given me the most insight about myself
  • How I've made it through difficult experiences
  • Who inspires me and why
  • How I strive to be a good person
  • What experiences have shaped me
  • How do I support others
  • Who inspires me to be a better person
  • Why you should go for your dream
  • How I stopped (insert bad habit)
  • Why everyone should make a bucket list

Living Your Best Life

As your teenager becomes a budding adult, writing a speech about big life questions can help them begin thinking about their ultimate goals as an adult. You can talk with your teen about:

  • How I define success
  • My experience with delayed gratification
  • What helps people get along
  • The most important lesson I've learned during my school years
  • Why it's important to challenge stereotypes
  • How bystander intervention can save lives
  • How I've learned to be confident in myself
  • How I'll reach my goal of financial independence
  • Why it's important to connect with people from different cultures
  • Why you should or shouldn't go to college after you graduate

Creating a Captivating Speech

Writing a motivational speech can be tricky. To help your child capture their audience's attention, be sure they start their speech off with a bang. To do so you can encourage them to tell an interesting story or pose a question where they invite the audience to think about or answer. If your child needs help, talk through the topic and encourage them to write a speech about the topic or prompt that interests them the most.

Kids' Motivational Speech Topics