Creating a Family Mission Statement (With Examples)

Published October 15, 2020
family creating mission statement

Creating a family mission statement can be a meaningful way for your family to come up with values that are important to uphold within your household. To create an inclusive family statement, be sure to take into account each family member's unique opinion.

Family Mission Statement

Coming up with a family mission statement can be a powerful activity for you all to engage in together. Family mission statements give a clear understanding to each individual within the family as to what your family stands for. Mission statements can range from formal to very informal and can be handwritten or printed. Some companies can customize your mission statement and place the wording on something that you can hang.

How Do You Write a Family Mission Statement?

While it may seem daunting at first to come up with a family mission statement, know that you can keep your mission statement as short or simple as you'd like, and you can also write your mission statement over multiple family meetings. To create your family mission statement:

  • Set up a time to meet with everyone within the household.
  • Discuss why you'd like to create a family mission statement.
  • Ask each other to note one value or trait that they believe is important to include in the mission statement.
  • Write down recurring themes and values.
  • Come up with a list of family values that includes each person's opinion.
  • Create your mission statement.

How Do You Create Family Values?

The best way to create family values is to live by them through example. For instance, if forgiveness is important in your family, make sure to reinforce this value by forgiving instead of holding grudges. If you aren't sure what your family values are, think of memorable moments where you were all together and truly had fun, or exercised forgiveness, or helped each other out. Using real-life examples can help you hone in on values that are meaningful to your family.

What Are Family Values Examples?

Exploring a list of family values can help you identify which ones are most important to your family. Keep in mind that each family will have their own unique values that are meaningful to them, and each person within the family may have different opinions regarding which values are most important to include in your family mission statement.

Enjoying some family time

Family Mission Statement Examples

Sample family mission statements:

In the (inset last name) family

We value each other's opinions

We embrace mistakes and learn from them

We support each other during triumphs, mistakes, and losses

We love to laugh

We embrace the silly

We respect each other wholeheartedly

In our family:

We love each other

We help each other

We value each other

We listen to each other

We speak respectfully to each other

We don't keep secrets from each other

We are honest with each other

In our house:

We respect each other's boundaries

We value our relationships

We treat each other with kindness

We apologize when we've hurt each other

We forgive wholeheartedly

We love each other

Family Mission Statement Template

To create a family mission statement template:

  • Create an opening line (In our family..., In our house..., In this family...)
  • List out the values that are important to you (We do..., We accept..., We value..., We love...)
  • Sign your names after the values
Family Mission Statement

How Do You Create a Mission Statement?

When creating a family mission statement, try to embody the spirit of your family. Mission statements don't need to be stuffy. They can be funny, silly, lighthearted, and loving. No matter what vibe your family goes for, creating the mission statement together can be a great bonding activity for your family.

Creating a Family Mission Statement (With Examples)