Best Truth or Dare Dares


Truth or Dare? It's been a classic game for years and choosing dares can strike fear into even the bravest teens. Having questions that are revealing and dares that are fun, embarrassing, and hilarious to watch are central to a great game of Truth or Dare. Here are some of the best dares you can use!

1. Go Outside and Sing a Children's Song


What songs do you remember from your childhood? This dare takes you outside, no matter the time or weather, to sing your favorite!

You can let the singer decide how much to sing or set a specific amount of time the singing must last. If they forget the words before time is up, they have to make up lyrics or change songs.

2. Call Your Crush and Explain a Fable


Calling a crush is always a great dare because everyone is nervous talking to the someone they want to impress! With this dare, the player must call their crush and explain one of Aesop's fables. Make sure you get all the way to the moral of the story -- it doesn't count if you stop early.

To keep everyone honest, have another member of the group dial the number. That way, there are no fake calls!


3. Drink a Mystery Concoction


This dare is great no matter where you're playing, indoors or out. As long as you have water to start with, you can make a mystery concoction for the dared player to drink.

The way the dare works is that the player doing the dare chooses two other members of the group. The first one goes to the fridge and the cabinets and makes a mystery concoction out of foods, spices, oils, and condiments.

The second group member picked by the player decides on a number between one and ten. That number is how many sips of the mystery concoction the dared player has to take.

Bottoms up!

4. Let The Group Give a Makeover and Post It


Makeover time! Everyone in the group gets to put makeup on the dared player and style his or her hair. If you don't have proper makeup available, try washable markers, mud, or whatever you can find that isn't dangerous.

Hair can be styled in any way, using whatever materials are available. Spiky or smooth, it's up to the group.

The final look is then photographed and uploaded on social media. Beautiful!

5. Lick a Bar of Soap for Five Seconds


Your mom may not wash your mouth out anymore, but when you play Truth or Dare, you can wash it out on your own! The dared player has to lick a bar of soap for five seconds straight and can't rinse out their mouth for a full 30 seconds after stopping.

This is a good one to video for social media too!


6. Tie Shoelaces Together and Run Around


For this dare, the player has to tightly tie their shoelaces together and take a lap around the yard. With everyone filming, of course.

7. The Big Sniffer


Time to take a whiff! In this dare, the player has to smell something terrible. It can be another player's feet, armpit, or breath. Or, it can be the garbage, dog poop, or anything else nasty that's nearby.

Decide before the game what will be sniffed. When a player chooses Dare, there's always a chance they will be in for a nasty smell!

8. Untie Shoes With Your Teeth


This gross-out dare involves the dared player untying the shoes of the person next to him or her using only teeth. No hands allowed!

To make this even more fun, video it and post on social media, or set a time limit by which the shoes have to be completely untied. If the player misses the deadline, he or she has to do another dare!


9. Let The Group See Your Phone


This may be one of the most terrifying dares of all time. The player choosing dare has to let the entire group look through their phone for 60 seconds. If there's anything embarrassing, everyone's about to find out about it!

10. I've Lost My Mind!


Doing something crazy in public is always a good dare. With this challenge, the dared player has to go outside and run around for three full minutes, yelling "I've lost my mind, can you help me find it?"

As an added twist, if anyone comes up to see what the player is yelling about, they have to breathlessly tell them, "I lost my mind, can you help me? Where do you think it went?" and then run off yelling again.

11. Eat Some Pet Food


Dog food and cat food are great for animals, but it tastes awful to humans. The same goes for birdseed, hamster pellets, and more.

This dare is simple: roll a six-sided die and make the dared player eat the number of pieces of animal food displayed on the die.


12. Become a Tree Hugger


Time to go outside! With the tree hugger dare, the challenged player goes outside and hugs as many trees as possible within 30 seconds. Bonus points can be awarded for the player to shout different affectionate phrases to each tree, such as "I love you tree!" or "You're the best tree ever, be-leaf me!"

Not only is this dare hilarious, it's great exercise too. Win-win!

So much love!

13. Give a Speech!


Studies show that the biggest fear of most Americans is public speaking. It's time to overcome your fear.

With this dare, the challenged player has to give a speech for 60 seconds on a particular topic. You can have another player choose the topic or write subjects on slips of paper and have the dared player choose one.

Fun topics include best fashion trend of the year, best movie ever made, the most attractive thing about the opposite sex, the best football/basketball/baseball player of all time, best teacher at school, worst school subject ever, and more.

14. Post a Funny Facebook Status


Social media is a place where everyone sees everything. Choose some really funny Facebook statuses and write them on pieces of paper. The dared player must choose a slip of paper and then post that Facebook status immediately.

Other players can then check to make sure that the status was posted and not set to "private."


15. Talk to a Stranger


Time to meet someone new! The challenged player has to go up to someone publicly and start up a conversation or say something silly. Make sure it isn't anything offensive or rude - perhaps ask for help with a simple math problem ("I can't figure out what 9 x 7 is, can you help?) or something similar. Be sure you do this in a public place where there are plenty of others around. Alternatively, if it's at your house and you know your neighbors, have them go knock on the door of a safe neighbor to have a quick chat.

Truth or Dare can be played as an icebreaker for teens, part of a camp or youth group activity, or at a sleepover or party. Wherever you play Truth or Dare, these dares will bring laughter, red faces, and memories you'll never forget!

Best Truth or Dare Dares