90 Brilliant Brunch Captions and Quotes for Instagram

Published April 14, 2022
Friends taking pictures of food on the table

Are you someone who loves brunch? If you're looking to inspire a bit of brunch envy or just want to exclaim about just how much you adore it, explore this extensive menu of brunch captions and quotes. You're sure to find just the right way to share your thoughts about the absolute best meal of any weekend day!

Clever Brunch Captions for Instagram

couple enjoying healthy lunch with friends in restaurant outdoor

Your brunchtime selfies will really stand out when you embellish them with these clever Instagram captions.

  • Brunch happens.
  • Brunch becomes me.
  • Always up for brunch.
  • Living my best brunch.
  • Takin' a bite out of brunch.
  • Just munchin' and brunchin'.
  • Brunch me with your best shot.
  • Brunch: like breakfast, but better.
  • Brunching likes nobody's business.
  • What happens at brunch stays at brunch.

Brunch With Friends Captions and Quotes

Friends Enjoying Brunch

Brunch is the most fun when you get to share it with friends. Use these cute sayings for group photos snapped at brunch.

  • Together we brunch.
  • Ladies who brunch.
  • Besties who brunch.
  • Never brunch alone.
  • Brunchin' with my posse.
  • Long live the brunch bunch.
  • It's a brunch bunch kind of day.
  • Brunch is the best time to dish!
  • Hangin' with my brunch besties.
  • The only thing better than brunch is brunch with friends.

Weekend Brunch Quotes

Weekends generally provide the best brunching opportunities. Welcome the weekend and boast about brunch with these witty words.

  • Week. Brunch. Repeat.
  • Brunch now, nap later.
  • The best weekends begin with brunch.
  • Brunch kicks off the weekend in style.
  • Everybody's workin' for weekend brunch.
  • Weekend brunch cures the workweek blues.
  • It's time to punch my weekend brunch card.
  • Saving up my cheat meal for weekend brunch.
  • When you've slept through breakfast but can't wait for lunch.
  • Wake up, put hair in a scrunchie, then run out the door and head to brunchie.

Saturday Brunch Captions

Whether you're recovering from Friday night out on the town or looking to end the week with a tasty splurge, Saturday brunch has its own special vibe. Mark the occasion with these Saturday brunch captions.

  • Saturdays are made for brunching.
  • Brunch buffets lead to a Satur-daze.
  • Brunch is my favorite Saturday meal.
  • Brunch is the best way to greet Saturday.
  • Startin' day six with a yummy brunch fix.
  • Kickstart your Saturday with a brunch buffet.
  • The best weekends begin with Saturday brunch.
  • Sleep in on Saturday, then brunch the afternoon away.
  • Start Saturday morning with sausages and champagne.
  • Nothing says Saturday like pancakes and champagne in the morning.

Sunday Brunch Quotes

Brunch is often the focal point of Sunday Funday adventures. Shout out to Sunday brunch with this collection of short but creative quotes about Sunday brunch.

  • Sunday brunch day.
  • Smile, it's Sunday brunch.
  • On the seventh day, we brunch.
  • Brunch today, Monday tomorrow.
  • Brunch is easy like Sunday morning.
  • On the seventh day, brunch happened.
  • Kickstart the week with Sunday brunch.
  • Carb load for the workweek at Sunday brunch.
  • A new week is here; kick it off with a Sunday brunch filled with cheer.
  • Sunday brunch is the best reward for the previous week of working hard.

Bottomless Brunch Captions

Man eating breakfast at the cafe

There's nothing quite like a brunch menu that includes bottomless boozy beverages. Caption your bottomless brunch experience with these sayings.

  • Bottomless brunches are the bestest.
  • Brunch is just an excuse to day drink.
  • Brunch is all about adult beverages.
  • Happiness is a bottomless bloody Mary bar.
  • Heaven is brunch with bottomless mimosas.
  • Brunch is just breakfast with bottomless booze.
  • Bottomless brunch is like a half-day happy hour.
  • Happiness is brunch with a bottomless bloody Mary.
  • Making' day drinking socially acceptable one brunch at a time.
  • Brunch: The perfect combination of breakfast, lunch, and booze.

Funny Brunch Puns for Instagram

Are you a fan of corny humor? Use these silly puns as chuckle-worthy (or grown-worthy) cations for your brunch stories.

  • I'm a brunch-aholic.
  • Go ahead, mimosa my day.
  • Brunch really bacons my day.
  • It's brunch o' clock somewhere.
  • Lunch ain't got muffin on brunch.
  • This brunch is off to a fry-ing start.
  • There's no eggs-cuse to miss brunch.
  • Gettin' some eggs-ercise in at brunch.
  • Brunch is more eggs-otic than breakfast.
  • Orange you grateful for bottomless brunch?

Brunch Food Quotes and Captions

young woman sitting at dining table eating pancakes with blueberries

Chronicle your brunch adventures in dining with these food-focused captions and quotes.

  • Brunch goals: Eat all the eggs.
  • Waffles make brunch complete.
  • Brunch really butters my biscuit.
  • The best brunches are a bit eggy.
  • Brunch puts the butter in my batter.
  • Happiness is unlimited waffle toppings.
  • The bigger the omelet, the better the brunch.
  • Pastries at brunch make my heart go pitter-patter.
  • Brunch is like an intervention, but with pancakes.
  • There's no such thing as too much syrup at brunch.

Birthday Brunch Quotes

Brunch can be an essential part of any grown-up birthday celebration. Whether you're kicking off your big day with brunch or recovering from a night of partying the morning after the main event, use these birthday quotes to mark the occasion.

  • It's a jazz brunch kind of birthday.
  • Havin' a brunch-tastic birthday!
  • It's my birthday - brunch with me!
  • All I want for my birthday is brunch.
  • Let the birthday brunching commence.
  • Brunch starts birthdays off with a bang.
  • Birthday brunches are the best brunches.
  • It's my birthday and I'll brunch if I want to.
  • Enjoyin' the first birthday brunch of the rest of my life.
  • Party all night, brunch the next day - what a great way to celebrate my birthday!

Celebrate Brunch With Sayings and Quotes

Whether it's Mother's Day, Christmas, or Thanksgiving, brunch is an occasion to be photographed and celebrated. Use the fabulous captions and quotes above to more than adequately express your passion for brunch! Don't keep these sensational sayings to yourself. Instead, snap some selfies, crowd shots, or food pics the next time you're at brunch and post away. There's no better way to share your love of brunch with your followers and friends. You might even garner a bit of brunch envy or inspire others to make some weekend brunch memories of their own.

90 Brilliant Brunch Captions and Quotes for Instagram