100+ Captivating Waterfall Captions for Instagram

Published April 19, 2022
Tourist admiring Dettifoss waterfall at sunset

Do you have the perfect picture of a waterfall? Did you take a vacation to the falls and want to share them on your page. Fill your Instagram and social media with your pictures and top them off with the perfect waterfall caption.

Best Waterfall Captions for Instagram

Tourist on a rock admiring Gljufrabui waterfall

Do you have the best waterfall image to share on your Instagram? Try out these captions to make your picture trend.

  • There is beauty in flowing freely.
  • Your breath catches at the beauty of a waterfall.
  • Be a waterfall. Keep moving forward.
  • Mimic the flow of life. Follow a waterfall.
  • A waterfall is nature's way of sharing the beautiful music of the world.
  • Water knows how to make a breathtaking splash.
  • Catch your breath in the colors of a waterfall.
  • Waterfalls and sunsets are nature's way of showing you true beauty.
  • The rush of a waterfall is a beautiful distraction.
  • When you need paradise, find a live stream.

Frozen Waterfall Captions to Add Sparkle to Your Day

Waterfalls can be graceful and tranquil. They look even better when the water freezes in the winter cold. Check out the sparkle of a frozen waterfall.

  • Sparkle and shine like a frozen waterfall.
  • Beauty in freeze-frame.
  • Chill with the beauty of a frozen waterfall.
  • The water be chillin.
  • Fall into frozen happiness.
  • Find solace in the silence of a frozen waterfall.
  • Find yourself in a frozen wonder.
  • Capture a dream in one moment of frozen water.
  • The edge of a frozen waterfall holds possibilities.
  • Everything in life needs to stop and take a break for a moment, even waterfalls.

Funny & Witty Waterfall Captions

Keep your posts fun with a witty caption on your picture. These sayings are going to keep your pictures fun.

  • Who said you shouldn't chase waterfalls?
  • You might chase a waterfall, but you'll never catch one.
  • Water falls too. It just does it with more pizzaz.
  • Waterfalls might not cure everything, but they sure are pretty.
  • A waterfall is just water's way of living its best life.
  • Even water is a thrill seeker.
  • Nature has water slides too.
  • Water is simply a majestic traveler.
  • When water can't find a path, it creates an amazing one.
  • The trick is just to watch the waterfall, not be swept into it.

Short Waterfall Quotes to Add Life to Pics

The attention span of most readers is short. Keep them enthralled through a few short waterfall quotes.

  • Even nature's tears are glorious.
  • Waterfall - waters leap of faith
  • Explore waterfalls.
  • Beauty and wonder = waterfalls
  • That view, though
  • Don't question; just jump.
  • The swim was worth it.
  • Take a break in a waterfall.
  • Surround yourself with beauty and grace.
  • Lose yourself if the flow of a waterfall.
  • Nature's shower. A waterfall.

Peaceful Waterfall Messages to Capture Life

Young girl in forest with waterfall

Take a hike and find a few waterfalls. From peaceful to serene, you can try out one of these captions on for size.

  • Take a moment to enjoy the majestic beauty of a waterfall.
  • Inner peace is found in the glory of waterfalls.
  • Find yourself on the edge of the waterfall.
  • A waterfall is a peaceful noise.
  • Focus on nothing but the stunning serenity of a waterfall.
  • The crashing sound of water halts all your thoughts.
  • You need nothing but to enjoy the beautiful rush of water for a few moments.
  • Cure your mind and find peace in a moment with a waterfall.
  • Find inspiration in the sheer elegance of a waterfall.
  • Waterfalls create an exquisite glamor that brings fulfillment to your heart.

Waterfall Instagram Sayings That Are Good to the Last Drop

Waterfall captions work for your social media and Snapchats. You can also use captions on gifts like mugs and tumblers.

  • Going with the flow of life
  • Find happiness chasing waterfalls.
  • Nothing boring about water's beauty.
  • The grace and glory of a waterfall
  • Losing yourself in falling water
  • Walk behind a waterfall for an authentic experience.
  • Use the waterfall as cover.
  • Waterfalls are a beautiful paradise.
  • Flow free and beautiful like waterfalls.
  • Let the water wash your worries away.

Picture Perfect Captions for Waterfall Images

Plitvice lakes National Park

Waterfall images are some of the most beautiful pictures on the web. Make them stand out with the right message.

  • Roam the world one waterfall at a time.
  • Feel the roar of the water.
  • Relax and enjoy a waterfall.
  • It's not swimming unless you are swimming with a waterfall.
  • Float on the water, and the falls take you where they will.
  • When the waterfalls are this beautiful, you have to take a photo.
  • Cleanse your energy in the life force of a waterfall.
  • Surround yourself with a waterfall and click.
  • The magic of nature is found here.
  • The best way to relax after a long day of exploring.

Tranquil Waterfall Quotes to Delight

After a long hike to the falls, you take a tranquil dip in the water. Take the perfect picture of your swim in the waterfall.

  • Delight in the tranquility a waterfall brings to your life.
  • Meditate with a waterfall, connect with the earth.
  • Reset your mind, body, and soul with mother natures power.
  • Find balance with the water flowing around you.
  • Never underestimate the power of water to rejuvenate your mind.
  • Set your soul free with the grace of a waterfall.
  • Get a view of heaven with a simple click.
  • Nothing says freedom and adventure like this view.
  • Fall in love with nature over again by enjoying her beauty.
  • The music a waterfall brings soothes the cracks in your soul.

Inspirational Waterfall Sayings to Soothe Your Soul

Man with yellow jacket standing gazing at the waterfall

Nothing is more calming than watching the soothing, never-ending fall of water. Take a selfie while mediating near the falls, then give it the perfect caption.

  • Patience and perseverance are all found in the flow of a waterfall.
  • Even when you fall, you can find a rainbow.
  • Beneath beauty, there is a powerful flowing force.
  • Nothing stops a waterfall from flowing forward. It cuts through rocks and mountains.
  • The water isn't scared to leap. Are you?
  • It's the beauty of the fall that catches your breath.
  • Paths flow, wind, and fall. Just ask a waterfall.
  • Rush toward happiness and calm. Don't be afraid of the fall.
  • The best things in life make a splash.
  • Sometimes it just takes a change of perspective to see the true beauty in the water.

Famous Waterfall Captions to Add Pizzaz to Your Pic

Waterfalls have inspired the masses. Take a look at what some celebrities have to say about waterfalls.

  • "There's no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this." - John Ruskin
  • "Just let go and fall like a little waterfall." - Bob Ross
  • "The idea is that flowing water never goes stale, so just keep on flowing." - Bruce Lee
  • "Tell your dream to the waterfall." - Sellâle
  • "The waterfall winks at every passerby." - Marty Rubin
  • "When water falls, it flies." - Anthony T. Hincks
  • "For an instant, silence, noisier than a waterfall." - Salman Rushdie
  • "Surrender to the flow." - Mike Gordon
  • "I can see my rainbow calling me through the misty breeze of my waterfall." - Jimi Hendrix
  • "Tell your dream to the waterfall." - Sellale
  • "Every teardrop is a waterfall." - Coldplay
  • "There's no better place to find yourself than sitting by a waterfall and listening to its music." - Roland R. Kemler
  • "A river cuts through a rock, not because of its power but because of its persistence." - Jim Watkins
  • "Run wild and free like a waterfall." - Anamika Mishra
  • "Water is the driving force of all nature." - Leonardo da Vinci

The Beauty of Waterfalls Captured in a Word

It can be hard to caption a photo. This is especially true when it comes to pictures of waterfalls. That moment of sheer awe is hard to put into words. Whether you're making an Instagram post, captioning a scrapbook page, or captioning a gift, try out these unique waterfall quotes to give it a little wow!

100+ Captivating Waterfall Captions for Instagram