150+ Cute and Witty Garden Captions for Plant Lovers 

Published April 25, 2022
Hands holding heart-shaped soil with seedlings around them

If you're a bit garden-obsessed, finding creative garden captions is a never-ending quest. Chances are that you're snapping photos every day, so you're always on the lookout for the perfect thing to say. Whether you're feeling cute or thoughtful or funny or snarky, you're sure to find quite a few options in this long list of captions to help you paint a perfect picture of your plant-based passion.

Gardening Captions for Instagram

Do you love to share selfies of yourself at work in your garden? The captions below are a great way to highlight how you do you.

Gardening Caption for Instagram
  • Makin' it grain.
  • Plowin' ahead.
  • Feelin' a bit seedy.
  • Keepin' it composted.
  • It's just a little root rot.
  • Have shovel, will garden.
  • Gardening feeds my soul.
  • It's time to row in the trowel.
  • Keepin' it real with plant therapy.
  • Measurin' my worth in garden dirt.
  • I don't have a horticulture problem.
  • All mulched up and everywhere to grow.
  • Might as well face it, I'm addicted to plants.
  • If growing plants is wrong, I don't want to be right.

Captions to Describe a Gardener

Whether you're describing yourself or another enthusiastic gardener, use the sayings below to describe a person who truly loves to grow things.

Caption to Describe a Gardener
  • Grow girl.
  • Dirt poor.
  • Plays in dirt.
  • Farmer light.
  • Baby bloomer.
  • Tomato snob.
  • Seedling sower.
  • Community tiller.
  • Flower empowerer.
  • Full-sun worshipper.
  • Will work for compost.
  • Loves to toil in the soil.
  • Spends money on dirt.
  • Sprouts in every season.
  • Has a favorite brand of dirt.
  • Never complains about the rain.

Snarky Gardening Sayings

Do you deal with little digs (pun intended) from people who couldn't keep from killing a cactus? Return their snark with these snappy sayings.

  • Lilac it or leave it.
  • Don't orchid yourself.
  • That really pots my soil.
  • Don't take me for planted.
  • Wouldn't you like to grow...
  • Plants are better than people.
  • Have you got ants in your plants?
  • Yes, I really do need all of these plants.
  • Your family eats store-bought produce.
  • Don't be such a pain in the greenhouse glass.
  • I can turn dirt into food. What's your superpower?
  • Gardeners don't let friends eat store-bought produce.
  • Don't come crying to me when your bagged lettuce gets recalled.

Captions About Tending a Garden

Your gorgeous garden didn't get that way all by itself. Share the joy of the journey behind the fruits of your labors with the captions below.

Caption About Tending a Garden
  • Did you miss me mulch?
  • No spore left behind.
  • Sowing the seeds of love.
  • Gardening really gets me growing.
  • If you water them, seeds will grow.
  • Growing things is my superpower.
  • I never met a worm I didn't like.
  • These are the weeds that try our soil.
  • Some of my best friends are fronds.
  • Companion plants make me smile.
  • Chlorophyll makes the magic happen.
  • A little horticulture never hurt anyone.
  • There's no such thing as too much mulch.
  • There's no better therapy than growing a garden.
  • Add compost to clay; soon rich soil will be on the way.
  • Gardening is about striking the right balance between weeding and seeding.

Seedling Captions

Remind people that the horticultural miracle that is your garden started with seeds and tiny seedlings before it grew strong and turned into what it has grown to be.

Seedling Caption
  • Release the roots.
  • Bursting at the roots.
  • Rootbound and about to burst.
  • Small, but bursting with potential.
  • Greenhouse-grown and proud of it.
  • This little sprout is what it's all about.
  • Tomorrow's salad started with a seed.
  • There's no such thing as a bad seedling.
  • Volunteer seedlings are easy come, easy grow.
  • Seedlings don't know that failure is an option.
  • Every harvest begins with a few strong seedlings.
  • Seedlings don't know any better, so they succeed.
  • If you plant more seedlings than you kill, a harvest is inevitable.
  • Nothing will stop this seed from being as great as it was meant to be.

Vegetable Garden Captions

There's something amazing and empowering about growing your own food. Share the magic with captions focused on vegetable gardening.

  • Eat it before it bolts.
  • Act your cabb-age.
  • Cole crops fill the gap.
  • Real food isn't symmetrical.
  • How does your broccoli grow?
  • I'm going to be sorrel tomorrow.
  • Seed today, vegetable tomorrow.
  • Home-grown food feeds your soul.
  • This corn is greening from ear to ear.
  • Kale: the little condiment that could.
  • Take good care of the land that feeds you.
  • Reap what you sow and eat what you grow.
  • Why grow grass where you could be growing food?
  • Growing your own food gives you control over your fuel.
  • There's no better bargain than growing your own kitchen garden.

Tea and Herb Garden Captions

Whether you're growing herbs to flavor your food, make your own tea, or attract pollinators, use these captions to highlight their unique beauty.

Tea and Herb Garden Caption
  • Flavor grows here.
  • I'll make you a dill.
  • Pollinator herb-itat.
  • Doin' the plant chive.
  • Kickin' weeds to the herb.
  • Let the good thymes grow.
  • Basil today, pesto tomorrow.
  • Walk chamomile in my shoes.
  • Herb gardens add spice to life.
  • Echinacea cures whatever ails you.
  • I've got an herb to pick with you.

Flower Garden Captions for Instagram

Growing flowers is like waving your magic wand, then doing a lot of hard work, followed by watching an explosion of incredible beauty in your yard. Share the love with these flower-focused sayings.

Flower Garden Caption for Instagram
  • Perennial power.
  • Feel the flower power.
  • Blessed with blooms.
  • Breathe in the blooms.
  • Make room for blooms.
  • Lookin' for a cone to pick.
  • These blooms really scent me.
  • There is power in growing flowers.
  • Edible flowers are meant to be devoured.
  • Perennials root where they're planted.
  • Blooming flowers are Mother Nature's smiles.

Inspirational Garden Captions

If you can't find inspiration in a garden, you aren't looking very hard. Use the captions below to share the magical inspiration of gardening.

Inspirational Garden Caption
  • Garden joy is in the journey.
  • Feed your garden; recharge your soul.
  • Miracles happen in the garden every day.
  • A garden is a little slice of heaven here on earth.
  • Tending your garden is a way to take care of your soul.
  • Anywhere there is light and love is a place a garden can grow.
  • Growing a garden is proof that there is a time for every purpose.
  • When you grow a garden, you have a front-row seat to the miracle of life.
  • If you need to be reminded that the universe is unfolding as it should, grow a garden.
  • If one tiny seed can produce an endless supply of beauty, just imagine what you can do in the right conditions.

Balcony and Container Garden Captions

You don't have to have a big yard, or any at all, to build yourself a beautiful garden. Be an evangelist for small space growing with these captions about gardening in containers.

  • How does your garden flow?
  • All you need is a pot to plant in.
  • There's nowhere to grow but up.
  • Balcony gardens were made to cascade.
  • A container garden is a gateway drug to a hobby farm.
  • If you're going to plant mint, be sure to keep it contained.
  • An empty container is a garden looking for a place to happen.
  • Container gardens are limited only by your imagination.

Funny Garden Captions

If you snap a bunch of pictures, there are sure to be several that cry out for a silly caption. That's why no collection of captions is complete without some funny turns of phrase.

  • It's not a compost pile; it's a botany bin.
  • Crocs are always in fashion in the garden.
  • Nothing says gardener like dirty fingernails.
  • Why yes, I did just by a ton of poop. What of it?
  • There's no shame in wearing gardening galoshes.
  • You know you're a real gardener if you cheer when you see a worm in the dirt.
  • What do you mean there are no mushrooms in that mushroom compost?
  • You know you're a serious gardener when you ask your neighbors for their grass clippings.

Catchy Garden Phrases

Catchphrases make terrific captions. The catchy sayings below are certainly memorable.

  • Save the spores.
  • Weed, seed, repeat.
  • Snip, root, grown.
  • Grow me a garden.
  • Green like a garden.
  • Loam is all we need.
  • Please romaine seated.
  • Green gets me growing.
  • A watered garden quickly grows.

Home and Garden Captions

When you caption images of the beautiful outdoor space that extends your home beyond your doors, you just might inspire others to start gardens of their own.

  • Love my yardy place.
  • Be an exterior decorator.
  • The yard is my canvas.
  • Welcome to my biome.
  • Go ahead, mulch my yard.
  • Rhizome is where the heart is.
  • Garden party in the back yard.
  • Paradise by the backyard light.
  • Gardener's toil today to experience joy tomorrow.

Capture Gardening in a Phrase

If you're looking for a way to capture all that gardening can be in a phrase, you've surely come to the right place. Whether you stick with photo captions or you branch out into scrapbooks or even start making your own garden signs, these botanical sayings are sure to become integrated into the way you think (and talk!) about gardening.

150+ Cute and Witty Garden Captions for Plant Lovers