65 Wednesday Quotes for a Happy Hump Day

Published March 3, 2022
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Every day is filled with possibilities! If you're having a hard time maintaining that sentiment in the middle of the week, rely on these Wednesday quotes to help you have a happy hump day. Whether you're looking for a midweek pick-me-up in the form of a funny quote or if you're in need of a bit of motivation or inspiration to keep you going until the weekend, these phrases are sure to get you in the right frame of mind to face the (Wednes)day!

Positive Wednesday Quotes

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The best attitude to have about Wednesday is a positive one. Even if the weekend seems too far in the future, these upbeat quotes will help you get into the best possible midweek frame of mind.

  • Seize the Wednesday.
  • Wednesday rules!
  • Halfway to the weekend!
  • Wednesday: Another word for wonderful.
  • Wednesday is a great day to make a difference.
  • Lead the way to a fabulous Wednesday!
  • Wednesday: The countdown to the weekend begins!
  • Bloom where you're planted, even if it's Wednesday.
  • When Wednesday arrives, the weekend is just around the corner.
  • Today is the first Wednesday of the rest of your life. Make it matter.

Wednesday Sayings for Instagram

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Looking for a way to share your middle-of-the-week joy? Feature these short captions on your Wednesday selfies and spread some positive midweek vibes.

  • Wednesday friends-day!
  • Wednesday in 'da house!
  • Gettin' a jump on hump (day).
  • Making' some midweek magic.
  • In a Wednesday state of mind.
  • Wednesday won't get me down.
  • Watch out world, Wednesday is here!
  • Powerin' through Wednesday.
  • Watch out Wednesday, here I come!
  • Climbin' the hill, gettin' over the hump.

Good Morning Wednesday Sayings

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What better way to start hump day than greeting Wednesday with a happy quote? Use these upbeat phrases to spread tidings of joy in the middle of the week.

  • Rise and Wednesday shine!
  • Welcome, Wednesday!
  • Hello, hump day!
  • What'cha got, Wednesday?
  • Have a happy hump day.
  • Wednesday really wakes me up.
  • Wake up to a wonderful Wednesday!
  • May this Wednesday bring you joy.
  • Wednesday's on the calendar, but Saturday's on my mind.

Cute and Catchy Wednesday Phrases

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Wednesday is a great time to let your sense of humor shine through! Welcome the next Wednesday with one of these funny sayings.

  • It's no whine Wednesday.
  • Party like it's Wednesday. (Like not at all.)
  • It won't always be Wednesday.
  • What's behind the door of day number four?
  • Wednesday: We're all in this together!
  • It's Wednesday all over the world.
  • Wednesday: The middle child of the calendar.
  • Wednesday forecast: 48 hours to better days!
  • Get past Wednesday; get closer to the weekend!
  • Today we Wednesday. The day after tomorrow, we weekend!

Inspirational Winning Wednesday Quotes

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Looking for some Wednesday motivation? Let these winning Wednesday quotes inspire you to live your best life, even in the middle of the week.

  • On Wednesday we rise.
  • Conquer Wednesday.
  • Wednesday moves me.
  • Wednesday is for winners.
  • Make your midweek matter.
  • Wednesday: Rise to the occasion.
  • Wednesday is a great day to get ahead.
  • It's Wednesday - what will you accomplish?

Wednesday Quotes for the Workplace

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For anyone who works a Monday - Friday schedule, Wednesday is the halfway point between the beginning of the workweek and the weekend. Mark the occasion with some motivational musings or funny quotes for work.

  • Work like it's Wednesday.
  • Wednesday means business.
  • Wednesdays were made for working.
  • Wednesday's not the boss of me.
  • Where's your midweek mastery?
  • Wednesday: One day closer to payday.
  • Workin' toward a weekend recharge.
  • Can I skip Wednesday and go directly to Friday?
  • Work on Wednesday like your weekend depends on it.

Wellness Wednesday Quotes

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For fans of alliteration, Wednesday is the perfect time to emphasize wellness, at work or elsewhere. Get focused on health with these wellbeing-focused quotes.

  • Wednesday works for wellness.
  • Get movin' Wednesday.
  • Wake up and work out Wednesday.
  • Willpower through Wednesday!
  • Wellbeing rules Wednesday.
  • Fitness comes first on Wednesday.
  • Nothing beats a Wednesday workout.
  • Battle weakness with midweek fitness.
  • Make your Wednesday with midweek meditation.

Make Every Wednesday a Momentous Occasion

There's no such thing as just another day. The day you're in is the day you have; it's up to you to make the most of it. It's important to seize the day and live in the moment every day of the week. Celebrate every day--even Wednesday--with special sayings that help you (and everyone else!) realize that it's truly a momentous occasion.

65 Wednesday Quotes for a Happy Hump Day