100+ Anxiety Quotes to Relax and Ground You 

Published August 5, 2022
Young girl is sitting on the couch suffering from anxiety

Everyone's journey with anxiety is unique. But you are not alone if you suffer from it. Dive into a few uplifting and encouraging anxiety quotes. From social anxiety to depression and anxiety, these quotes help to describe and offer strength to people with anxiety and their loved ones.

Quotes About Anxiety to Help Relax

Many people have at least one type of anxiety. Read through a few quotes to clear your mind and find calm in times of worry.

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  • When the world becomes too much, take a moment and breathe.
  • You have the power to bring your own peace.
  • You hold the key to your own happiness. Stop and breathe for a moment.
  • Anxiety can easily crush your happiness. Don't let it.
  • Live one moment at a time. You can't control tomorrow.
  • Only this moment matters.
  • Control is a relative thing.
  • Worrying about the evils that may never come sucks the happiness out of today.
  • The transformation to a butterfly is a harsh one. Don't let anxiety stop the beauty.
  • The answers to tomorrow's questions come easily when you relax and allow your mind to find them.
  • You can't answer tomorrow's questions today. Don't allow your brain to try.

Inspirational Anxiety Quotes

Is worry clouding your mind? Find inspiration in words to help pull you through the panic. These quotes can help to uplift your spirit and help you focus on calm.

Young woman looking up at the sky on a sunny afternoon
  • Anxiety suffers have a wealth of courage and perseverance.
  • To live with anxiety is to live courageously. You fight daily to see the beautiful colors of the world.
  • Your strength is astonishing.
  • Don't let your mind tell you to be perfect. It's your flaws that make you unforgettable.
  • You have the power to make a beautiful world around. Trust that.
  • You've survived this moment. It made you stronger. You can survive all the next to come.
  • The shadows of worry lose their power in the sunshine.
  • The fighter within you is a powerful thing.
  • Don't let the voices of anxiety take away the beautiful music of the world.
  • Every moment is just one first step after another.
  • Every morning you step out of bed, you are courageous. It takes strength to fight through anxiety.

Quotes About Overcoming Anxiety

When anxiety is dragging you down, it can be hard to overcome. But that doesn't mean it's impossible. Explore a few mindful messages to help you find the calm within the storm.

Hiker contemplating the Three Peaks of Lavaredo
  • The mountain anxiety creates is overcome one step at a time.
  • You will not overcome anxiety all at once; it takes time.
  • You have the power to overcome the anxiety raging inside you. Your strength is evident.
  • Every breath you take is another chance to overcome anxiety.
  • Overcoming anxiety isn't easy. But you have the strength to survive everything that comes your way.
  • Don't allow anxiety to consume you by living in each moment.
  • It's difficult for anxiety to gain a foothold when you focus on moving forward.
  • Every step forward is another moment to overcome anxiety.
  • Anxiety's job is to stop you. Don't let it.
  • Overcoming anxiety is done in small steps that take you miles.

Short Anxiety Quotes to Find Encouragement

It can be hard to find anything positive when negative thoughts are crowding your thinking. Work to banish that negativity and find encouragement to keep pushing forward.

Laughing redheaded woman with light and shadow
  • Don't let anxiety steal your happiness.
  • Breathe and move forward.
  • Never let anxiety control you.
  • Today and every day, you are enough.
  • Sometimes it's best not to think.
  • Clear your mind and see where it takes you.
  • Choose calm and live free.
  • Find the light to discourage anxiety's shadow.
  • You don't have to be okay.
  • No moment or person is perfect. Be you.
  • Stop fear from stealing more minutes.

Uplifting Famous Anxiety Quotes

Everyone struggles with anxiety at one time or another. Many famous speakers, mental health professionals, and celebrities have soothing words to help you keep your anxiety from taking over.

  • "No need to hurry. No need to sparkle. No need to be anybody but oneself." - Virginia Woolf
  • "Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action." - Walter Anderson
  • "My anxiety doesn't come from thinking about the future but from wanting to control it." - Hugh Prather
  • "It's not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it." - Hans Selye
  • "You don't have to control your thoughts. You just have to stop letting them control you." - Dan Millman
  • "You can't always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside." - Wayne Dyer

Social Anxiety Quotes to Help Deal

Being shy can be challenging. You want to make friends and go to that party, but the feeling inside your guts can be debilitating. Know you are not alone.

Sad young woman sitting alone separately from friends
  • My soul craves people. My anxiety does not.
  • When you live with social anxiety, escape is sometimes a necessity.
  • It's hard to break free of the worry of what other people think. But it's their business.
  • It's hard to cope with a brain that tells you all eyes are on you when none are.
  • When the weight of a hundred eyes is working to crush you, focus on one.
  • Anxiety is the weight that holds you back from freedom.
  • Socializing takes a tremendous amount of energy.
  • No one is judging you as hard as you are judging yourself at that moment.
  • Don't allow shyness to stop you from showing the world you're terrific.
  • Socializing is hard but worth it.

Living With Anxiety Quotes

Anxiety can be a daily struggle for some. Some days, it might be nearly impossible to get out of bed. Find solace knowing you are doing your best.

Man lying down in bed feeling drained
  • Living with anxiety is fighting unknown demons daily.
  • Anxiety is like an invisible weight working hard to crush you.
  • To live with anxiety and tension is a daily struggle for calm.
  • Life becomes much harder when possibilities become fear.
  • Anxiety causes you to overthink every moment a million times.
  • Courage is moving forward when your body is telling you to move back.
  • It takes strength to live with anxiety.
  • Anxiety is a silent killer that slowly destroys you from within.
  • Finding calm isn't easy for those with anxiety.
  • If given a chance, anxiety will stomp out your passion.
  • Living with anxiety is like watching a monster slowly eat at your soul but finding the strength to battle it every day.
  • Some may never understand the true courage it takes to live with anxiety.

Quotes About Dealing With Anxiety and Depression

Living with anxiety and depression disorder can be crippling. But you are far from alone. When you are feeling overwhelmed, a calming quote can help.

Unhappy woman is drawing a smile on her face in the mirror
  • The mountain to overcoming anxiety and depression is not an easy one. You must take it one hill at a time.
  • You must declutter your mind to find a way to joy.
  • Even the brightest smiles hide sadness.
  • It's hard to swim when anxiety is binding you.
  • The broken are the bravest of us all.
  • Today you did your best.
  • Even when your mind is against you, know someone, somewhere, is proud of how far you've come.
  • Even when you can see your shine because of the shadows, it's still within you.
  • The steps you make each day, even the smallest ones, are enough.
  • You are a warrior. It takes courage and determination to pull yourself out of depths of doubt and worry daily.
  • Even when your mind gives you something ugly, know you are a beautiful survivor.

Simple Quotes to Help Ease Anxiety and Worry

It can be hard to describe precisely how anxiety feels because it affects everyone a bit differently. For some, it's a crippling shadow walking each moment with them through life. Others might feel a nagging worry. Try to put your worries at ease by enjoying calming messages.

Sad woman lying on sofa at home
  • Don't let worry bind your heart. Give it the freedom to sail on the wind.
  • Keep worry and doubt away by living for now.
  • Calm the storm in your mind by focusing on today.
  • Every storm will pass to bring a brighter tomorrow.
  • Worry and doubt are the chains that bind a soul.
  • Don't let your mind dwell on a future you can't control.
  • Let go of the worry weighing you down.
  • Even when the clouds shadow the sunshine, it's still shining on you.
  • Right now, this moment is the best you. Don't let anxiety lie to you.
  • Don't allow the cage of worry to keep you from flying.

Anxiety and Stress Quotes to Ease Fears

Worry can create a lot of stress in your life or vice versa. Work to banish the negativity from your mind and give your heart a breather by enjoying some relaxing quotes.

  • Enjoy the song the world creates to clear the clouds stress lays on your heart.
  • The worries of tomorrow have no hold on your heart when you live each moment in the present.
  • Rather than letting the stress of tomorrow consume you, lose yourself in something that you love right now.
  • Stress and anxiety are like a winding river, it's not about learning to fight the rapids but flowing with them.
  • Let the light of positivity vanquish the shadows of doubt and anxiety in your soul.
  • Sometimes doing nothing but breathing is the best medicine to get you through the next step in life.
  • Anxiety is like running aimlessly on a treadmill. It saps your strength, but you never get very far.
  • Forget about the worries and anxiety of the next moment. Live each now to the fullest.
  • Anxiety is a cage trying to tame you. Show it you were meant to fly free.
  • You were given this life to live. Don't let stress and worry take that from you.
  • At the end of each moment, you are enough. Don't let anxiety tell you differently.

Messages to Describe and Help Anxiety

Living with anxiety and worry can be different for everyone. But knowing you are not alone in this feeling can help. Beyond seeking professional help to ease symptoms, exploring a positive message describing anxiety encourages and inspires you to find hope.

100+ Anxiety Quotes to Relax and Ground You