75 Spirited Girl Names That Mean Fire

Updated March 3, 2022
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She hasn't even been born yet, and you already know that she will have a fiery spirit about her. If you're looking for girl names that mean fire for your baby, you have plenty of options to choose from. These beautiful fire-inspired names for girls come from various languages, cultures, and universal elements. Choose the one that best speaks to you and will help embody all that your little flame is bound to be.

Fire Goddess Names for Girls

Look no further than to ancient fire goddesses for great girl names that mean flame or fire. Many cultures had fire gods and goddesses, along with gods associated with the sun, volcanoes, lightning, and other fiery natural occurrences. Why not try one of these fiery girl names?

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  • Agneya - (Hindi) Daughter of Agni, Hindu God of Fire
  • Amaterasu - (Japanese) Shinto Sun Goddess
  • Arinitti - (Hittite) Sun Goddess of Arinna
  • Brigit - (Celtic) Irish Goddess of Fire
  • Chantico - (Aztec) Goddess of Volcanoes and Hearth Fires
  • Gabieta - (Lithuanian) Spirit of Fire
  • Gabija - (Lithuanian) Spirit of Fire
  • Hestia - (Greek) Goddess of Hearth and Fires
  • Iansã - (Brazilian) Goddess of Fire and Wind
  • Ishat - (Phoenician) Goddess of Fire
  • Ila - (Hindi) Member of the Solar Dynasty
  • Jowangsin - (Korean) Goddess of Fire
  • Kamar - (Georgian) Goddess of Fire
  • Lalahon - (Phillipian) Goddess of Volcanoes, Fire, and Harvest
  • Mahuea - (Māori) Goddess of Fire
  • Mahuika - (Māori) Goddess of Fire
  • Mariel - (Ossetian) Fire Goddess
  • Nantosuelta - (Celtic) Goddess of Fire and Nature
  • Neyanki - (Khanty) Goddess of Fire
  • Oya - (Yoruban) Goddess of Fire, Fertility, and Wind
  • Pele - (Hawaiian) Goddess of Fire, Volcanoes, and Wind
  • Sachmis - (Egyptian) Goddess of Sun and Fire
  • Sekhmet - (Egyptian) Lioness Goddess of Sun and Fire
  • Shapash - (Canaanite) Goddess of the Sun
  • Tana - (Greek) Fire Goddess
  • Turgmam - (Nivkhi) Goddess of Fire
  • Uto - (Greek) Sun Goddess
  • Vesta - (Roman) Goddess of Fire
  • Wadjet - (Egyptian) Serpent goddess who breathes fire
  • Yansá - (Yoruban) Goddess of Lightning

Girl Names That Mean Fire or Flame

There are so many beautiful female names found throughout the world. Look to different cultures, belief systems, and languages to find the perfect one for your child. Each of these names means flame, fiery, light, or something similar to help evoke the spirit of fire in your little one.

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  • Aalish - (Persian) Means "flame"
  • Adara - (Hebrew) Means "fire"
  • Adeen - (Gaelic) Means "little flame"
  • Aiden - (Celtic) Means "small but fiery"
  • Aine - (Celtic) Means "fire or joy"
  • Anala - (Hindi) Means "fiery"
  • Azar - (Persian) Means "flame"
  • Basia - (Czech) Means "fire"
  • Blaise - (French) Means "flame"
  • Brenna - (German) Means "blazing light"
  • Calida - (Spanish) Means "fiery"
  • Candace - (Greek) Means "white fire"
  • Conley - (Celtic) Means "purifying light"
  • Ember - (French) Means "spark of fire"
  • Enya - (Celtic) Means "fire"
  • Kalama - (Hawaiian) Means "torch of flame"
  • Keahi - (Hawaiian) Means "fire"
  • Kiran - (Sanskrit) Means "ray of light"
  • Nuri - (Hebrew) Means "light of fire"
  • Nuria - (Hebrew) Means "fire of the Lord"
  • Phoenix - (Greek) Means "creature that bursts into flame and rises from the ashes"
  • Seraphina - (Hebrew) Means "fire spirit." Names meaning fire spirit might aid your child in embodying that quality throughout her life. She is destined to be a spark!
  • Shideh - (Persian) Means "radiant"
  • Shohreh - (Persian) Means "woman of flame"
  • Shula - (Arabic) Means "flame"
  • Tanwen - (Welsh) Means "holy fire"

Celestial Fire Element Names for Girls

You can also turn to the natural world for baby names. For the perfect fiery girl name, look to the sky for celestial inspiration and draw upon the essence of flames. How cool would one of these monikers be when paired with a last name that means fire?

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  • Aprina - (Armenian) Means "rising sun"
  • Cyra - (Persian) Means "sun"
  • Electra - (Greek) Means "fiery sun"
  • Eliane - (Latin) Means "sun"
  • Eilidh - (Scottish) Means "radiant sun"
  • Esfir - (Persian) Means "star-like"
  • Helia - (Greek) Means "sun"
  • Hester - (Persian) Means "star-like"
  • Idalia - (Italian) Means "behold the sun"
  • Kalinda - (Hindi) Means "sun"
  • Mehri - (Persian) Means "sunny"
  • Oriane - (French) Means "sunrise"
  • Roksana - (Persian) Means "star"
  • Rosana - (Persian) Means "star of magnificence"
  • Salana - (Latin) Means "sun"
  • Savita - (Hindi) Means "sun"
  • Sol - (Spanish) Means "sun"
  • Solana - (Spanish) Means "sunny"
  • Soleil - (French) Means "sun"

Fiery Girls' Names

Whether you invoke fiery celestial objects, flames, or the names of goddesses associated with fire, there are plenty of warm, sunny names for girls at your disposal. If you're looking for a uniquely bright girls' name that will help your daughter light up the world, try a name that serves as another word for fire.

75 Spirited Girl Names That Mean Fire