85 Self-Confidence Quotes to Inspire Belief in Yourself

Published December 3, 2021
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To be your best self, achieve your wildest dreams and take on the world, a hefty dose of self-confidence is key. Believe that you can do whatever you put your mind to, and be fearless in your quest for happiness.

Self-Confidence Quotes to Remind You of Your Greatness

You are wonderful, powerful, and in control of your destiny. Remember to remain capable and confident in all that you do with these quotes on self-confidence.

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  • Self-confidence is the art of self-love and belief in your power.
  • Be the person your demons fear the most.
  • You will regret plenty in life. Exhibiting self-confidence will never be one of those regrets.
  • Not everyone has to like you, support you, or believe in you. You need validation from one person in this world: yourself.
  • Never lower the bar when it comes to self-expectations. Expect more from yourself and rise to the occasion.
  • Have the self-confidence to trust that you know what's best for you.
  • People can do hard things and great things. All that is needed is the confidence to keep trying.
  • One piece of advice: Listen to your voice before any other voices. Let yours be the loudest one in your ear.
  • Having self-confidence is the beginning of having everything.
  • You have to prioritize your needs and your happiness to sustain your confidence.

Famous Self-Confidence Quotes

Write these quotes on Post-it notes and stick them to mirrors, doors, and steering wheels. These famous quotes on self-confidence make a great start to any day.

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  • "If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence, you have won even before you have started." - Cicero
  • "Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do." - John Wooden
  • "You can't hate yourself happy. You can't criticize yourself thin. You can't shame yourself worthy. Real change begins with self-love and self-care." - Jessica Ortner
  • "The secret to self-confidence isn't to stop caring what people think; it's to start caring about what you think. It's to make your opinion of you more important than anyone else's." - Unknown
  • "Confidence comes not from always being right, but from not fearing to be wrong." - Peter T. McIntyre
  • "Loving yourself isn't vanity. It's sanity." - Katrina Mayer
  • "It is best to act with confidence, no matter how little right you have to it." ­­- Lillian Hellman
  • "Find out who you are and do it on purpose." - Dolly Parton
  • "You have been criticizing yourself for years, and it hasn't worked. Try approving yourself and see what happens." - Louise Hay
  • With confidence, you have won before you have started." - Marcus Garvey

With Age Grows Self-Confidence Quotes

As a person ages, things change. Many of these changes occur for the better, with one of those being self-confidence. As life progresses, people learn about their true selves, believe in capabilities, and find themselves possessing the confidence to be authentic, inspiring, and happy.

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  • Along with the aging process comes a true realization that you always were and always will be enough.
  • The art of believing in yourself is a marathon, not a sprint.
  • Self-confidence is a badge worn by people who have worked for it over time.
  • Learning to love yourself takes time. For whatever reason, loving others comes so much more easily.
  • It's okay if self-confidence doesn't come naturally. You have your entire life to work on it.
  • If you want your confidence to grow like a tree, always be sure to turn towards the sun.
  • As we age, we see what beauty really is, and nothing is more stunning than a self-confident person.
  • Everyone blooms at a different time. If it takes your confidence longer to blossom, that's okay.
  • Never stop growing. Be confident enough to fail, get up, seek answers, and learn all that you can.
  • Two things occur as we age: We learn to value what is really important, and to have the confidence to live the life we were always meant to live.

Quotes to Inspire Self-Confidence in Kids

Of all the gifts you can give a child, the gift of self-confidence and belief in one's self is one of the most precious. Remind the little ones to love themselves and follow their own path in life.

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  • Raising strong kids starts by teaching them to stand tall, lead with love, and possess confidence.
  • If you want kids to be self-assured, make sure you model what you hope to see in them.
  • No one wears your smile better than you.
  • If you can teach your children one thing, let it be the notion that anything is possible if they believe in themselves.
  • No child is born believing they can do anything. Confidence is taught by adults who know a little encouragement goes a long way with kids.
  • No battle is ever won without the armor of self-confidence.
  • If you love and believe in a child, you have given them permission to love and believe in themselves. This self-confidence is something that will transform their lives.
  • Every confident adult grew up with a cheerleading adult encouraging them from the sidelines of life.
  • You don't have to be the best at things; you only have to be your best self.
  • Life is tough. Raise your children to be tougher.

Short Self-Confidence Quotes

You don't always need a lot of words to serve as a reminder to wear your confidence loudly and proudly for the world to see. These self-love quotes are short, but they are packed with power and meaning.

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  • You can always succeed at being yourself.
  • Remove the word "doubt" from your vocabulary.
  • Need a role model? Look in the mirror.
  • Self-confidence is the key to opening all doors in life.
  • If you don't believe in yourself, no one else will either.
  • Don't allow self-doubt to put a damper on your dreams.
  • Think you can, and you will.
  • Never apologize for who you are.
  • The words: I can, I am, I will, can change your life.
  • Self-confidence is your greatest accessory.

Self-Confidence Quotes Reminding You That You Are Beautiful

Beauty truly comes from within, and confidence helps people radiate. Never doubt that you are a beautiful masterpiece.

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  • The most beautiful people in the world are the ones who believe in their own capabilities.
  • Perfection isn't pretty. Realness and rawness are.
  • Believe that all parts of you are worthy and beautiful. Everything else will fall into place.
  • Don't be ashamed of the scars. They are part of your story, and your story is important.
  • Confidence breeds happiness, and happiness is beautiful.
  • Being comfortable in your own skin is the most beautiful quality in a person.
  • Confidence is the knowledge that the world needs your unique beauty.
  • You know that you are smart, beautiful, and confident. You don't need to hear it from anyone else.
  • Sprinkle your confidence everywhere you go, you beautiful human.

Quotes to Help You Confidently Chase Your Dreams

You have dreams, and chasing those dreams can feel intimidating. Harness your self-confidence and remind yourself that every goal and dream is worth fighting for.

  • Wildly successful people all have one thing in common: they all had the confidence to fight for something they desperately wanted.
  • Your dreams will never fall into your lap. You have to have the confidence to chase them down and make them your reality.
  • Everyone has a dream. It's the confident people in life that turn dreams into realities.
  • Believe that all is possible. That is half the battle of making dreams come true.
  • If you are still searching for self-confidence, then you likely forgot to look within yourself.
  • You cannot possess self-confidence without possessing courage. Both are necessary to one's success and happiness.
  • Have the confidence to run toward your dreams. The faster you chase them down, the more time you will have to enjoy them.

Quotes to Boost Self-Confidence When You Are Feeling Down

When you are in a mental and emotional space where you start to doubt your capabilities, remember that you can always try again, build your confidence back up and show the world you are stronger than those demons.

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  • Self-confidence is a home for your soul and a haven for your spirit. Like a house, you build it one brick at a time.
  • Stop looking for someone to save you. You are your own superhero.
  • Everyone is allowed a moment of self-doubt, as long as that place never remains a permanent residence.
  • Whoever told you that you could not do it, lied.
  • The best medicine for failure is a dose of confidence.
  • Nothing ruins your day quicker than self-doubt.
  • Mistakes don't define you. The confidence to try again does.
  • Build up confidence like you would build up muscle. Both make you strong enough to face the tough times.

Self-Confidence Quotes for Fierce Women

Ladies, walk tall, hold your head up high, and know that there is nothing in this world that you cannot achieve. Believe you can accomplish whatever you put your mind to. You are full of possibilities.

  • Self-confidence is your greatest accessory.
  • Nothing cannot be achieved with a smile, self-confidence, and a good pair of heels.
  • She never feared the oncoming storms, because she was the eye of the hurricane.
  • Wear your confidence like a pair of Louis Vuittons.
  • When asked what she needed to succeed, she said nothing... because she was everything.
  • You don't need a knight in shining armor to save you. You need a good attitude and a plan.
  • Whatever you choose to wear today, be sure to pair it with confidence.
  • Embrace imperfections and flaws and never make excuses for them. Each one is a part of the gorgeous fabric that is you.
  • Don't try to be equal to someone. Try to be better.
  • When you don't have the gown or the crown, wear your confidence. You'll still sparkle.

Self-Confidence Is a Key Asset in Life

Believing in and trusting yourself and your capabilities is crucial. When you know your worth, you can accomplish so much. Remind yourself of your strength and your conviction with these powerful, confident quotes.

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85 Self-Confidence Quotes to Inspire Belief in Yourself