50 Positive August Quotes for the End of Summer

Published April 21, 2022
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Looking for some insightful quotes or cute captions that relate to the eighth month of the year? Whether you're searching for deep insights, thought-provoking quotes, or even silly puns, this collection of 50 unique and interesting August sayings provides plenty of options to consider.

Welcome August Quotes

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Say hello to August in eloquent style with these month-appropriate quotes and sayings.

  • Woof! Bring on the dog days of summer.
  • August salutations.
  • All hail August!
  • Greet August with gusto!
  • Follow the sun to August 1!
  • Here comes the August sun!
  • Hello August, bring on the harvest.
  • Hello August; thanks for providing advance notice for autumn.
  • Come on August; the sooner you arrive, the closer we'll be to fall.
  • August's arrival is a reminder to make the most of the last month of summer.

Happy August Quotes

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Share your August exuberance with these happy quotes about the eighth month of the year.

  • August is peachy keen.
  • August or bust!
  • August is awe-inspiring.
  • August is all right by me!
  • Turn August up a notch!
  • Have an auspicious August.
  • Have a happy Happiness Happens Month!
  • The beach in August = my happy place and time.
  • Wear your white clothes every August day, before you put them away after Labor Day.
  • If you love summer, yay: August gives you time to make the most of it. If you're tired of summer, yay: it's almost over!

Positively Inspiring August Quotes

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August is a great month to spread positivity far and wide. The inspirational quotes below can help you do just that.

  • Relish the abundance of August.
  • Make some August magic!
  • In August I trust.
  • Give August your all.
  • Seize every moment of August.
  • In August, feed your soul with the beauty of late summer.
  • August is the peak of summer. Make it your mission to reach the summit of your dreams this month.
  • The heat of August produces nature's candy. There's nothing tastier than a vine-ripened August tomato.
  • August means that summer is ready to sprint toward the finish line, but what a glorious journey it will be.
  • As August leads the transition from summer to fall, let that inspire you to aim high and commit to accomplishing it all.

Funny August Quotes

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Sometimes the best seasonal quotes are ones that garner a few giggles. If humor is your vibe, give these funny quotes a try.

  • Oh, the August humidity!
  • August is summer on steroids.
  • Orange you gladiolus it's August?
  • August paves the way for Labor Day.
  • Everybody's hair is bigger in August.
  • When summer grows up, it becomes August.
  • August is the perfect time to plan a hot date!
  • Okay, August - hit me with your best harvest!
  • August: like July, but even more hot and humid.
  • The perspiration of July becomes full-blown sweat in August.

Born in August Quotes

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No collection of August quotes would be complete without some August birthday month messages.

  • Enjoy your birthday with August-o!
  • Happy ageless August birthday.
  • August babies can weather any storm.
  • Have a honey of a birthday, August baby!
  • August babies make me green with peridot envy.
  • August is a state of mind and so is age. Happy birthday!
  • It's too hot to bake. Enjoy this birthday watermelon.
  • Celebrate your birthday in style, you wild August child!
  • I couldn't put that many candles on your birthday cake. After all, August is hurricane season.
  • There are two kinds of August babies: Those with summer birthdays and those with school year birthdays.

All About August

No matter how you feel about August, now you're free to shout it out using one of the above quotes about the last full month of summer. Choose the sayings that strike your fancy to use this year, then revisit the list when next year rolls around. With so many options, you'll be set with cool (and hot!) things to say about August for many summers to come.

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50 Positive August Quotes for the End of Summer