72 Confident Captions to Inspire and Uplift You 

Published April 14, 2022
Confident non-binary person standing with hand on hip outdoors

Whether you're full of confidence and are looking for a creative way to let the world know about it or you're searching for the right words to boost your own confidence--or that of someone else-you've come to the right place. Explore this selection of confident captions and quotes and discover how to express just the right attitude of strength with the perfect combination of powerful words.

Short and Sassy Confidence Captions

The perfect confident captions for Instagram pictures are both short and sassy. Show off your confidence with these sassy sayings.

Short and Sassy Confidence Caption
  • As for me, I matter.
  • More than enough
  • Fierce and unafraid
  • No time for doubt
  • Busy believin' in myself
  • To mine own self be true.
  • Confident and self-aware
  • Better than good enough
  • I'm confident and I know it.
  • Puttin' myself on a pedestal.

Self-Confidence Captions and Quotes

When it comes to expressing self-confidence, the words you choose should convey a strong sense of self-belief and self love. Let the world know that you're proud and happy to be who you are.

Self-Confidence Caption
  • Self-confidence rocks!
  • I'm all good.
  • I believe in me.
  • Stamp out self-doubt.
  • Mistakes do not define me.
  • External validation not required.
  • Is my self-esteem showing? Good.
  • Self-confidence is my superpower.
  • Confidence can take you everywhere.
  • Your opinion of me does not impact my opinion of me.

Captions About Confidence and Beauty

Beauty is just as much about a person's state of mind as it is about their appearance. Nothing is more gorgeous than confidence.

Caption About Confidence and Beauty
  • Confidence becomes me.
  • Unfiltered me
  • No filter needed
  • Unfiltered and fabulous
  • Confidence looks good on me.
  • Comfortable in my own skin
  • Confidence is my best feature.
  • Nothing is more beautiful than strength.
  • What's my best feature? My self-confidence.
  • My face shows the beauty of a life well-lived.

Body Confidence Sayings and Quotes

Beauty comes in every shape and size. Be confident in your body and love it just the way it is. Spread some self-love with these strong statements about body positivity.

Body Confidence Saying
  • Proud to do life in this body.
  • This body moves me.
  • My body is my best friend.
  • Doin' life in this beautiful body.
  • The best body for me is the one I'm in.
  • Confidence comes in all shapes and sizes.
  • My body is my badge of honor; I'm proud of every inch.
  • I'm proud of every imperfection; they are my badges of honor.
  • Confidence isn't tied to how much you weigh; it's more about where your body takes you every day.
  • Some may say others are too fat, while describing others as too thin. Those people just don't get what it means to really love the body you're in.

Quotes About Being Confident

Looking to encourage someone (maybe you) to be confident? These sayings may be just the right way to boost self-belief and inspire confidence.

Quote About Being Confident
  • Confidence moves barriers.
  • Confidence leads to courage.
  • I am the me I was meant to be.
  • Have the confidence to stand out.
  • Confidence drowns out insecurity.
  • Confidence + competence = success
  • You are the person you are meant to be.
  • The look you see in my eyes is confidence.
  • Whoever told you I wanted your opinion was mistaken.
  • If you're confident enough to believe you cannot fail, you won't.

Quotes About Love and Confidence

True love is characterized more by confidence than by the uncertainty that goes hand in hand with infatuation. Share some deep thoughts on the relationship between love and confidence with these insightful assertions.

Quote About Love and Confidence
  • Self-confidence is the foundation of a healthy relationship.
  • True love doesn't have to be proven over and over.
  • True love only lives where trust and confidence also reside.
  • Self-doubt poisons romantic relationships.
  • Crushes feed on uncertainty; true love grows from confidence.
  • You must be confident in yourself before you can trust in love.
  • If you want to be loved by another, you must first love yourself.
  • Someone who truly loves you won't seek to undermine your confidence.
  • Love yourself with all your heart, then find a partner who does the same.
  • Be self-reliant enough to be on my own; confident enough to fall deeply in love.

Silly Confidence Captions and Quotes

Not all sayings about confidence have to be serious. Kick up your confidence to the next level with these funny chuckle-worthy captions and quotes.

Silly Confidence Caption
  • Life is too short to have low self-esteem.
  • No amount of makeup can hide a lack of confidence.
  • Unless you're looking to lose, don't bet against me.
  • I'm so good with being me, there's no one else I'd rather be.
  • If you try to make me doubt, you'll be in the corner with a pout because my self-confidence will always win out.
  • I do not care what you think; say what you will, it won't make me blink. You may find this a bitter pill, but I believe in me and I always will.

Quotes About Being Confident in Faith

Looking for the right words to convey just how confident you are in your faith? Explore these meaningful expressions.

Quote About Being Confident in Faith
  • God wants you to believe in yourself.
  • Cast aside all doubt and be confident in faith.
  • Faith is not empty; it is built on confidence and trust.
  • Your doubt cannot undermine the confidence of my faith.
  • Two things about me: (1) I'm saved, and (2) I'm certain of that.
  • I don't have to see proof to believe. That's how confident I am in my faith.

Conveying Confidence

Confidence is essential to a happy life, but sometimes everyone needs a little reminder of just how important self-belief really is. From confidence-capturing captions to inspirational sayings, slogans, or statements, use these upbeat quotes and captions about confidence to put some positivity out in the world. The more you believe in yourself and contribute to building up the confidence of others, the more of a positive impact you'll have on the world.

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72 Confident Captions to Inspire and Uplift You