70 Healing Quotes to Inspire Inner Strength

Published August 3, 2022
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Wounds come in all shapes and sizes, from physical to spiritual. Rather than let the hurt overwhelm you, start the journey toward healing. Find inspiration to take the first step toward healing and gain the courage to move forward.

Healing Grief Quotes to Get You Through

Healing Grief Quote to Get You Through

Grief is like a crushing weight that never truly goes away. Instead, you get stronger and learn how to swim while forever holding this loss in your heart. Gain courage and strength to start your process toward healing.

  • A shattered soul takes time to heal and grow stronger.
  • Grief takes many paths, and healing follows that same path.
  • Your love helps your heart to heal.
  • The light of life remains forever in your heart and mind.
  • Memories help to stitch your heart back together.
  • A person might be gone, but they are forever a part of you. Their precious memories work to make your heart whole once more.
  • It's your love that makes your grief strong. But it's that love that also works to heal.
  • Sorrow is a road everyone must take. But love and memories surround you in hope.
  • Live one moment at a time for the hearts that have been left behind.
  • Healing your heart after grief looks a little different on everyone.
  • When healing from a major loss, the scar works to remind you of the love you shared.

Beautiful Self-Healing Quotes to Share

Beautiful Self-Healing Quote to Share

Healing those we love is important, but you also have to take a moment for yourself. You are a precious being with so much to give. Allow yourself the moment to heal.

  • You hold the power to allow yourself to heal.
  • Love yourself, and healing comes.
  • You must heal yourself first with love and devotion.
  • Be kind to yourself by putting yourself first.
  • Forgive yourself and allow healing to begin.
  • Healing begins the moment you embrace and love your beautiful flaws.
  • Give your soul the freedom to heal.
  • The most precious treasure is yourself.
  • A soul starts to mend when you accept yourself completely.
  • To heal others with love, you must first give that love to yourself.
  • Self-healing is a continual process of growth and change.

Quotes for Hope and Healing From Sickness

An acute or long-term illness can quickly take its toll on a person. Encourage yourself and others to find the strength to heal.

  • Hope is a bridge that keeps healing alive.
  • You are healing every moment, even if you can't see the progress.
  • Hope gives your body the encouragement it needs to heal.
  • It's the storms that bring the rain to help us to grow and heal.
  • When swimming feels impossible, take a breath and float. That's when healing happens.
  • Hope and healing are amazing things. They are always surrounding you.
  • Hope gives you the will to fight. Healing gives you strength.
  • Healing and hope know nothing about odds.
  • Every day is filled with a pinch of healing and hope.
  • Healing isn't about curing; it's about finding peace and hope.
  • With every breath, your body is working to heal.

Inspirational Healing Quotes to Encourage

Inspirational Healing Quote to Encourage

When something is broken inside of you, it can be hard to know how to take the first step to fix it. Explore a few encouraging quotes to inspire you.

  • Healing is a beautiful ray of light that you simply need to reach your hand toward.
  • It's through the hugs of others that healing can be felt.
  • The process of healing never takes the same path.
  • Healing is a journey. Each step is unique.
  • Love holds its hand out to you with a healing smile.
  • Embrace love, and healing comes freely.
  • Pour love on yourself and others. Healing becomes infectious.
  • The road to healing is a beautiful and timeless journey. It takes work to get there, but every step is worth it.
  • Healing is never a straight path. It's a winding ride that takes you unimaginable place.
  • The strength to overcome is found in the healing spirit of us all.

Quotes About Healing Your Body and Mind

Quote About Healing Your Body and Mind

Healing is a journey where everyone's path is unique. Dive into some inspirational quotes to help the journey of healing your body, mind, and soul.

  • Take a moment and rest. Your body, mind, and soul need time to bandage up the wounds.
  • From one breath to another, you are healing the broken pieces of your heart.
  • Every mind and body heals at its own pace.
  • Be the wind that sets your journey to healing your body and mind to sail.
  • Allow your body, soul, and mind to connect for healing to begin.
  • Set your soul free and allow your body to heal.
  • The art of healing a mind and body is not to rush the process.
  • Every body will heal when given enough time.
  • The body and mind need space and calm to heal. Don't rush the process.
  • Broken cracks in your soul can heal when you take the time to rest and rejuvenate.
  • When your body, mind, and soul heal, your body naturally aligns.

Famous Quotes About Strength and Healing

Healing is a process we all go through, from your everyday person to celebrities. Gain insight and wisdom from what wordsmiths have to say about healing and strength.

  • "Don't turn away. Keep your gaze on the bandaged place. That's where the light enters you." - Rumi
  • "To me, forgiveness is the cornerstone of healing." - Sylvia Fraser
  • "The only work that will ultimately bring any good to any of us is the work of contributing to the healing of the world." - Marianne Williamson
  • "The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong." - Mahatma Gandhi
  • "Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it." - Helen Keller
  • "Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease." - Hippocrates

Healing Quotes for the Soul

Healing Quotes for the Soul

Life is challenging. You often get wounded one way or another. When you are facing a problem or dealing with a painful situation, it can be hard to heal. Begin to mend your soul by getting lost in a few inspirational sayings.

  • When the heart starts healing, the soul quickly follows.
  • The cracks of a soul mend. The scars are proof of the journey.
  • Allow calm to fill your mind to find happiness and healing once more.
  • The hurting soothes as the soul begins to heal.
  • Healing doesn't mean the storm in your soul has stopped. It means you learned to ride it.
  • The beautiful music of healing is found in every soul.
  • Healing isn't the absence of pain; it's allowing the soul to accept it.
  • Every soul fills with rays of peace as it begins to slow the path to healing.
  • Healing of the soul is not measured by time, it's measured in joy and peace.
  • The ability of the soul to heal is a beautiful treasure.

Find the Courage to Start the Healing Process

Different things in life affect you, causing a wound to your soul. But much like a cut on your finger, your soul can heal. Lift your head up and start the process of recovery and rejuvenation. These quotes work great to share on social media as a reminder or even as a personalized message to a friend going through a rough time.

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70 Healing Quotes to Inspire Inner Strength