140 Inspiring Road Trip Quotes for Your Big Adventure

Published April 28, 2022
Group of friends in a road trip by the sea

Whether they're long or short, one thing that's true of all road trips is that they tend to be memorable for everyone who is involved. From driving long distances in all kinds of traffic and weather conditions to being surrounded by captivating sights and breathtaking views, every road trip is unique. Sum up the story of your time on the road with a telling quote, or highlight the pictures you took along the way with a compelling caption.

Short Captions for Road Trip Travel

Brevity is a plus when you're looking to caption your favorite travel photos. The short and snappy quotes below are ideal for social posts and travel scrapbooks.

Young couple making a stop at the beach while out on a road trip
  • Joyride for joy!
  • Road tripper.
  • Dare to drive.
  • Horsepower trip.
  • Potholes happen.
  • Born to road trip.
  • Gettin' road trippy.
  • Acceleration ahead.
  • We be road-trippin'.
  • Wheel, wheel, wheel!
  • Have fuel, will travel.
  • Drive first, arrive later.
  • Crank, shift, accelerate.
  • Have vehicle, will travel.
  • If these tires could talk...
  • Lookin' for some drive action.

Quotes to Express Your Love of Road Trips

Do you love, love, love road trips? Share the love and express your affection for car trips with the quotes below.

Couple On Road Trip Driving Classic Convertible Car Towards Sunset
  • For the love of cars.
  • Miles make me smile.
  • I heart the open road.
  • The joy is in the journey.
  • The road is my happy place.
  • I never get tired of tire travel.
  • In motion is where I want to be.
  • I am the road and the road is me.
  • Joyriding makes my heart happy.
  • I want to be a roadie when I grow up.
  • My happy place is behind the wheel.
  • All pumped up and everywhere to go.
  • Every day is a great day for a road trip.
  • Being on the road makes me wheelie happy.
  • Highway terrain beats the heck out of planes.
  • Might as well face it, I'm addicted to road trips.
  • Summer sunshine and the open road make my heart soar.

Unplanned Road Trip Quotes

Sometimes the best road trips are the ones that are totally spontaneous. The quotes below are perfect for those days when you get into the car with no particular destination in mind, yet somehow you find the perfect place.

Couple in a van watching the sea
  • The road moves me.
  • Drive and ye shall find.
  • The car made me do it.
  • Maps are just suggestions.
  • Let impulse lead the way.
  • Where shall we drive today?
  • The car has a mind of its own.
  • As far as the fuel will take me...
  • Wherever the tires want to take me.
  • Where we will stop, nobody knows...
  • All fueled up and everywhere to go.
  • It's my car and I'll wander if I want to.
  • Let's drive until we hit the gas ceiling.
  • Spontaneity is my favorite travel companion.
  • The truck stops where the truck wants to stop.
  • Made a last-minute decision to spend some quality time with my car.

Captions for Scenic Route Road Trips

The best trips aren't the ones that follow the fastest route from point A to point B. Exit the interstate and take the scenic route for the adventure of a lifetime.

Person driving car in a beautiful mountain road
  • Takin' in all the sights.
  • Destination: scenic road.
  • Explore the alternate route.
  • Now that's my kind of scene.
  • Backroads are the best roads.
  • Life in the slow lane is lovely.
  • Hit me with your best scenery.
  • Let's shift this show off-road.
  • When in doubt, take the scenic route.
  • Life is too short to skip the scenic route.
  • The best views are scene and not heard.
  • Forget the highway; head for the scenic byway!
  • On the highway of life, always take the scenic route.
  • Make the scenic route your destination, not a detour.
  • The road less traveled will reward you with breathtaking beauty.
  • Longer travel time is but a small price to pay to travel the scenic route.

Family Road Trip Quotes and Captions

Family road trips provide a unique opportunity for family members to bond through shared experiences and adventures. From road trip games to singing out loud, there are plenty of moments to remember.

  • Cruising with the fam van clan.
  • Having a traffic time with the fam.
  • Don't spite the hand that drives you.
  • Don't make me take off this seatbelt.
  • Goin' for a ride with the fam by my side.
  • Road tripping with the people I love most.
  • Don't make me snatch that wheel out of your hands.
  • The family that drives cross country together is brave.
  • Apparently, no one in this family has a sense of direction.
  • Whoever invented in-car entertainment systems is a genius.
  • No back seat driving until you are old enough for a driver's license.
  • That went by fast, said no parent ever at the end of a family road trip.
  • Take a cross-country road trip with your kids while they still like you.
  • The best thing about driving kids to summer camp is dropping them off.
  • It's all fun and games until somebody straps a luggage carrier to the roof.
  • Even if you like to pretend they never happened, you'll never forget road trips with your family.

Road Trips With Friends Captions and Quotes

Traveling with family is fun, but the feeling of hitting the road with your friends provides an amazing sense of freedom.

  • Clutch crew.
  • Pickup posse.
  • Diesel be fun!
  • Wheel be seeing you.
  • Road trip travel clique.
  • Have friends, will travel.
  • Coastin' with my compadres.
  • Bestie bonding on the open road.
  • Gentle friends, start your engines.
  • Love to ride with my besties by my side.
  • Doin' summer our way - on the highway!
  • What happens on the road stays on the road.
  • Hitting the road with my ride-or-die besties.
  • This feels more like a pilgrimage than a road trip.
  • Before we hit the road, who brought the bail money?
  • The only thing better than a road trip is a road trip with friends.

Couple Road Trip Captions and Quotes

Traveling as a duo is a rite of passage for every couple. If everything goes well during the first few outings, there's a good chance that the two of you may be together for the long haul.

Young girl leaning out her car to give her boyfriend a kiss
  • Bae escape.
  • Our lips are wheeled.
  • Drivin with my darlin'.
  • Twosome in 'da town.
  • Cruising with my boo.
  • Head over wheels in love.
  • We road tripped and fell in love.
  • We tooled around and fell in love.
  • Honeymooners on the highway.
  • We're spending our kids' college fund on fuel!
  • Heading out on the highway with my one and only.
  • Road trips are more about the companion than the destination.
  • Wandering with you is better than being found with anyone else.
  • There's nothing better than going for a ride with my true love by my side.
  • If they don't yell at me for driving too fast, that's how I'll know that our love will last.

Solo Road Trips

Traveling with other people can be fun, but it also has its downside. Sometimes, a solo trip is exactly what you need.

  • Solitary steerer.
  • Solo locomotion.
  • Chauffeuring myself.
  • Just me and my car.
  • My way is the highway!
  • Highway, take me away.
  • Road trips are for lovers.
  • Making the road my own.
  • Bonding with my automobile.
  • Nothin' but me and the open road...
  • Enjoyin' some me time on the road.
  • Just me, an audiobook, and the road ahead.
  • This summer, I'm tackling the highway my way.
  • Headin' for the highway with just me, myself, and I.
  • If you can't travel with the ones you love, travel alone.

Funny Road Trip Captions

Some road trips call for a strong sense of humor. Whether funny things happen along the way, or you need to break up a bit of road trip tension with a humorous perspective, the silly puns and sayings below make perfect captions.

  • Pump my ride.
  • Don't be such a dipstick.
  • Slow, slow, slow your roll.
  • But officer, that's speed entrapment.
  • I thought "E" meant we had extra gas.
  • Don't put the car before the horsepower.
  • Not all who wander are lost, but we sure are.
  • Every road trip involves at least a few speed bumps.
  • A road trip is just a car ride that feels like it takes forever.
  • It's better to have a sense of adventure than a sense of direction.
  • Being unforgettable is not necessarily a good thing for a road trip.
  • What do you call a road trip with the whole family? An all-you-can seater.
  • Why did you take a road trip with people you don't like? I used to like them, but that was before the road trip.

Explore the World One Road at a Time

No matter how often you travel or how many road trips you take, each outing will be a unique adventure. Sum up the most special parts with the long list of spectacular sayings above. Explore some additional fun travel quotes for even more options.

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140 Inspiring Road Trip Quotes for Your Big Adventure