40+ Funny Birthday Jokes That'll Cake Your Day

Spread some birthday cheer with genuinely funny jokes you can share with friends & family.

Published March 13, 2023
Cheerful woman during her birthday with sparklers

Happy birthday! ¡Feliz cumpleaños! Joyeux anniversaire! This customary day of celebration is filled with joy and happiness, so why not bring a bit of laughter to the festivities as well? Birthday jokes and riddles are not just a fun way to break the ice at parties. They can also serve as a fantastic addition to the greeting card that accompanies your gift and are perfect for social media shares. If you are looking for a place to start, we're here to help you find phrases that are guaranteed to light up any room!

Funny Birthday Jokes

Coming up with amusing birthday jokes doesn't need to be card. These clever quips make making wisecracks a piece of cake!

Funny Birthday Joke

How did the candle feel after the birthday party?

A little burnt out.

What do you call a piñata shaped like a bull?


Why would you never catch a balloon attending an Ariana Grande concert?

They are not fans of pop music!

Why can you always expect a boat to RSVP 'yes' to a birthday party?

They are a sucker for a pin-yacht-a!

Why should Elton John never be in charge of getting the cake ready before everyone sings happy birthday?

He always lights candles in the wind.

How do candles feel when they get blown out on someone's birthday?


What did the wind say to the birthday candle?

Want to go out tonight?

What is the best gift for a hunter?

A birthday pheasant!

What do snails do on their birthday?

They shell-abrate!

What is a monster's favorite birthday dessert?

I scream cake.

What did the birthday cake say to the fork?

Wanna piece of me?

What did the baseball player say when asked if he was planning to eat cake at the birthday party?

You batter believe it!

How do you know you're getting old?

The cake says "Candle with Care!".

How do you plan a space-themed birthday party?

You planet!

What did the pinata say to the birthday boy?

Have a flan-tastic birthday!

What did Frankie Valli sing at the birthday party?

I can't cake my eyes off of you!

What did the herb say when he arrived at the birthday celebration?

Party thyme!

The older you get, the more candles you need. How do you make sure you get a good deal on birthday candles?

You wait for a blowout sale!

What did the birthday cake say to the clock?

This is just a sprinkle in time.

How does a duck like to celebrate his big bird-day?

With fire-quackers!

Why did the cupcake not want to celebrate his birthday?

He was feeing really crumby.

How do you know if Elsa made your birthday cake?

It has a lot of icing!

What did the candle say when he arrived late to the birthday party?

Better light than never!

Why do cats make the best birthday cakes?

They always make them from scratch!

What did the softball team and the birthday cake have in common?

They both had a great batter!

Birthday Party Riddles

Jovial jests are always a pleasure, but stumping the minds of others can be better. Check out these birthday party riddles for your next celebration.

Birthday Party Riddle

The longer I stand, the shorter I get. I light up a room, and I hate to get wet. What am I?

A birthday candle.

I always go up and never come down. What am I?

Your age.

My dad is a pirate, and it is his 80th birthday. What did he have to say about the occasion?

Aye, matey!

I blow up, but I am not a grenade, and you can find me at many a parade. While I have a string, I am not a kite, and without me a birthday just wouldn't feel right. What am I?

A balloon!

I can be hard like a marble or soft like a sponge. When I look extra enticing, people tend to lunge...for a fork or a spoon, and even a plate. The only reason someone might avoid me is because they are afraid of gaining weight. What am I?

A birthday cake.

Last year was my eighth birthday and my next birthday is my 10th. How can that be?

Today is my ninth birthday.

Comical Birthday Party Captions

Whether the big day is beginning or coming to a close, consider these captions that will never get old!

Comical Birthday Party Caption
  • Nothing can hold a candle to our friendship!
  • You take the cake!
  • Aged to perfection.
  • This cake doesn't hold a candle to your sweetness!
  • Focusing on the present(s)!
  • Getting older is a piece of cake.
  • Shining bright this birthday!
  • In dog years, I am only ___!
  • Attempting to age like a fine wine, and not a banana.
  • Too hot to handle, just like these candles!

Happy Birthday Jokes Should Bring Joy

It is important to remember that the best happy birthday jokes don't poke fun at the other person. Birthdays can be an exciting time, but for some, they can also be a stressful one. Thus, make sure that each joke is a play on words and not on the person.

40+ Funny Birthday Jokes That'll Cake Your Day