Sweet Love Poems for Your Boyfriend

Updated September 12, 2022
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Long before getting a good morning text was considered the height of romance, people wrote flowery messages and beautiful poetry to one another to express the deep emotions they felt. Choosing a love poem for your boyfriend can be incredibly powerful, whether you're in a new relationship or have been together for ages. While primary school might have made you feel like poetry was something to sleep through, romantic poetry is actually a great way to step out of your digital age box and show your boyfriend how you feel through a few love poems for him.

From sweet, short love poems for him to read on his lunch break to deep and meaningful poems for him to keep forever, make your partner feel special by leaving him a piece of poetry from the heart. There are no rules when it comes to love, so you can craft whatever type of poem you want - or leave it up to the pros, and pick boyfriend poems from writers that leave your heart aching.

New Relationship Poems Perfect for a Fresh Start

There's nothing like starting something fresh to put you in a creative mood. While you probably don't want to start writing passionate love letters or leaving love notes in your new boyfriend's lunchbox (though that honeymoon-stage giddiness might encourage you to), turning to more sentimental literary pursuits can show your boyfriend how you're feeling in a memorable way. For example, you can write a few new relationship poems for him to commemorate those first few months together, or turn to any one of these fun and sweet poems to send to your boyfriend if you've got all of the feelings, but not quite the words.

Today poem


By Amy Finley

Dinner dates, walks in the park
Neither of us knowing
quite what to say.
Your hand in mine, a beautiful start
I don't know about tomorrow,
but we have today.

Waiting for a Spark

By Casey Gamble

I've been waiting for a spark,
To ignite within my heart.
Something I could feel -
Someone genuine and real.

Then you came along
Like a sweet love song.
Making me smile
In your typical style.

You're what I needed,
Expectations exceeded.
Each moment, exciting.
Our souls colliding.

Let's see where this goes,
Though I already know
Together, we'll go far.

You Make Me Smile

By Amy Finley

It makes my day
to get a text from you
It makes me smile
when you ask what I want to do.
It makes me glad
we're not one, but two.

Clear Skies

By Casey Gamble

I was flying around,
Lost in the clouds.
Not knowing how
To make my way out.

Then you appeared,
You soared your way near.
My fear disappeared,
And the skies seemed to clear.

Short and Sweet Poems for Your Boyfriend

In the same way that many boyfriends have a secret love of getting a bouquet of flowers, they also cherish you writing them a sweet poem or two to show how you feel about them. Love poems for him don't have to be all about the tragic, star-crossed nature of love. Rather, they can be about the joy that spending every day together is. Love poems to make him feel special can be cute and sweet without being overly complicated, so you don't have to be a world-famous poet to let your boyfriend know you care. These poems are perfect to send whether it's still early in the relationship or you've entered the romantic nicknames stage. So, share one of these short and sweet poems for your boyfriend to make his day.

Dinner for two poem

Disorganized Love

By Megan Cooper

I always thought that I'd hate the dirty coffee cups,
extra plates in the dishwasher, and extra clothes in the wash.
But, for you, I'd trade the pristine linen sheets,
organized utensil drawer, and color-coded clothes rack.
Because a disorganized love is better than none at all.

Dinner for Two

By Megan Cooper

We ask the waiter for two sets of cutlery…
and plates.
But, for food, we don't ask for two,
Because love isn't halved, but shared.

You Are a Potion

By Casey Gamble

You are a potion
Connection, chemistry -
The correct concoction
Of the perfect partner.
A man who
Means what he says and
Does what he promises.
A magic elixir
That can't be replicated.

Love in Bloom

By Megan Cooper

When a love like ours is in bloom, it isn't
prickly like a rosebush
or delicate like a tulip,
though it's just as bright.
Rather, our blooms are
sweet like a honeysuckle,
tenacious like a bramble.
and as lasting as a wisteria vine.

Meant to Be

By Amy Finley

The little moments
the careful words
the incredible person that you are
the way you accept everything about me
shows me
we're meant to be together.

Love Haiku

By Kelly Roper

I think of our love,
And a smile springs to my lips.
My heart overflows.

Cute Poems Your Boyfriend Will Love

If the two of you aren't really into the overly romantic style of courtship, then you're better off writing a cute poem for your boyfriend to show him that you care with a less-indulgent gesture. These love poems for him are perfect for that honeymoon phase where your relationship isn't too complicated, and you're too wrapped up in each other to care about anyone else. Despite its reputation, poetry doesn't have to be serious, and a cute and sweet poem for your boyfriend can be sprinkled with the right amount of lightness to keep it beautiful and breezy even as you share your heart.

Love doesn't have to be complicated, and the romantic poetry you give him doesn't have to be either. So instead of just relying on an adorable response to your boyfriend's good morning text, try an endearing poem to change things up.

My everything my all poem

My Everything, My All

By Casey Gamble

Your love is warm hugs,
And the world's sweetest smile,
It's snuggles before bed,
After staying up a while.

It's racing me to the car,
But giving me a head start.
It's calling me if I'm sad
When we're stuck far apart.

It's willingly sharing your food,
When I said I wasn't hungry.
It's staying in for a cozy night,
Or road-tripping cross country.

I've never felt this loved before
In ways big and small.
Your love is my entire world,
It's my everything, my all.

Nothing Is Better Than You

By Casey Gamble

The first time we met,
It was just a feeling.
A flutter that took hold,
But it seemed only fleeting.

When we met the second time,
You smiled and said my name,
And I knew you felt it, too,
Something was taking shape.

As these feelings began to grow,
I wondered what would happen.
Would it be too good to be true?
Or could it be what I imagined?

When we finally got together,
My heart sighed with relief,
That the one I really wanted,
Also wanted me.

The love we've built today,
Is fully formed and true,
I could never ask for better,
Because nothing is better than you.

The One I'll Keep

By Casey Gamble

Handsome, funny, sweet:
The basic qualities
That most people think
A boyfriend should be.

But you have them beat.
With a mind that's unique,
Thoughts that run deep,
And your soul, so free.

More importantly,
We make a great team.
Together we achieve
Unimaginable feats.

I look at you and see
The true man of my dreams,
With you, I am me.
You're the one I'll keep.

Deep and Meaningful Love Poems for Your Beau

If your romance has taken a turn for the serious, deep and meaningful poems are the perfect way to express your feelings. You don't have to cross some threshold to be able to whip out one of these profound poems; you can be struck with intense feelings about someone at any point in a relationship. So whether it's love poems for your boyfriend that talk about the sense of connection you share, or it's poems that compliment his strengths as a person, romantic poetry can deviate from your everyday communication in a fresh and beautiful way.

If you're hesitant to open up about the extent of your feelings and want someone else to do the talking for you, try one of these deep and meaningful love poems for him to express your emotions or get a romantic conversation started.

Effortless love poem

Love Is in Your Eyes

By Michele Meleen

Every time I look into your eyes,
I wonder how I'll ever look away again.
The feeling that I see in your soul
Fills me with strength.

Every time I look into your eyes,
I remember why I fell in love.
And I hope that you see
That same love reflecting from me.

You are the one,
My only love,
My strongest means of life.

I need you to breathe.
I need you to live.
I need you to love.

Two Hearts

By Amy Finley

I see you and I'm warm inside
feeling breathless
that I get to be with someone
with such integrity
so brilliantly smart
hilariously witty
and intuitively clever.

I think of you and I'm euphoric
feeling thankful
that we found one another
two hearts molded
so perfectly together
undeniably bound
and outrageously in love.

Unimaginable Perfection

By Michele Meleen

Every person dreams about
someone so perfect they can't be real.
That is simply how you make me feel.
When I see you,

My mind goes blank
My eyes shine bright
My heart skips a beat.

I've never felt so in love
Just thinking of someone.

I think that you must be
So perfectly made for me.

Effortless Love

By Michele Meleen

The experience of forever
captured in an instant.
An impossibility
happening every day.
The endless emotion
trapped in one lifetime
effortlessly sustaining
such complex love.

Beyond Words

By Amy Finley

When I first saw you
I came under your spell.
Your eyes, your smile
Everything about you was beautiful.

I didn't know where things would lead
but the connection between us
was like nothing
I've ever felt before.

I'm not sure if there are words
strong enough to describe it -
you were a perfectly placed piece
in the confused puzzle of my life.

I call you my boyfriend
but it's so much more than words.
You're the whisper of happiness
that brings my heart to life.

These deeper romantic poems for him are also great choices for a longtime boyfriend on a special occasion. It's all too easy to become complacent in a long-term relationship, and if you're feeling like you need to remind your boyfriend just how much you love him, then slipping him a hand-written love poem to make him feel special on his birthday, Valentine's Day, or anniversary is a gift that comes straight from the heart.

Love Poems About Him Make a Lasting Impression

The love poems for your boyfriend you choose can reflect the broad scope of your feelings and can be as short or as long as you like. Whether you want to try your hand at writing down a few verses or you want to leave the wordsmithing up to the pros, the effect is all the same. You shouldn't stop trying to woo your boyfriend even after you've managed to snag him, and leaving a love poem for him to find is one way to keep your relationship alive. Whether you're looking for long-distance love poetry or poems with reasons why you love someone, you can switch it up from sending an "I Love You" text and try a romantic poem instead.

From cute and sweet poems short enough to text him to those longer, more meaningful verses that reflect a deep love, there are a million ways that poetry can make him feel special. As long as it's from the heart, the boyfriend poems you send will be a sweet and touching reminder of your feelings.

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