Poems to Honor the Elderly

Published July 16, 2019
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Poems can offer a heartfelt way to honor the elderly and show your love and respect for them. Let these poems inspire you to reach out to your elders wherever you encounter them.

Verses to Honor the Elderly

See if one of these poems rings true with you.

The Beauty of Elderly Hands

By Kelly Roper

Although the hands of the elderly may not be
Smooth, supple, and unblemished,
They have a beauty all their own.
Each line, each spot, each scar
Has its own tale to tell.
Some are tales of tragedy, others are tales of triumph,
But they all combine to tell the unique story
Of that treasured person's life.
So the next time you're with an elder,
Gently take that person's hands within your own,
And look with wonder at a life truly lived.

Young woman holding elder hands

Wise Elder Haiku

By Kelly Roper

Signs of wisdom won:
Silvered hair, a wrinkled brow,
And a peaceful soul.

Gather Round and Listen

By Kelly Roper

Think of all the history that's lost
When a family elder passes.
Those precious stories shared of old
Crumble into irretrievable ashes.

So take the opportunity to listen while
Your elders are still with you here.
Record their tales for future generations
So they will know and hold them dear.

Poems That Encourage Respect for Elders

Showing respect is a wonderful way to honor elders whether they're family like a grandparent, aunt or uncle, or friends, or simply people you encounter in your daily life.

Show Respect for Your Elders

By Kelly Roper

When you see an elderly person looking for a place to sit,
Get up and offer your chair so he or she can sit in it.

When you see a senior citizen trying to open a heavy door,
Hold it open yourself; don't let that senior struggle anymore.

When you see an elder anxiously trying to cross a busy road,
Help him or her across; you've no idea of the gift you've bestowed.

When you see an elderly person sitting quietly alone in a park,
Stop and strike up a conversation; your kindness will surely leave its mark.

When an elder speaks to you, try to focus and listen,
There's often wisdom in those words that you just might be missing.

Let's show our elders we respect and honor all that they've lived through.
Don't forget that if we're lucky, some day we'll be elders too.

Senior Man in Wheelchair

Care for Those Who've Cared for You

By Kelly Roper

Caring for our elders is a privilege, not a burden.
To care for those who've cared for us is an honor for certain.
So treat them well, take care of them, show kindness and respect.
Teach your children how it's done for when it's your turn next.

Honor the Elderly With Thanks

Above all, never hesitate to thank the elderly for all the good things they've done and the sacrifices they've made.

Thank Your Elders

By Kelly Roper

Thank your elders for:

The lessons they've taught you,
The experiences they've shared,
The discipline they've given you,
The sacrifices they've made for you,
The history they've passed on to you,
The times they've worried about you,
The times they've celebrated with you,
And how they've loved you no matter what.

Thank them now while you still have the opportunity.

Handshake between elder person and kid

The Roots of Your Family Tree

By Kelly Roper

Think of your family's elders
As the roots of your family tree.
They created a strong foundation
For the fruits that were yet to be.

There's that strong old trunk
Which branches in every direction,
And leaves which represent family members
For whom you hold affection.

If not for the roots your elders put down,
None of this would have been conceivable.
So thank them for their love and care,
Because with these gifts, anything's achievable!

Thank God for You

By Kelly Roper

What would I have done
If it weren't for you?

You guided me when I needed help.
You reprimanded me when I needed discipline.
You comforted my heart when it was broken,
You rejoiced with me when I found success.
You were there for me in moments big and small.

Now that you've reach your golden years,
I just want you to know I thank God for you.
I will be there for you just like
You've always been there for me.

Share a Poem With a Senior

Maybe one of these poems has touched your heart or even inspired you to write an original poem of your own. Either way, take a few moments to share some poetry with your elders in honor of their golden status in life.

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Poems to Honor the Elderly