Rainbow Baby Poems for Hope, Healing and Joy

Published November 23, 2020
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Explore rainbow baby poems to promote joy and healing. Find out what a rainbow baby is and how to use rainbow baby poems.

Using Rainbow Baby Poems

Rainbow baby poems are a perfect addition to a card or even a birth announcement. You might also add these to a gift for parents like plaques, planters, wind chimes, and more. These can also be used as posts on social media. Use these rainbow poems to spread hope and joy.

A Perfect Rainbow

Crushing darkness.
A perfect storm.
It feels as though your heart,
Will never beat again.
But then the clouds lift.
And a perfect rainbow appears.
Only then do you realize,
Just how beautiful this world can be.

A Flicker of Light

I did not think I would breathe again.
I did not think I would be alright.
But you brought a flicker of light.

Now I hope, and I pray.
I hold it with all my strength.
Watching it burn brighter and brighter.

I did not think I would breathe again.
I did not think I would be alright.
But you brought a flicker of light.

Hold you in my arms this way.
I smile and breathe air into my lungs.
Thank you for being my miracle.
Thank you for being the rainbow after my storm.

Rainbow flicker reflected on a face and rainbow baby poem

A Rainbow of Hope

A beautiful rainbow doesn't overpower the destruction of the storm.
But it beams with hope.
It does not take away the pain of your loss.
But it brings you new possibilities.
It does not make you forget the crushing pain of loss.
But it shows you the world has beauty.
A beautiful rainbow brings needed light into the darkness.

Rainbow Baby

You are not the first.
That much is true.
There was a little one.
Before you.
Much too perfect for this world,
You see.
Though we tried so hard,
It was not meant to be.
When you came along.
To hope was hard.
From the loss of our angel,
Our hearts are forever scarred.
But little by little, that hope burned bright.
Until you came into this world,
In the dead of night.
You brightened our world,
In every way.
But it's true.
The clouds never go away.
But I will always see,
The brightness your rainbow brings to me.

Ten Perfect Toes

Ten perfect fingers
Ten perfect toes.
And the cutest button nose.
You, my little one,
Are perfect in every way.
We dreamed of you.
And our first angel too.
The brightness you bring,
Helps us to smile again.
Miss him though we do.
We just hold tighter on to you.
Ten perfect fingers.
Ten perfect toes.
And the cutest button nose.

Sweet Little Rainbow Baby

My heart was a crashing and stormy sea.
My soul rocking with the waves.
But you brought light to me.
Sweet little rainbow baby.

Still, I was afraid.
Weeks turned into months.
For you, we prayed.
Sweet little rainbow baby.

The day they gave you to me.
I knew at that moment,
We were meant to be.
Sweet little rainbow baby.

Thank you for bringing your light.
To our world,
You are so bright.
Sweet little rainbow baby.

Mom and baby dressed in rainbow and rainbow baby poem

What Is a Rainbow Baby?

Just like the hope that a rainbow brings after a storm, a rainbow baby brings new hope to a family that has lost a child to miscarriage, stillbirth, or death shortly after birth. The loss of a pregnancy is a devastating and crushing moment for a family. However, like a rainbow after a storm, a rainbow baby brings the family healing and new hope. The rainbow is used symbolically because it doesn't overpower the loss of the first child but still shows how new beauty can be found, according to Jennifer Kulp-Makarov, M.D., FACOG.

Rainbow Baby Poems

The pregnancy after the loss of a child can bring with it a variety of emotions. Parents can feel nervous excitement, fear, and possibly guilt. Use rainbow baby poems to help the world see the rainbow shining bright after the devastating storm to show renewed hope.

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Rainbow Baby Poems for Hope, Healing and Joy